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In the ruins of an ancient alien civilization, a lonely slugcat vies to hunt and survive deadly rains in a harsh closed eco-system.
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Rain World

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Spring update: Garbage Wastes, Squidcadas, Lantern Mice, and more!


Hey Rain World friends! Just a quick update to show you some of the stuff we've been working on this past month and tease some new creatures. I won't go TOO deep into their mechanics, as there are a lot about these two beasties that we want players to discover on their own!  


Cicada-squids? Squid...Cicadas? Squidcadas? Sure that works! We just call them Cicadas for short. These buzzing aerial beasts inhabit a few regions of Rain World, and feature prominently into your movement through the Sky Islands region.

They are smart, territorial and will compete with you (and other creatures) for bats. Perhaps they can help you somehow as well...

NOTE: unfortunately for some reason Kickstarter will not load the gifs of the next creature as many times as I tried, so had to go the giphy link route this time. Sorry! Please click them though, we're really excited to show these guys to you T_T

NOTE2: twitter informs me that the OTHER gifs aren't loading either, so i've added in giphy links for them as well. YIKES :P


Not ALL of Rain World is gross and mean... say hello to the newest and cutest denizen, the Lantern Mouse!

Native to the urban dark regions, their glow will be an asset as you traverse the gloom.

They scurry around and hang from threads secreted from their tails. Just don't take them for granted, and make sure to look before you leap... But more importantly, just look at their cute little faces!!!


This is probably much less interesting to all of you than a bunch of cool new creatures, but a good chunk of this month was devoted to upgrading and improving the level editor for use in the next few regions, and hopefully also taking us all the way through the final visual "polish pass" of the levels.  

Big news for us! It vastly expands what we can do with tiles and is without a doubt the biggest visual improvement in the game since the move to Unity. Plus it allows me to move much quicker on level creation, which is a *tremendous relief* since we have around 600(!!!) rooms planned. (You may say that's crazy, but I'm already over half done!)  

The reason this editor upgrade happened right now was so we could get into this next region...  


In between the Drainage System and the Urban areas, lies an entire wasteland ecosystem of refuse, junk and garbage, and among other things is home to my personal favorite Rain World beast... the Garbage Worm! (sadly, no worms in these screenshots. Next time!)  

As you can see, the Garbage Wastes have a bit of visual flare that sets it apart from the previous regions: things sticking up at odd angles, and placed at various depths. This is the level editor upgrades in action! Its key to the junky region style of course, but also allowed me to play with the new prop/decal editor while still making progress on levels.

After all the levels from all the regions are geographically complete, I'll be going back with this utility and improving on the previous levels as well. Sounds horrible, but I'm kinda looking forward to it!  

Alright, back to work for me! Hope spring is treating you all well. Best Regards, and thanks as always!  

--James and Joar, Rain World Devs

PS. The new kickstarter format seems to *hate* gifs, which is a real shame. It took me literally days to get even these ones to reliably load! Let me know if you guys are having trouble seeing the ones that are here, and if that's the case ill try to find another gif hosting solution for future updates.

March Madness: Lizard Individuality, Darkness and Sky Islands

Hey Kickstarter friends! Just a little update this month, as Joar has been deep into the exciting task re-building the level editor (updates on that next month!)

Lizard Individuality

One thing that we didn’t get a chance to talk about last update was the huge visual addition of random seed Lizard Individuality. Those of you who played the last Alpha build may have noticed that Lizards looked a bit cooler than usual, with some sweet new plumage…

But it goes beyond just the surface! As we’ve mentioned in previous updates, each Lizard (every creature actually) is a unique individual, with its own traits and personality, so finally we have been able to catch up on that and show it on the outside as well.

Here is a WIP developing the 3d spine system for ridges:

This photo is still processing

Check back in a few minutes!

Each breed has its own specific range of plumage and physical attributes of course. Greens are generally quite a bit larger, with impressive nice spine ridges and can get fat too. Blues tend to be smaller, with dual stripes or horns. Pinks can get some impressive neck ruffles, etc.

