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FRONTIERS - Explore, Discover & Survive in a massive, relaxing open world that emulates the tone of classic first person RPGs.
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The Results Are In!

Posted by Lars Simkins (Creator)

The results are in with the vast majority of votes cast. Thanks for the extremely rapid turnaround everyone! Here are your new features:

1 - Seasons
2 - Archaeology
3 - Gigantic Ruined Tower

(CLICK HERE to see the full-sized version)

Seasons walked away with this one easily and Archaeology wasn't far behind. Gigantic Ruined Tower (!) and Dynacamp were a bit closer, but don't let that 0.3% fool you - there were still nearly a hundred votes separating the two. A decisive victory on all counts. Hooray! *throws confetti*

I personally liked Gigantic Ruined Tower but I never thought it would be a top contender. Similarly, there were some I thought would get way more traction, eg Gardening. Surprises all around. I look forward to picking apart what happened and figuring out who voted for what in the coming days. :D

Grr I didn't get the feature I wanted!

Undoubtedly true for many of you. But you did get the one feature that would have been absolutely impossible to mod: SEASONS. So while you may not see your personal favorite in the initial release, there's always a chance a diligent fan - or two, or ten - will make them happen later down the road.*

*(I don't usually like to lean on modders to pick up my slack but everyone's sad puppy dog eyes leave me no choice.)

Brace Yourselves: Winter is Coming!

Time to start modeling some snow drifts and leaf piles...

Look for your Backerkit invites tomorrow, and THANKS FOR VOTING!


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    1. Scurra

      @Isaiah: Well, I'm one of the few whose three votes were for things that ended up in the bottom half of the list, but I'm not exactly heartbroken since I knew my picks were unlikely to be big hitters.

    2. Porcupine on

      I suppose this would be the real-world equivalent of the giant ruined tower - and if the source is correct, it was supposed to be almost TWICE THAT HIGH...

    3. Isaiah Tanenbaum

      I was previously anti-GRT for exactly the reasons people described (feeling "tacked on" and at odds with the mostly-realistic game world), but hearing Lars talk about the thought he's put into it in order to put it on the list has actually made me really excited. Previously, this was a game about exploration in a world more or less like the our own -- now it's a game about exploration in a world more or less like our own that also has for some reason a giant tower that has been a huge part of the world for (presumably) millennia. You could make an entire game just around that, and it sounds like that's kind of what's going to happen. Color me sold on GRT and really pleased, as before, by Lars' transparency and willingness to be open to scope-changing suggestions from his backers.

      Though I really, really would have liked to see Dynacamp and Enhanced Character Customization (my choices after Seasons), I think that the three we got make a good argument for features best integrated into the game by the designer rather than modders. The only way GRT could be anything more than an extra dungeon is if it's in the lore starting now; the only way that Archaeology's "blow up walls" gameplay doesn't break dungeon design if they're designed with that ability in mind. And obviously Seasons is only worthwhile if it's a core gameplay feature and not a bit of window dressing by a winter-loving modder. I trust that the character customization that we will have will be sufficient if not Sims 3-level in its detail; really picking gender, a few facial models, hair color/style, and eye color is often more than enough to populate a world with unique individuals. Though it would have been cool, I don't honestly need a slider for brow depth. And as for the other top-vote getters, I can see Dynacamp, Research, and Merchant as promising mods or expansions, but there will be plenty to do and explore and learn when this game is released.

      And finally, as I said in my mathy post, and will emphasize here again, half the people got at least one thing they wanted (I'm one!). It would be interesting from a game theory point of view to see a full breakdown of how many voters got one, two, three, or none of their choices (and of that last group, how many voted for some of the second-tier finishers -- Dynacamp, Merchant, and Research -- aka the "heartbreak tranche"), but honestly I'd rather see that time spent on these three exciting new features getting coded. And most of all I'm excited to start seeing developments about the game itself, rather than the voting process! With the conclusion of this survey, this kickstarter is good and truly done and the next stage -- where we all bug Lars about why he hasn't released a fully-finished, bugless game YESTERDAY -- can begin.

      Yours in exploration,

    4. Pauly Paul on

      Hey Lars!!!!!!

      Thanks. I've pledged to a few Kickstarters but this is the only one I actively enjoy following (with others I'm content to just wait for release). The way you ran the campaign and your humour and good nature are the reasons for that.

