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In the ruins of an ancient alien civilization, a lonely slugcat vies to hunt and survive deadly rains in a harsh closed eco-system.
In the ruins of an ancient alien civilization, a lonely slugcat vies to hunt and survive deadly rains in a harsh closed eco-system.
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New Rain World Teaser! + PSX, Illustrations and new pics!


Hello friends! 

Yes we are alive! And so is Rain World! We just wrapped up showing the newest build at Sony's Playstation Experience and wanted to share some quick Rain World highlights before hopping on a plane back home. Top on the list is this new teaser trailer here:

Look familiar? For this little Sony Exclusive PSX teaser we brought it all the way back to 2014, re-shooting the original kickstarter trailer with the new Rain World and showing off a ton of never-before-seen content. 

So much has changed from 2 years ago, I can barely even believe it! Here's the original for comparison:

That 24 frames per second probably wouldn't cut it in 2016, huh?

You may have also noticed a little tease of some gorgeous illustration work in that trailer too. Our artist Del has been working non-stop for the past year, at a completely unreasonable pace, bringing our narrative and world to life in ways we never thought possible. We are extremely excited for you to see her work (SOON!)

Speaking of Del and PSX! Rain World had the honor of being one of the Playstation Experience 2016 collectible foil trading cards, featuring an illustration from Del herself, and wow just look at those beauties. I can't tell you how amazing and intimidating it is to see our little characters show alongside games like The Last Guardian and Persona 5:

No pressure right?? 

But hey its not all conventions and collectible cards and things like that. We've been grinding like mad these past months. The game is wrapping up, and that means that Joar finally had some time to go through the over 1600(!!!) rooms, adding an incredible level of visual detail and bringing that extra layer of polish that most would consider unreasonable. But, hey, unreasonable level of detail is what we do!

through the ruins of an ancient civilization:

 or this crude masterpiece:

Okay, laptop battery is dying so I'll have to sign off here. More news soon though!

Thank you as always for your amazing continued enthusiasm (and patience!), Rain World literally could not have been made without it, and we can't wait to show you the fruits of our hard work!

Best Regards!

--James from Rain World

Rain World update: News! Awards! Conventions! Music! Creatures! Mysterious Glyphs!


Hello Kickstarter friends!

Yes we are alive! In fact, other than lack of sleep, things are going extremely well in Rain World land... 

Conventions! Awards! Etc!

A few weeks ago we made an appearance at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, and showed Rain World at IndieMIX held at the IGN offices...

 Notice the pretty new menu...

and Rain World wound up winning First Prize at the IndieMIX "Best of the MIX" awards! WOW!!! We were very shocked, as there were quite a lot of amazing games on display and it was also the first time we were publicly showing a new build of Rain World since a number of significant changes had been made. So after such a long development process it was some much needed encouragement: seems like we're headed in the right direction! 

You can read all about it here:

Joar was also invited to speak at GDC about the procedural animation techniques used in Rain World, which was an honor. It was pretty intimidating to be sandwiched between heavyweights like EA, Ubisoft, Blizzard, etc., and tiny little us with our pixelated lo-fi slugcat aesthetic.

 The room certainly was big enough...

 And here is Joar admiring his handiwork on the big screen...

If you have a GDC vault subscription, you can see the talk here:


And if that weren't exciting enough, just yesterday we wrapped up an appearance at PAX East with Adult Swim Games...

 We met some new friends, including this *amazing* Slugcat cosplayer...

Plus fans of all ages...

and all species! 

My mind is blown :O

I was also invited to livestream some Rain World gameplay and chat a bit about the game with JonCarnage and Swiftor on Twitch, which was a very fun experience! 

You can check the video right here for some gameplay bits and assorted banter:

There should also be quite a few interviews and previews coming out the next couple of weeks, so if you are interested in reading that stuff, check the Rain World twitter where we'll be posting every scrap: 


Since things have been so busy, I haven't had much of a chance to talk about the music and audio design. SO, I made a little video to explain...

