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In the ruins of an ancient alien civilization, a lonely slugcat vies to hunt and survive deadly rains in a harsh closed eco-system.
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    1. Riccardo Quagliarini on

      More and more an artpiece. There will be more people getting a slugcat tattoo than a super mario tattoo! (maybe I'm exagerating, but it's a refreshing wishful thinking!)

    2. Alex Rowley on

      So I have had alpha access for a while but assume this hasn't been updated at all? Will it eventually go to steam for auto updates? Thanks A.

    3. virtualtoy on

      Gosh. This is super impressive. Can't wait, but will wait as long as you say!

    4. Michaeljack on

      Very, very impressive. So glad i backed this :)

    5. Missing avatar

      Fritter on

      I'm loving the aesthetic - and the music is really good, too! Even though I was just watching the game being played, I thought the mood was perfect.

    6. Rain World Creator on

      @ internisus: Good question! We're limited quite a bit by the game engine, which is designed to be very "screen by screen", but we'd def like to add some polish to the screen transitions, some sort of fade or something, that also helps focus the eye on where the player is appearing in the next screen. Idk exactly what yet, we'll have to experiment when we get there!

      @Qaantar: Thank you! Yes, Joar is quite proud of those scavengers!

    7. internisus on

      Now that there is a map, I found myself thinking during the video about the relationship between "screens" more. Is the transition from one screen to another always going to be a hard cut, or has there been any consideration for a fast pan—something like Mega Man, but quicker?

    8. Qaantar

      Always looking spectacular.... love the look of the scavengers!