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In the ruins of an ancient alien civilization, a lonely slugcat vies to hunt and survive deadly rains in a harsh closed eco-system.
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    1. Arurie on

      I'm so excited that I'll be able to design my own Slugkitten soon. Too cute...

    2. Missing avatar

      Muffalopadus on

      That slo-mo grab was awesome. Looks like you need to add a Max Payne Bullet (Bat?) Cam. Totally not tacky at all.

    3. Alex S. on

      These updates are just about the best I've seen on Kickstarter - thanks for going out of your way to show such interesting information on the development process.

    4. O.F. on

      I love your updates about IA and inner game mechanisms,I'm always learning some interesting stuff, you do seem to have a lot of great ideas in the AI field.
      On the other hand I'm starting to be afraid that all those smart monsters will end up being smarter than me^^.

    5. 8 Bit Pxl Games on

      Things are looking kinda awesome

    6. Missing avatar

      Alex Tardif on

      Awesome update guys, keep it up! It's looking great

    7. Byron Campbell

      This project delivers the best updates! It's going to be the best-looking game out there for sure.

    8. Missing avatar

      Matthew Fry on

      Fantastic update gents! I'm loving all the visual debug in the gifs! Makes me want to get back into the game biz.

    9. Christoph Zürcher on

      Interesting update, looks absolutely gorgeous. Thank you very much!

    10. Qaantar

      Awesome update as always. The game is looking incredible with all the enhancements.

      Slo-mo bat grab.... too incredible for words...