At this point Rain World has around 1400 screens of playable terrain covering 12 huge regions, so naturally the music has to be equally gigantic in scope to match! To help me with such a monstrous musical task, I've brought on the talents of composer Lydia Primal to help out for the past few months, and between the two of us we have written over 3.5 hours of music for Rain World (!!!) That's *quite* a lot and we are very proud of the results!

And if that weren't enough audio for you, in addition to the more standard musical events which are used to convey narrative or create a mood for locations, etc., we've also installed a dynamic "threat music" system: Each region has 10 or so layers of audio that can fade in or out depending on how much danger the player is in. They all work together and vary by context, so that it should be a constantly evolving musical experience!


And of course, no Rain World update would be complete without some new gifs. Much of the work of the past few months has been heavily spoiler intensive, but we can show you a few peaks... 

Mysterious Glyphs!

Curious Overseers!

A gang of Scavengers hanging around at an outpost!

 As to what this all means, you'll just have to discover for yourself ;)

Best regards and as always thank you all for you patience and support! This has been a crazy ambitious project, and we couldn't have done it without you! Official announcements will be forthcoming!

--James from Rain World

Rain World mega holiday update 2015!

Happy holidays slugcat friends! 

Its been a while! The team's been hard at work on TOP SECRET stuff the past few months: two huge late-game regions filled with unique creatures and art. We're through a good portion of that now, so on to implementing some graphical stuff and UI, all of which is spoiler free of course. To get things going, here is some new footage from the updated Heavy Industry region: 

Im sure you noticed some new things from that video...


A map was something we had been pretty hesitant on initially, but due to the huge size and complexity of the world (1200+ screens!!) it became pretty obvious we needed something to help the player visualise the environment, so we spent some time finding a suitable solution. 

The map as seen in the video is still early graphically, but the functionality is there. Fairly self-explanatory, the map fills in as the player moves through the world based on what the slugcat sees. Time will proceed as normal when in the map (so player can be eaten or rained on, etc), so the background will be semi-opaque, allowing to player to see if a predator is sneaking up.

One thing that we are concerned with is avoiding a situation where the player “plays the map", running around with it semi-opaque, or quickly tabbing in and out like its a HUD, etc etc. Instead, our concept for this is something like the slugcats visual memory, which requires some time and concentration. So the idea is that the player finds a safe place to hide for a minute or two and think hard about where its been, thus far off locations will take a little while to fill in, etc. (You'll notice that in the video 'lil slugcat closes its eyes to concentrate, awwww!)


You probably also noticed the new food counter UI, which up until now has just been a number appearing above the players head when they consume food. We are in the process of moving that over to a more final UI version now, which is a system of dots and circles that appears when the player stands still for a period of time:

It should give a little better indication of the hibernation food requirements, and gives up some good tools for shaping the cycle to cycle player experience:

Thats supposed to say “demarcates”, but no spell check in photoshop ;_;
Thats supposed to say “demarcates”, but no spell check in photoshop ;_;

In multiplayer modes, a UI with the corresponding player colors will appear in different corners of the screen.


Right now Joar is working on what should be the masterpiece of Rain World AI, a knuckle-walking, tool-using creatures as intelligent and capable as the slugcat: the Scavengers.

Early movement:

Early visual tracking:

And finally, some close to finished scavengers!

I wont go too deep into their specifics, but suffice to say that they factor heavily into the Rain World ecosystem and narrative.


Our illustrator Del has been working on some concepts for region landscape art, and that's coming along pretty amazingly:


You may have seen a little slugcat at the PlayStation Experience keynote last month? That's right! Rain World was shown on the mainstage as part of Adult Swim's showcase, officially announcing that Rain World will be coming to PS4! Other console announcements will be forthcoming :)

I've got a pile of rooms to polish, so I'll leave it at that for now, but since we are through the bulk of the spoiler stuff you can be expecting a return to more regular Rain World updates as we go down this final stretch toward... A RAIN WORLD LAUNCH DATE!!!

