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In the ruins of an ancient alien civilization, a lonely slugcat vies to hunt and survive deadly rains in a harsh closed eco-system.

Thank you!

Success! Our ambitious $50k goal has been utterly smashed by your generosity and enthusiasm! In addition to PC and Mac, Rain World will now be officially coming to LINUX... and beyond! Any additional funds raised will be used for polish and making Rain World the best game it can be. Massive thanks to all, you have been amazing and we look forward to getting down to work!




Rain World is set in an abandoned industrial environment scourged by a shattered eco-system. Bone-crushing intense rain pounds the surface regularly, making life as we know it almost impossible. The creatures in this world hibernate most of the time, but in the few brief dry periods they go out searching for food. 

You are a lonely nomadic slugcat, both predator and prey in this land. You must hunt enough food to survive another cycle of hibernation. Other - bigger - creatures have the same plan.

Inspired by the aesthetics and simplicity of 16-bit classics, the gameplay consists of platforming and fast paced sneaking; both sneaking on your prey and sneaking in order to avoid larger creatures. A large focus of the development has been on enemy AI: they are cunning, vicious and they are always hunting you. 

Rain World is currently in development for PC and Mac, and can be found on Steam Greenlight 


* Sneak, climb, and pounce your way through an exotic alien landscape full of hidden secrets and undiscovered dangers. 

* Nimble controls and unique physics-and-code based animation gives characters a natural fluidity of movement and intuitive weight, for lighting quick high-wire action.  

* Intense, primal predator encounters will challenge your reflexes. Limited resources and the constant impending threat of rain will test your nerve. This is not an easy game!

* Co-operative and up to 4 player competitive gameplay: deathmatches, endurance, waves, custom challenges, etc.

* Seriously Mega Cute Slugcat character. Hey, I know that's why we're all really here!

Progress so far:  

We have been developing Rain World on our own for almost 3 years now, and have a pretty solid playable alpha in place: game engine, AI, art assets, levels, and music are functional and exist in some stage. All of the content on this page, the trailer, gifs, screenshots, etc., are taken from actual gameplay of the current alpha build of Rain World and could be considered representative of typical gameplay.

Beyond that, we have detailed plans of where we want to go from here, fleshing out the narrative elements, allowing plenty of room for new inspiration and organic growth along the way. Rain World is a passion project and will remain to be so.   

If you are interested in even more technical details and concept discussion, feel free to browse through over 67 ACTION-PACKED PAGES of devlog on TIGsource:

The Sound of Rain World:  

Taking inspiration from both the unique alien landscape and the decayed future-industrial aesthetic, the music of Rain World is a blend of other-worldly ambient soundscapes, glitchy chiptune and urban-inspired breakbeat. Here is a selection of some of the work so far:

Why Kickstarter?:

We have reached the inevitable point where we realize that in order to make Rain World into the game we believe it deserves to be, additional resources and personnel will be required that we -hacking away in our basements- can't provide on our own. Your generous help in funding this project would allow for:

* Complete Realization of our vision of Rain World. We want to present to you a rich, dynamic world brimming with secrets to uncover, engaging narrative choices to be shocked by, and a lush eco-system of interesting creatures to kill and eat (or be eaten by). The vast majority of funding will go towards further development of the nuts and bolts of the game: art assets like level design, new terrain and new characters; expanded AI for terrifyingly intelligent predators; a lengthy well-written single player campaign; more music, more hidden secrets, more Rain World for you to experience.

* Hiring a skilled C++ contractor to help the game run faster and do all the important stuff that C++ wizards do best: display optimization and modernization, help porting to new platforms, etc etc. This is an essential part of "doing it right", and their skills don't come cheap!

* Proper testing and Quality Control: Rain World is hard and we want it that way, but it should be hard for the right reasons, not impossible levels or tricky controls. Having time and resources for thorough testing and QC would make the game a smoother experience for all players.

and slugcat pups! awwww
and slugcat pups! awwww

Kickstarter Budget Breakdown:

Who are we?

* Joar Jakobsson - Concept, Programming, Art, Design

Joar is a Swedish illustrator and graphic designer who is obsessively interested in every art form there is. Torn between a compulsion to experience the world and a compulsion to never ever leave his desk, Joar especially enjoys game-making; believing it to be one of the most diverse creative mediums out there. View his work at:

* James Primate - Music, Sound, Business Junk

Composer for numerous game soundtracks including Junk Jack X and Gnomoria, James is also one half of Chiptune duo Bright Primate and can usually be found making music with hacked Gameboys and such. In his spare time he enjoys pizza, synthesizers and vogon poetry. Hear his game work at:

Now on to the fun stuff: Rewards!  

