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In the ruins of an ancient alien civilization, a lonely slugcat vies to hunt and survive deadly rains in a harsh closed eco-system.
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Rain World gameplay video and Greenlight news!

Posted by Rain World (Creator)

Hey friends and Rain World peeps! It is a little over one week into this kickstarter, and wow what an incredible ride its been so far. Absolutely amazing! We have a very cool announcement to make, but first we'd like to share with you something very few people have seen: updated Rain World alpha gameplay footage!

Rain World Alpha - "The Roof"

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In this video, we wanted to present to you one long uninterrupted take of normal gameplay. This isn't some scripted trailer with cool editing and pounding music to get you hyped (ha!), but just me playing an easy level of Rain World, trying not to die too quickly. There are some things we'd like for you to look for while watching that we think will enrich your understanding of the world we're trying to create:

First of course is the fluidity of the character movement. Joar's procedural-hybrid animation techniques create amazingly life-like creatures that bend and stretch naturally, often doing unexpected, exciting things. That combined with robust AI gives characters distinct personalities that respond to the gameplay: note how the slugcat makes darting glances at objects (or creatures) that interest it, how it's posture and tail respond to the threat level or the snapping jaws of lizards, etc. SO CUTE and makes for a rich visual experience that we feel is essential to immersion.

Further, each predator has its own distinct hunting behavior and specialized senses it uses to perceive you. You won't be able to just out-run them every time, so the only way to survive in Rain World is by learning to understand the capabilities of each creature; their methods and personalities. Can you tell what the Teal lizard is thinking? Notice how he anticipates your movements when coming in for the attack. But also note that despite all its intelligence and aggressive behavior, the patient green lizard is the one that gets me in the end!

When creating Rain World, we wanted to handle stealth naturally, focusing as much on being sneaky as being caught. As you can see from the footage, I like to tease the lizards, using my platforming prowess to antagonize them, then scurry away narrowly escaping their snapping jaws, but a cautious stealthy approach or game-of-wits strategy will get you just as far (and be just as challenging). The ideal slugcat would be a master of all three elements: cautiously sneaking up on prey, making snappy tactical decisions to avoid discovery, and brazenly battling foes to the death when necessary.

Thanks for watching!  Even at this early stage of development we're proud of what we've already been able to accomplish and happy to share with you a taste of what's to come for Rain World!

Rain World on Steam!

Fantastic news! In an amazing testament to your belief in our vision, we passed greenlight in an unbelievable 7 days. This means that we will be available to offer backers the option of a Steam key when Rain World is released, plus a glimpse into a possible future of playing Rain World on Valve's awesome new SteamBox. We can dream! Anyway, we want to sincerely thank you all for your "I'd play this thumbs up" and awesome comments, you have been tremendous.

Thanks all for your enthusiasm and all your questions, we will try to keep up! Expect up back next week with more videos, announcements and news. Thanks for reading!


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    1. Kelukelu Games on

      This is great I really can't wait.

    2. Missing avatar

      Fabian Brandt on

      Keep up the good work :)

    3. Rain World Creator on

      Hey friends!!

      @ Jeremy - There have been quite a lot of requests for physical copies, so were looking into it! Thanks for the suggestion.

      Also, about the structure, thanks to More_Badass for the good link! As I mentioned in the interview, Rain World's single player campaign structure is similar to a more open-world Metroidvania type game, with a large inter-connected game world. Right now we have a core of that to build from (maybe an hour or so of gameplay so far, but still has art assets that need to be finished and a lot of stuff that we want to change), plus about 15-20 custom levels that we use for multiplayer / sandbox challenges, etc.

    4. Jeremy Noye

      I just can't stop watching the videos you posted ! It's so amazing ! Everything is there, the gameplay, the stage/characters design, the music...everything looks awesome.

      Now I have a question not related to the game development for more of the game presentation :

      I love physical objects ! So is there any possibility to see a physical release of the game ?
      I recently pledged the Obduction game (from creators of Myst/Riven...) and pleged for the KS only box with will feature the game (unfortunately a physical OST and Art book were far above my possibilities...).

      I am deeply sadened by this era of "All digital", even if I perfectly know physical means money !

      But even if you can't do it, as Pascal said BRAVO et Chapeau bas !

    5. Missing avatar

      Rodolfo Castelli on

      Thank you, I really hoped so

    6. More_Badass on

      @everyone asking about the world structure

      This is from a Eurogamer interview
      "When I asked about Rain World's structure, the two-person development team e-mailed me to explain that it's "Metroidvania but... even more open world." It then added "The different areas, 'levels' if you will, are more based on the players actual skill than some 'find red key, find blue key' sort of thing."