These are assigned to all the creatures along with their “personalities” at the start of a new game, so other than just to look cool and add visual variety, the idea is that as you play through the game you’ll now be able to remember the personality from previous encounters, identifying it by the unique plumage “Ah, that bright green one with the long tail spikes is nasty! Get me out of here!” etc etc.


Finally! This was one of the remaining technical hurdles that’s been hanging over our heads for a looooong time. The world design concept I did over a year ago calls for some regions focusing on a darkness mechanic, but we were unsure how well we’d be able to pull it off using the engine and toolset we have. After PAX wrapped up, Joar had some time to devote to playing with the idea, and WOW its better than I could have hoped for!

Illuminated slugcat! (just for testing purposes)

Testing overlapping light sources...

Deep, sunlit rooms...

And of course the deep dark wouldn't be cool without some bio-luminescent creatures!

This is all just done in between plane flights and moving around the past few weeks, but were already very excited about what we can do with it. Big plans, big plans!

Sky Islands

Now in the complete opposite direction, I’m working on another aerial region which connects to the Chimney Canopy region we showed off last update. The design is all about huge suspended structures...

and platforming around strange high altitude machines…

We’ll have more news on the creatures of Sky Islands next update! See you then! :)

Best! --James and Joar, Rain World devs

Alpha 150303 Playable


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MEGA UPDATE! New Video, New Creatures, New Moves, New Build, PAX, etc.

Hey slugcat fam! We have been slaving through the winter and made some really exciting progress. So much progress that I doubt I could even begin to do it justice just talking about it, so instead feast your eyes on this new teaser trailer:  


You might have seen this video on the front page of last Friday announcing Adult Swim's lineup for PAX East. Yep! Joar and I will both be there at the booth showing off the new build, so come say hi! But let's talk about that build...  

Inside ALPHA 150224...   

Storm Doors! First thing you probably noticed is the mechanical shelter doors. Nothing better to be certain you are keeping the rain out than these huge metal septupal-redundancy mechanical storm doors:  

Probably self-explanatory, but behind these doors and others like them are the only truly rain-proof places for slugcats to rest in Rain World.  

Garbage Worms! Yes, our old friends the Garbage Worms have finally made their way back in:

These guys will figure prominently in one of the upcoming regions called Garbage Wastes, but you can find a few of them in surrounding areas as well, such as the bit of Heavy Industrial you see in the video. More on them later.  

White Lizards! Another sneaky friend who was maybe here all along (who can tell, its camouflaged!) is the White Lizard:  

Armed with a long sticky tongue and the ability to blend in with its background, the white lizard prefers to lay in wait and ambush its prey! They also have superior climbing ability, and so can be found sneaking around in many of the higher altitude regions of Rain World, such as the Chimney Canopy.  

Creature Rivalry! You may have also noticed the dramatic 4 Lizard pile-up? That snapping, biting, splashing mass was the result of Joar's new creature rivalry system. While a slugcat may be a tasty prey, each creature in Rain World is out for its own. Predator creatures will gladly hunt other creatures, and even creatures within the same species struggle for dominance in territories or over food, such as these pinks:  

We will talk much deeper on this subject in the next few months as we begin to introduce the rest of the Rain World bestiary and get them all eating each-other!  

16:9 Widescreen! After almost a year of toiling in a tiny little 4:3 box, Rain World is now in the glorious full screen 16:9 aspect ratio that it deserves. *tears of joy*. I had to touch up (and in some cases completely re-do) over 140 rooms to get here, but the results are very much worth it: 

Moves like Slugcat! One thing that isn't on display in this trailer is the expansion to the slugcat move-set. In addition to classic pounces and wall jumps...

Cats now got flips: 



and all the moves are chainable for some serious freedom of movement if you know how to use them: 

And last but certainly not least, now we have some pretty scary Vulture water interaction going on: 

Not too many circumstances where you'll see that now, but we have big plans for that sort of thing! 


