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In the ruins of an ancient alien civilization, a lonely slugcat vies to hunt and survive deadly rains in a harsh closed eco-system.
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New Video: Slugcat Life + Map of the World

Posted by Rain World (Creator)

Hello again friends and slugcats! As promised, we have been super hard at work on new content to show you, documented in a new video that we're really proud of: a day in the life of our protagonist, showing the vast interconneced lands of Rain World! You will see new sights, sounds, environments and (yes!) tantalizing glimpses of new flora and fauna. We hope you enjoy!

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Garbage Worms - Not every creature in Rain World is your predator or prey. Sometimes you meet something that eats something other than you, and you eat something other than it. Always be cautious though ~ hunger has no law.

 Stealth Bugs - Rain World is harsh. If you aren't big and strong, you might find safety in numbers. Or sitting very still and adopting the exact color of the wall you are clinging to.

 ??? -  A brain... tree... that drips? It seems significant somehow. But not all of the mysteries of Rain World are there to be solved.


As you've probably noticed from the videos and screenshots, Rain World isn't a typical side-scroller -in fact it hardly side-scrolls at all! Rather the game world is a vast network of an ancient transport system of interconnected tubes and rooms, offering tempting nests of flies to raid, lairs of dangerous creatures to confront or insights into the mysteries of Rain World.

 As the search for food and shelter takes you farther from the familiarity of your home nest, these rooms begin to span different environments and terrains; from your earthy burrows far underground, to ancient industrial jungle, chimney-pipe canopy, shattered cityscapes, machinery, bogs, blight and beyond!

Thanks again for reading! We'll be back in a few days with new videos and info on slugcat families, pups, multiplayer and beyond!

--James & Joar, Rain World Devs

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    1. Yorben Kamstra on

      Update! Very impressive footage (already), the dark atmospheric feel of loneliness combined with the sole purpose of survival and that beautiful soundtrack makes me as excited as a chocoholic in a Hershey factory. =D(!)

    2. Jeremy Noye

      Whooohooo what a vid ! (private reference from yesterday's livechat). Yeah amazing gameplay and fluidity.
      I can see there's more of the aztec stuff in the background !!! Quite fun

      @British - I think the main goal is "just" to survive, and I'd find quite enjoyable to have a world to roam in finding food and killing/escaping lizards with no other goal than taking care of your puppies (or not ;) ) and just living.
      Then when you're fed up there's always the multiplayer or survival mode !

      And BYW lizards may be easily avoidable when 1 or 2 but but as every color has its particularities it may become deadly difficult when many types in a single screen...
      but it's just my opinion.

      Anyway, please continue the live tchats and the vidz and please make these damn lizards plushies !

    3. British on

      While it looks nice, I'm failing to see what's the goal (if any) on all these screens in the video, besides catching flying stuff and avoiding the baddies, which doesn't seem too hard.
      I understand it's Alpha, but here's hoping we'll be able to fathom some deep enough gameplay soon, that would maybe imply spending a bit more time on the levels (and doing *stuff*) so we can enjoy their designs, rather than blitzing through said levels in a couple seconds or so.

    4. Missing avatar

      TeeJay on

      Awesome project, on the conceptual level as well as in the details. Let's double the backing guys (I just did...), and give them as much speed we can for the rest of their trip!

    5. John I. Gottschalk on

      I didn't think anything could really get me excited for action platformers again, but this sure has done it! Thanks for working on such an awesome project, and letting us be a part of it!

    6. Missing avatar

      Barts on

      This is spectacular!

      Quite frankly, I'm glad I did back it up. Already what I am seeing is shaping up to be A) what I paid for and B) like a weird game from alternate timeline nineties. Absolutely bloody brilliant!

      Joar, I'd just like to urge you to use Unity even if you miss stretch goal of 50k USD. You would then be able to port the game to PS3/4 and - more importantly - Vita. And PS Vita NEEDS a game like Rain World. I can totally imagine this insane pixel art on Vita's gorgeous screen, not to mention being able to play it everywhere. Hell, if we're close to stretch goals, I might even up my backing.

    7. hendawg_ofthemiddle on

      Great stuff, the animation is so smooth. Any chance we can get a demonstration of your animation techniques?

    8. More_Badass on

      Those worms, they seem oddly intelligent and menacing. The way they search before digging in for food.
      Damn, this game is going to be so good

    9. unihumi on

      best artist ever!

    10. Emanuel Schwarz on

      Wow, this looks and sounds so amazing. Super happy to be a backer :)

    11. Chris Early on

      Oh, they're called Stealth Bugs, ok :)

    12. Chris Early on

      Slugcats, Slugcat Pups, Lizards, Garbage Worms, Bats, ChameleBugs :D
      And I assume more! This.Game.Is.Amazing!
      Thanks for the Livestream, can't wait for the next! ^^

    13. Doctor Popular

      That looks wonderful. Love the gifs too!