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FRONTIERS - Explore, Discover & Survive in a massive, relaxing open world that emulates the tone of classic first person RPGs.
FRONTIERS - Explore, Discover & Survive in a massive, relaxing open world that emulates the tone of classic first person RPGs.
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The Greenlight page is exploding!

And way earlier I expected! But before I get into what happened, here's a link to the Greenlight page, complete with updated trailer. Enjoy, and don't forget to vote! :D


Okay, here's what happened:

Last night I decided to do a stealth launch on the Greenlight page. I figured I'd post the trailer and launch the page and just not tell anyone, then do the official announcement today. Why? Because I was tired of website updates & wanted to finish the main site and press kit with links to the greenlight page & new trailer, etc. It was 7pm on a Saturday night, I figured maybe 10 people would stumble across it by morning.

About an hour later I noticed the Greenlight page had a hundred votes already. Huh. Turns out that stealth launches don't really exist on Steam. And the voting ratio was roughly 70% 'YES' to 30% 'NO.' Pretty decent, but not amazing either. Wuh oh, I thought, what if it goes down further?

So stealth launch suddenly became soft launch - I posted on Facebook and Twitter and the forums that Greenlight was live, hoping to drive that ratio up a bit. I figured we'd see a small bump, then I'd bring out the big guns tomorrow with the Kickstarter update. Two hours later this is where we stood:

(embiggened version) 

Okay, not bad! And sure to get better once the KS update went out. I went to sleep slightly less nervous. But in the middle of the night I woke up and checked the stats and those numbers had shot straight up. As of this morning, this is where we stand:

 (embiggened version)

This is insane. We're outpacing some of Greenlight's top-ranked items by a lot. (I'm really curious to see how we stack up against the #1 item.) Look at this chart:

So this isn't just a matter of getting Greenlit quickly any more. Unless I'm totally misreading these stats, we actually have a shot at becoming one of the top-rated / most-quickly-greenlit games ever. Wasn't something I'd planned but hey I'll take whatever I can get.

So! Get in on that dogpile and let's make that line even more absurdly vertical!

 - L


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    1. Lars Simkins Creator on

      I'll continue to post stats on the forum announcement page:

    2. Missing avatar

      Stephen Bradley on

      Hey Lars, its a new day with Steam Greenlight. It would be awesome to see an update on how well the game is doing in the graph.

      Also, it might attract more people if you post these graphs on the Steam Greenlight page, so that others see how explosive the popularity has been

    3. Missing avatar

      Steven Mewett on

      What an awesome start to your Greenlight pitch! I can't vote right now (I'm at work atm) but I'll definitely be voting yes once I get home. Also, hurray absurd verticality!

    4. John Gardner on

      Wow Congrats on the incredible start !! I like seeing the Stats pics, keep doing that.

    5. gandalf.nho

      Congrats for the big start of the Greenlight campaign

    6. Lars Simkins Creator on

      Sure I can do that. Here's the latest in the meantime:

    7. Cameron (BLINK) on

      If possible, can you show that graph each day somewhere? Here or the forums? I'm quite interested to watch it progress :)

      Probably not wise to post it here everyday, I can see some people getting quite annoyed by that.. Maybe the forums?

    8. BorisKourt on

      Keep us updated on how the stats are going! :)

    9. lee grenter on

      Excellent news! Greenlit here we come! I voted yes at about 730am uk time today, there seemed quite a bit of interest then, glad to see it is growing. Soon Lars' world domination plans will come to fruition! Bhahahahahaaaaaaa x

    10. Lars Simkins Creator on

      Not that these terms really mean anything. I'm making this up as I go.

    11. Lars Simkins Creator on

      BradleyUffner - that's when it went from stealth launch to soft launch.

    12. Mark Shaun Rushow on

      I was awake on on Facebook when you posted there so I went straight over and voted for sure.

    13. BradleyUffner on

      Posting on twitter that the greenlight page is live doesn't really count as a "stealth launch" does it?

    14. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      The RPG of the Year!

    15. Weresheep of Sin AKA Stefan

      I voted "yes" (of course). But ... Lars, be honest ... some of those pics are high quality photos of some mountains and forests, aren't they? Those graphics look too awesome to be real.

    16. Lars Simkins Creator on

      Neo - Glad you like what you see! So satisfying to hear.

      Anthony - Boy you are persistent, haha! Beta when it's ready, and when we're greenlit. Wish I could offer more but deadlines are fluid at this stage.

    17. Jesse Dylan Watson on

      Hilarious! I hope that it keeps shooting straight to the top! Probably a lot of us would not have known it was on Greenlight yet until this update, so hopefully now it will really soar.

    18. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      This game looks better than Gothic and Risen series!

      The game world looks so alive and beautiful! Unbelievable...

    19. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      I CAN'T BELIEVE!!! I JUST CAN'T BELIEVE!!! THIS IS A GAME OF MY DREAM!!! When I look at these landscapes ... I can't hold back emotions! You put all your love and soul into creating beautiful! I can't find the right words...

    20. Missing avatar

      Rick on

      Congrats Lars. I'll Keep my fingers crossed. (After all... I want to Play the game too *g*)

    21. Anthony Dixon on

      Beta when? :D (yes, I want to play the game asap!)