All this is leading up to the really exciting announcement: If you are an alpha backer, you'll get to play this build very soon. We'd like to get some player feedback at PAX and polish up a few things first, but we're gearing up to send out new builds to alpha-tier backers when its ready. It features: 

* 4 huge playable regions: Suburban, Drainage System, Heavy Industrial and Chimney Canopy (over 160 rooms!) 

* 28 swarm rooms to raid 

* 12 shelters to discover 

* 11 different creatures to eat or get eaten by (probably the latter) 

* Gameplay sort of moving toward how its sort of supposed to be 

* Glorious 16:9 widescreen

* Gamepad support 

* An Actual Menu Finally 

* approximately 1 million bugfixes 

* etc. 

We've had a *lot* of requests already from non-alpha backers to upgrade to the alpha-content tier, so we're going to set up a way for that to happen as well. Info about that will be in the next backer-only update that will go up when then new build goes out. 

 So until then! Thanks as always for your all your support, enthusiasm and patience, you guys are the best! --James and Joar, Rain World devs.



Hey Rain World friends, welcome to the future! Hope your holidays and new years were great. Things are moving really quickly now, and we have a TON of awesome stuff were excited to talk about so lets dive right in, literally. Prepare yourself for Rain World's newest alpha predator:  


These impressive beasts rule Rain World's aerial regions, preying on anything that crosses its path. 

Its majestic wing-like appendages also serve as arms for swinging through the dense pipes and poles of the Chimney Canopy, using jets of pressurized gas for rapid lift: 

They are quite clever as well, and the long reach of the neck makes them even more formidable:

Fortunately, a clever slugcat will be able to anticipate their approach by shadow they cast: 

Normally, we'd go into quite a bit more detail about the development of the vulture from its tentacle physics on up, but there is quite a lot to talk about, so if you want all the nitty gritty dev details, check out on the devlog, pages 133+, look for code name "kraken" (but watch out, there is plenty of nonsense going on in there too, haha): 


So the vulture is going to be a key element to some of the aerial regions we're currently finishing up, but I think the last update we were just starting to tease the leech-infested waters of the underground Drainage System, so here is a little video that should bring you a bit further up to speed on the game world progress... with a little surprise toward the end ;) 

CO-OP MULTIPLAYER! I'm REALLY excited about this. It adds so much depth to the gameplay to be able to explore with a friend. Even just capturing these video clips with my girlfriend Lydia (both playing on one keyboard, lol), was super super fun. More on that as it develops of course, but definitely a significant step! 

Also hopefully you caught some of the cool water physics stuff in action: swimming through flooded pipes and subterranean aqueducts, because that's where our next guest lives... 


The Vulture isn't the only newcomer this month! We also have the first of the backer-suggested creatures: a cute (yet powerful!) snail that scoots its way through watery regions such as the Drainage System and beyond. But if you annoy them, these snails can pack an explosive wallop! 

Their sonic shockwave stuns any creature within the blast radius, meaning that if you are clever and careful you can make them work for you as an invaluable tool for safely traversing rooms. Or... if you are clumsy you can just get yourself knocked out XD 

A note on the creatures: You may have noticed that the snails as well as the vultures in the different gifs / screenshots are different colors with different features, etc., and that is something we haven't yet talked much about but will become more significant later on. Many of the creatures in Rain World have procedural elements to them, meaning that their color, size, shape physical attributes, behavior, etc., are unique to *that one creature*. So each time you start a new game, you will encounter unique bestiary with a new personality. But for now its mostly just cosmetic, so more on that when we flesh it out.


Some shots of current work in Heavy Industry region: 

Chimney Canopy: 

and a concept for a later region, called The Underhang:

 More on these as they develop! 


Thanks for playing and all the kind words! It's been super fun seeing all your enthusiasm, and discovering all the new bugs we have to fix of course ;) 

It wasn't the smoothest launch however! Quite a few people experienced issues with the Humble key system, so if you are an alpha access backer and had trouble just go to the resender and enter your kickstarter email address, and that SHOULD work. If not, email them or send me a note here and ill see what i can do: 

and that's that! I'll leave you with this amazing photo and we'll see you all next month with more cool stuff!

Best regards and thanks as always! 

--James and Joar,  Rain World Devs