      What we were probably shown was one of the survival challenges, which can be pulled in multiplayer or as solo

      From the Devlog:
      "totally. the way Joar has it set up now in the alpha, there are like 5 sandbox "multiplayer" modes where you can choose all the variables, and pretty much all are completely playable for single player. Like, there's an endurance mode where you face wave after wave of lizards of increasing difficulty, that sort of thing. when i play for fun now thats pretty much what i do"

    7. VortexVoid on

      Do you need to have a complete game for greenlight to accept?

    8. Missing avatar

      Werner on

      Will this game have a field of view or at least fog of war? It would add to the stealth elements if you couldn't see where the lizards were at all times.

    9. Mathúin [‘Ma-Hoon’]

      I'd really like a continuous(randomised? :D) world to explore/trawl through, with the option to play individual levels for survival high scores.

      I think it would have the most appeal and replayability but if you can't do both, I understand. Making a game and getting it out there is hard :P

    10. Chris Early on

      Like others have asked, is the whole plot of RW a storyline, or?
      Like Portal. Individual stages, but an engaging storyline that you WANT to follow to the end?
      Or simply something like Angry Birds, where they have a background story, but each level is its own simple design, not connected to the rest except that you have to pass each one to get onto the next.
      From what you've said earlier, I gather it's the former, like Portal, am I right?

    11. Missing avatar

      Salvo Carrubba on

      I imagined it like a FEZ-style continuous world, am I wrong?
      Scenarios are cool too but the end stage screen make me think "ok, i need to complete another level now" and not "i must struggle at the end of another area". Can you change it in a less invasive phase?

    12. Missing avatar

      Pascal BLACAS on

      Can't wait to play it! Is it possible, when the cat die (the black screen scene with the family), to make the pink cat pushing the head of the main cat with its nose? The death would be more dramatical.

      Amazing work! BRAVO!

    13. Missing avatar

      Dimitri Pinault on

      Wow, the AI is really nasty ! Hybrid animation made me back the project, the music made me double my pledge, and seeing the AI you're building, I'm sure I made a good choice.

      I'm very excited to see what's next ! You guys are amazing.

    14. Missing avatar

      Rodolfo Castelli on

      So, will the game consists of separate scenarios, like the one shown in the video, or will it be a continuous world to move across?

    15. Yorben Kamstra on

      Great video! The movement of the cat is very fluid indeed, which makes the teasing that is going on in the video very cute. Like Gus I am too heavily pumped about the sounddesign. Keep it up, and I'll keep spreading the word! Miauw!

    16. Jeremy Noye

      Hi, amazing gameplay !
      And music helps a lot getting in the mood, and so I got a question :
      Do the lizards and slugcats or even bats have their cries ? And if yes, I think it'd be cool as a soundtrack bonus to have a track made with those cries.
      I know some games who made that (Dune II : the battle for Arrakis to say but one !) and it's really great...

    17. Missing avatar

      Gus Mcbean on

      Hearing even more of the music, i'm really excited for it, it's exactly the kind of offbeat, atmospheric, brooding sound i want in a game, or just in general. I have a question though, will the game be set into different 'one screen' levels or will the rooms join onto eachother and create an adventure experience? The core gameplay looks rewarding enough so that i'd be fine with either, but everything else about the game makes it seem like a lonely survival adventure.

    18. Wayne Esmonde on

      That was tense and exciting. Amazing!

    19. Chris Early on

      Haha, yuss ^^
      Also, the AI, *drools*
      Question, when this comes out, will you be supportive of people do Gameplays of it?

    20. Rain World Creator on

      Thanks very much guys!

      @ Chris - Okay, "slugcats" it is then :D

      @ Gavan - indeed we do have a twitter! look for us at @rainworldgame

    21. Gavan Woolery on

      Loving the look - do you guys have a twitter account?

    22. Chris Early on

      "Rain World peeps"?
      I'd love to be called Slugcats!
      "Hey, you sexy slugcats" ;D
      I AM a SlugCat!

    23. Mathúin [‘Ma-Hoon’]

      Grawllrrah!! >8L Dodge, run, dodge! Leap! Ack, lookout!!

      This game is so beautiful~ The animation is gorgeous! n___n

      Also, woo! Steam! =D That should bring in some more backers, right?

    24. Missing avatar

      Kieryn King-Lloyd on

      The atmosphere you've created is just amazing. I was on the edge of my seat trying to track both the lizards and hoping you'd dodge them in time!
      I cannot wait to play this, congrats on the Greenlight!

    25. Missing avatar

      Jakkar on

      I rarely feel excitement for games these days. Well done.

    26. Devine Lu Linvega on

      Looks absolutely wonderful !