    5. Father Time on

      Well at least 1 of the things I voted for got in. Yay giant tower!

    6. John Gardner on

      Weather we got what we wanted in the voting or not we ALL should be happy & grateful that Lars let us suggest items to add to the game and to vote for what we wanted to see. I'd say he went above & beyond what he had to. I'm glad to see everyone is so interested in what is happening with the game. Hopefully all the rest of the great ideas from the top 25 won't go to waste, & that the modders will favor us with great mods of the rest of the things on the list. Or as many as possible ; ) Thanks again Lars .. I'm looking forward to seeing this game more & more all the time.

    7. Missing avatar

      Ryan Chapman on

      Thanks Lars - Really cannot wait for the game now :D

      p.s. that cat looks cross!!

    8. Lars Simkins Creator on

      No potatoes. Scout's honor.

    9. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    10. Lars Simkins Creator on

      >you can't say something awesome and not expect people to ask!!!

      That's true... but you also can't expect me not to laugh maniacally while refusing to answer. Muhuhahahah! >:D

    11. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    12. Lars Simkins Creator on

      >Daniel Straitt: My biggest fear about its implementation (and main reason for not voting for it) is that it will feel like a feature added on to the world that has no real connection. Do we at least have the reassurance that its addition will be of a part grown into the world instead of a part tacked on?

      >Joshua Lancaster: I would definitely appreciate a big clarification on what the actual intentions/content/outcome/game impact of the tower actually are. I didn't vote for the tower because the description was so vague. What process is going to decide what it actually is and does?

      I agree that the GRT is weird and potentially game-breaking. In fact the feature was almost vetoed for that exact reason - the first thing I imagined was an oversized Howl's Moving Castle or a giant Rapunzel tower above the clouds. What kind of place does something like that have in the semi-real-world-ish setting of FRONTIERS? It launches us into fantasy land, and that's not where we belong. But then a lightbulb went off and I realized there was a way to make it work. Scratch that, not just WORK - I figured out a way to make it amazing. After that I felt comfortable putting it on the final list. (Though of course I was resigned to not having the chance to implement it, since it seemed like such a long shot!)

      I understand the impulse to monitor such a potentially disastrous feature. I know I've kept the details vague. That's not going to change because I want to deliver the game with some surprises intact. (At least until it's released and all the details are added to a fanmade wiki, haha!) From this point forward the GRT will be developed entirely behind closed doors. The only things I'll reveal now are that it will be thoroughly integrated with the game world & lore (an object like that would have a tremendous influence on the world), and that its presence will not upend the real-world-ish setting.

      If you're wondering how the hell that's possible - good! Keep wondering. It'll make it that much more satisfying when you find out. :D

    13. Missing avatar

      Lucas Laukien on

      About modding, what language will we be able to mod the game in / how will we be able to interface with it. Lua? :)

    14. Lars Simkins Creator on

      I debated for quite a while about whether I would release the complete list of features with percentages, because I knew it would result in calls for a revote and the like. When GRT was chosen I debated the issue all over again because it was so out of nowhere (though I'm ultimately pleased that it won). But in the end I decided that complete transparency has worked so far, so why bother self-censoring now? I expected you would all be passionate and vocal while remaining respectful and not let things degenerate into a YouTube argument.

      Well this morning I was pleased to discover exactly what I'd hoped for - lots of passion, lots of discussion, and a complete lack of name calling and negativity. Well, except for Rene but he's clearly a doodoo head. (Just kidding Rene we love you.)

      First off, anyone confused about the low winning percentages or suggesting we ought to try for a majority should read Isaiah Tanenbaum's mathy comments, they're spot on. (Thanks for typing that up with greater clarity than I ever could.) Our voting system was a little quirky (especially the bit about mandating different choices for all three votes) and the results are a little quirky too, but they're still fair by any measure. The top 3 choices represent a total of over 4,000 votes out of nearly 12500 total votes cast. (Over 90% of backers voted for features by the way, and that's not counting the backers who deliberately abstained from voting, and there were quite a few).

      To those wondering if the page breaks skewed voting choices, the answer is no, at least not in any way that I could detect. I kept an eye on the votes for the first day or so to ensure there was an even spread (there was) and I broke down the votes in a few different ways after all the results were in to look for signs that the earlier features were favored (they weren't). There were a few folks who missed the latter pages when they voted but they contacted me once they realized their mistake and we sorted it out.

