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San Francisco Noise Pop musician seeking funding to recreate and breathe new life into the album "Hounds of Love" by Kate Bush from beginning to end.

Hello. My name is Aria. I am a touring musician based in San Francisco, with a project called "railcars."

I am looking for the funding that it would take for me to take a some time off and dedicate to reworking the album Hounds of Love by Kate Bush, as well as funding for the raw materials and equipment (a microphone, some cabling, guitar strings, cassettes, paint pens to paint the tapes, shipping costs, etc).

If you aren't familiar with this album, from 1985, I highly recommend you pick it up. It is an art pop masterpiece.

Here is one of my music projects:

I'd really encourage you to check out some songs on that page. if you're not feeling up to that whole adventure, here is a cover i recently did of the song "Dreams" by The Cranberries:

but all my covers end up a little different, depending on how much me and you want to reinterpret the original. I don't think the Kate Bush tape will sound really much like that cranberries cover.

Anyway, about $400 of my cost is associated with final mastering, materials (tapes, paint, printing, cases), and some small other things. The other $200 is to afford me a couple days off of work so I can stay at home a couple of entire days working on this (tracking all the instruments, programming drum machines and synthesizers to play the right parts, recording small textures that only matter to someone totally obsessed with the sound and tonal quality, which i will.)

If you fund my project, I will eat top ramen for weeks and sit in my apartment until this project is completely done. If i have to continue going to work 40 hours a week, with only one day off per week, there's no way I will ever have the time or energy to pull this off. It requires hours of pacing back and forth with headphones listening to the same part over and over deciding if its perfect. it is an absolute masterwork and rewiring each noise and sound has to be perfect.

The total for the project is 600$ which includes: you patronizing, funding, and owning my worry free existence for a a good while to feverishly reinvent this album, costs associates with mastering, and also the overhead costs of releasing this on cassette and mailing to everyone, etc.

SO ------

If you contribute a small amount, like five dollars, I will not only send you the finished album digitally, but also immediately will send you my entire discography (2 records, 1 cover song of the Cranberries, and several remixes) via mp3.

If you contribute a little bit more, ($20), I will hand paint a cassette, dub the release to this cassette, and mail you that, as well as digital and cd versions of the release.

If you contribute a lot, ($150) I will mail you a postcard from every single city that I play a show in, which takes place in Europe for two months, everywhere from the UK to Russia. At least 40 cities. As well as the cassette and mp3s. (dates below). I will also send you both my albums on vinyl.

But here's the thing, the $150 option is really there just for the sake of art. it only costs $150 in order to break even / cover the immense cost of buying a postcard in 40 cities and mailing them out. so, I'm not an asshole, or anything, it's just that it's really expensive to pay for postage in euros. but still... think about it... imagine the excitement of a new postcard everyday from a neat location, day after day for 8 weeks starting sometime in january.

HERE'S THE THING: I am flying out for this european tour on Jan 11th, and the first show is Jan 14th. SO if you want me to send you the postcards, you should pledge for that reward no later than Jan 13th, 2010. You can do it after, but then the postcards would be limited to whatever cities are left at that point.

Okay. I love you. Aria

P.S. the hand-painted cassettes pictured above are not the actual release. Those are from the last hand-painted, limited release I did which is a recording of a performance given in Paris in early 2009. Yours will be infinitely nicer.

P.P.S. here are the tour dates as they stand, but about 5 shows in the middle are still unannounced as well as a few dates going east, after the last one posted.

(day.month.year) 14.01.10 Berlin (DE), Magnet Club 15.01.10 Wroclaw (PL), CRK 16.01.10 Cracow (PL), Kawiarnia Naukowa 17.01.10 Prague (CZ), Strahov 007 18.01.10 Budapest (HU), Zappa Cafe 19.01.10 Vienna (AT), Rhiz 20.01.10 Maribor (SI), Dvorana Gustaf (Pekarna) 21.01.10 Koper (SI), MKSC 22.01.10 Varese (IT), Twiggy Club 25.01.10 Faenza (IT), Clandestino 26.01.10 Fribourg (CH), Fri-Son 27.01.10 Dijon (FR), Deep Inside 28.01.10 Metz (FR), Emile Vache 29.01.10 Paris (FR), Mo‘Fo Festival 30.01.10 London (UK), tba 31.01.10 Bristol (UK), Start The Bus 01.02.10 Glasgow (UK), 13th Note 02.02.10 York (UK), The Basement 03.02.10 Stoke (UK), Harry's Bar 04.02.10 London (UK), good ship 05.02.10 Utrecht (NL), dB..s 06.02.10 Amsterdam (NL), Subbacultcha @ Nieuwe Anita 07.02.10 Eindhoven (NL), TAC 08.02.10 Karlsruhe (DE), Kohi 09.02.10 Freiburg (DE), KTS 10.02.10 München (DE), Kafe Kult 11.02.10 Strasbourg (FR), Simultania 12.02.10 Frankfurt (DE), Ivi 13.02.10 Nürnberg (DE), K4 15.02.10 Hamburg (DE), Hafenklang 16.02.10 Copenhagen (DK), Lades 18.02.10 Aalborg (DK), 1000Fryd 19.02.10 Gothenburg (SE), tba 20.02.10 Malmö (SE), Debaser (21st - 28th tba)


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    I will mail youa hand-painted, hand-numbered copy of the album on cassette (and a CD version). Also I will mail you a hand-written love letter. And all the mp3s from the previous reward.

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