We want to make sure that while being totally awesome and morally superior for helping fund our little project, backers are also getting a good bang for their buck. In addition to providing DRM-free Digital copies of the completed Rain World for all backers (the least we could do), we have a selection of high quality limited edition rewards. We hope you like!

 Notes on Rewards:

* Unless otherwise indicated, all tiers include the rewards from previous tiers.

* Shipping for merch items is free unless international, and those are as cheap as we can reasonably make them.

* Behold the Limited Edition Glow-in-the-Dark Rain World T-shirt, designed by Joar Jakobsson! Both fashionable and scares away nocturnal predators:

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

As we see it, the chief challenge we face is bringing Rain World out of our basements and making it into a nice seamless experience for you fine folks to play and enjoy. It has been a game "for us" for so long that we've grown comfortable with the quirks. We need to update it so it fits on todays slick modern systems and polish it until it shines. This might include things like upgrading our development tools and porting Rain World to more modern programming languages.

The $25,000 funding goal for this Kickstarter is what we believe to be an honest assessment of the bare-bones cost that it would take to bring a publishable version of Rain World into the world, and we feel this should be taken into account when considering pulling the trigger on funding.

Thanks for reading this far and a sincere thank you for your interest in Rain World!
--James & Joar


  • Yes! Rain World has been Greenlit, and will be available on Steam! Backers will have the option of receiving their copy of Rain World as a Steam key when it is released.

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  • We'd like to see Rain World on Linux! If we reach our $50k goal, we will have the resources to make that happen.

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  • A: Yes! We have had a lot of excitement and interest in Rain World from our international friends who live in countries outside of Kickstarter, and we would love to get them involved. Just send funds to along with a description of the reward tier you'd like in return!

    Last updated:
  • We would like to! Currently we are doing some research into how best to make this happen. A key component of that will be reaching our current 50k goal, which will give us the resources to migrate Rain World into a development platform that works well with modern consoles. We'll keep our fingers crossed!

    Last updated:
  • Thanks for the suggestion, we are looking into that as well! Both Humble Bundle and GOG are curated lists, so we will ask politely and see what they say.

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  • Fantastic question! The easiest way would be to simply add and additional $10 to your pledge for every extra copy you would like. When the Kickstarter ends, we will send a survey email to everyone who pledged $10 or more over their tier, asking if they would like extra copies of the game. If it was a physical item, you could indicate shipping address at that time was well.

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    Digital Copy of Rain World! + A PDF Zine of Rain World concept art, sketches and wallpapers. Learn all the pro-tips. PC or Mac.

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    Exclusive Early Access + Digital copy of the Rain World Soundtrack by James Primate, including Kickstarter exclusive bonus tracks! You'll have played it before it was cool AND listened to rare music. Major hipster cred. Plus everything included in the above tier.

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    Physical CD + Physical Art Zine! Get a *signed* physical copy of the Rain World soundtrack by James Primate + exclusive high quality printed Zine of Rain World art and designs by Joar Jakobsson! Plus everything in the above tiers.

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    Limited Edition glow-in-the-dark Rain World T-Shirt + Signed Rain World soundtrack CD + exclusive printed Rain World Zine! Maximum Merch! The T-shirt will be comfy, stylish and scare away night predators with its glowing essence. You choose the size.

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    Help design a secret Rain World creature! Rain World is a land of mystery and secrets. We'll collaborate with you on a creature to live in Rain World AND you'll get a high quality illustrated concept art poster of your character signed by the man himself. Plus all that other stuff. Snazzy!

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    CUSTOM HAND MADE SLUG-CAT PLUSHIE. Help design a playable breed of slugcat for single player / multiplayer, but then... you also get a soft, super limited edition hand made plushie version of that character sent to your door to cuddle and love forever! O.M.G. Plus everything else.

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    CUSTOM HAND MADE SLUG-CAT PLUSHIE, PART 2! Design a super soft limited edition slug cat hand made plushie of your very own to hug and love! Includes an illustrated concept art poster of your new friend signed by Joar Jakobsson and a special "slug cat family" thanks in the credits. (Note: does not include $120 tier)

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