      And to everyone defending my choices with the survey and the voting etc., I sincerely appreciate it. But don't think I mind the backers who are questioning my choices either. The fact is that everyone commenting is already 99% on my side - you're here, you want the game to be great and you give a damn about the outcome of this survey. That last 1% of disagreement is built on a broad foundation of support.

    15. Julius Beronio on

      Since you say it's great Lars, there better be some nice items in there and some way to get down.

    16. Missing avatar

      Isaac Carroll on

      My big draw for this game was the 4 player Co-op, so with out Detailed Character Customization will we all play the same looking avatar? It would be cool to see a little difference between friends characters. Then again in The Elder Scroll series if you put on a full set of armor (in many cases) you can not tell what your character looks like.... or what race it is.

    17. Missing avatar

      xkickitupdurand on

      What would Vivaldi play if he could see your results right now? :p

    18. Ben Turner on

      Just following up on John (and a few others) that we should all be grateful that Lars gave us the opportunity to suggest, and then vote on, additional features. It also doesn't do any good to start denigrating the people who voted for one or another of the winning features. I have faith that Lars will implement all the winners with a healthy dose of awesomeness, and in a way that fits in with the (still-being-created) structure of the rest of the game. And I also have faith that, given the amount of excitement and engagement amongst the backers, most or all of the rest of the extra features will be implemented by modders.

    19. Missing avatar

      John Rodriguez

      Human nature is such that it's always going to be the dissatisfied who pipe up more than the satisfied. That can lead to the misconception that the majority is dissatisfied.

      Well, here's one satisfied backer who won't stay silent. Lars, you have run a great campaign. Like many of us, I appreciate that you wheedled through all those interesting (yet often impractical) user-submitted suggestions, pared down to 25, and gave us a choice of our top three. I'm perfectly happy with the results of the community vote, and I applaud you for drawing the line on re-votes.

      To those unhappy that a desired feature didn't make the top three, I'm sorry for your frustration. I didn't get everything I was after, either. But that's the way the cookie crumbles in a democratic voting system. Lars sets the rules and we play by them. Today's result could have been fairer. It has enhance my anticipation for a project I'm already quite excited about.

    20. Scavar on

      I'm happy about Seasons and archeology will be cool, but I was really hoping Character Customization would make it in. I don't really see how modders are really going to be able to add something like that into the game. Oh well!

    21. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    22. Marcel

      The lore is still being written, I'm sure that it won't feel tacked on. And besides, you don't HAVE to explore it.

    23. Michael Uhrich on

      Some of these complaints are just mind-boggling. Thanks for the extra effort Lars, much appreciated.

    24. Jesse Dylan Watson on

      I guess I'm lucky that two I voted for made it! I suppose the tower wouldn't have been too hard for talented modders (I too am worried it will feel tacked on), but I'm glad archeology is in the hands of the game's creator.

    25. Missing avatar

      Daniel Straitt on

      While I did not personally vote for the idea of the GRT I can understand the following it received. My biggest fear about its implementation (and main reason for not voting for it) is that it will feel like a feature added on to the world that has no real connection. Do we at least have the reassurance that its addition will be of a part grown into the world instead of a part tacked on?

    26. Sven O. on

      Now, if only some modders could make rope bridges and rappelling, this game would be nearly complete :) And by that I mean that those two makes the exploration and path-building make more sense. And don't forget dynacamp.. and merchant.... and uhm.. all of it? :P

      Love that seasons made it tho. Haven't seen that in many games.

    27. Missing avatar

      Mike Comley on

      Well poop. I guess I'll just have to hope we get modders doing character customization and clothing stuff. Super chill time was my fave, but I didn't expect it to win. Call to modders to put it in, please? It'd be super awesome. <3

    28. Ludi on

      I'm surprised, I must say.
      Not only about the result of the vote, but the comments. There have been very few complaints in the comments earlier, but now there seems several people feel the need to express their disappointment or displeasure.

      Lars has already stated quite clearly there will be no re-vote, so just accept the facts and be content. He's already done so much by even taking us up on these ideas and actually letting us vote for which ones we wanted the most. As he said, there's nothing to complain about having too many good suggestions! It would be pretty weird, really, if we all chose the same ones.