Thank you all so much for your patience and sticking with us on this journey!

Best Holiday Wishes,
James, Joar and the Rain World team

MEGA August update!


Hello slugcat friends!

As you may have noticed, we are keeping a little quiet recently as things are in serious spoiler territory over here. But we've got so much cool stuff to show, so here are some prime tidbits in no particular order...

Logo reveal:



Strange Crops:

Horror Grass:

Spore Puffs:

Rain Deer:

The Wall:


We are using Coub to host our new video clips so we can show off the lighting effects in fullscreen HD and tease some soundtrack music. But if you are on mobile or Coub doesnt work for you for whatever reason, you can check gifs of the above videos here:


You may have noticed our slick new logo WIP up top? Well that is the work of our amazing new illustrator, Del! We have been working with her for the past few months back and forth, getting concepts together and will be making a big push on illustration soon. We don't want to reveal too much yet, but here is some of her early Rain World sketch work:




And this is just the very beginning. See examples of her amazing work at


And for all you cool peeps who might be in Seattle next week for PAX Prime, we'll be showing off the newest build of Rain World at the Adult Swim Games booth. There will likely be interviews and other Rain World content coming out from that as well, so if you are interested in staying up to date, you can follow along our daily adventures on twitter at @RainWorldGame  

Also, I just want to take a second and sincerely thank each and every one of you here for your awesome patience and positive attitude all through the development. Its been such a loooooong process, and despite that you have all been overwhelmingly encouraging and enthusiastic. It means so much to us, and I dont know how we could have gotten this far without it, so deepest thank yous from both Joar and myself.

Things are going really well and we are finally at the point now where we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. It will still be a little while yet, but I can say with confidence that if you have liked what you have seen of Rain World so far, the stuff we are working on right now is going to blow you away. We cant wait for you to play it!

Sending out best regards from Rain World!

--James and Joar

June update: new video for alpha 150607d and tons of cool stuff

Hey Kickstarter friends!  We've been hard at work putting together a new build for E3 and getting prepared to transition into beta. Thats big news right?? Check out some of the fruits of out labor below: 
Some things you might have noticed: 


Yes, finally! Rain, and flooding as well! We've been waiting so long to implement this, its amazing to see it finally working as we had hoped. The rain cycles are dynamic, with light rains that come and go such as the following: 

these are just superficial and dont impact play. However, as the death rains approach, that light rain increases to a deluge which hampers mobility: 

Covered areas provide brief refuge, so a nimble slugcat that knows the terrain could survive crucial extra seconds, but eventually the death rain consumes all: 

And as you saw in the video, the deluge floods subterranean areas as well, so hunt those bats quickly and find yourself a shelter to stay safe! 


We're excited to finally be able to start working on some of the visual elements as well! Joar has been finishing up work on some new tools for this, most impressively one for creating bounce-off lighting. 

These examples are from the few rooms in the Shadow Urban region that sunlight can still reach: 

Another tidbit from Shadow Urban are these flare fruit plants, which allow for impressive (if brief) illumination in the darkness, and may perhaps even help to hold creepy dark dwelling creatures at bay (no spoilers!): 


Since the open world is finally being tied together we began implementing the gate system, which are a series of large sealed-off doors at the borders of regions that allow passage between them. Here are some early animations: 

steam decontamination process: 

you'll notice these gates are powered by the water tanks above, and traveling through empties the reservoir. HMMMMM! 


Back to the real world: If you happen to be going to E3, the newest Rain World build will be available to demo at the Adult Swim Games booth and at the IndieMIX event as well. Joar and myself are both way too wrapped up in development to go (booo!), but press, friends and fans please stop by the booth and let us know what you think! Were pretty proud of this recent progress! And if you want any more info about E3 or IndieMIX, feel free to contact me here. 

So thats some of the stuff we've been up to the past month! We should have some fun visual announcements coming up soon, so we'll talk to you then. Best regards and as always, thanks for going with us on this journey! 

 --James and Joar, Rain World Devs