      Personally I'm really happy about seasons making it. We couldn't have gotten that without him, it adds a lot of life to the game, it's not something we see in these games too often and it gives a lot of new possibilities, like with high/low tide etc. i think its really cool that we can have something -not- so usual; the normal things you can find anywhere. right? And yes, I voted for seasons if anyone's in doubt ;-)

      It's the only one of my three votes who made it. I'm surprised with archeology making it to the top three, but i think it will be interesting to see how it is implemented and works out. The tower I already guessed would be pretty far up. A lot of people were wishing for/talking about that. Gardening was as well, but I guess more than I figured there were other, less usual suggestions that might be even more fun/interesting (and less easy to implement for modders, perhaps?) to see. Even if I still wish I had the merchant opportunity, restore ruins or other nice suggestions, I'm sure the ones who made it will be good as well. It was always a hard choice anyway.

      ...and more clothing skins, hairstyles, maybe gardening and quite a few other things will probably be modded into the game at some point anyway.. Right? ;-)

      Thank you, Lars! You're still doing a good job and I'm very much looking forward to see how the game turns out in the end! I've come to love the sound of it more and more the more I see/ get to learn about it.

      Sorry about the wall of text

    29. Weresheep of Sin AKA Stefan

      Hm ... I would have liked other things and I'm a bit surprised ... but I'm very ok with "Seasons" (mainly for the reason Lars gave) and I think "Archaeology" is interesting. It's ok, it still will be a great game, modders can add a lot of things and you simply have to accept majority decisions.

    30. Samir Krey on

      Im happy about the result even though I voted for none of them.
      Why are people so mad most of the people got one of the feature they wanted

    31. Missing avatar

      Steve Baines on

      I don't understand the complaints here about how the winners don't represent enough of the votes cast / it's a poor result / unfair result. If the vote is spread thinly over lots of features, it means that there is no strong preference between those features, so what's the issue?

      Of course having lots of options means that the absolute %ages for the winners is lower, but so what? The winners are still the ones that were voted for most, and they won by a respectable amount anyway.

      The developer could easily have just decided to choose three himself, rather than putting it out to vote, and then having complaints about how its somehow unfair.

    32. meganothing dread bard of torment BOSB on

      I was reluctant to vote for seasons because it seems so big a task. I'm no expert, but to get it right it surely isn't enough to just make some snowy textures. Trees and plants change their form in different seasons, so lots of models need to be generated.
      But I also knew that it was THE feature with the most return and also that it would definitely take first place whether I voted for it or not.

      I also voted for Research and Rope-Bridge, features that seemed to fit the explorer theme best. But those two were picked by me out of a list of many comparable nice-to-have features

    33. Cihan Deniz on

      Not particularly unhappy about the results (Seasons was one of my picks, so, YAY!) but I agree that it is a somewhat poor outcome, considering it was a multi-vote poll and the winning features represent only 32.8% of all votes.

      Perhaps a second tier poll, based on whatever threshold with fewer options, might give people a perspective and make it more fair-ish.

      Then again, maybe not; who knows?

    34. Dawn_

      Kind of disappointed by the result..i find seasons and dynacamp to be nice ideas for sure but completely extras..We all played thousands games who didn't have seasons and it's not what made them less good. Camp is good and nice too but it brings nothing to the game.

      It's not real addition like the tower.
      I thought archeology would have been good if it had research, merchant or the museum.
      Find it completely pointless would have been good to find some use to those artifacts..

    35. Rene' Klaude on

      3rd place had to go into another round with all above 5%.
      A wide spread with nearly 30 choices is always a stupid idea.
      It was a bad choice, now the 3 makers hold only 33% of all, while 3rd place has 0,3% more then 4th. Not enough difference to say, it was clearly.

      But thats normal for amateurs surveys.

    36. Missing avatar

      Joakim on

      I'm happy about these choices. As an real-life archaeologist I'm glad my number 1 pick, Archaeology, got in :)

      I think Archaeology and The Gigantic ruined Tower makes a great combination too, as you could explore the lore of the place through archaeology.

    37. Isaiah Tanenbaum

      alright, obviously i can't do percentage conversions properly anymore. sorry guys. just ignore all the actual hard numbers and focus on the percentages and fractions.

    38. Kenny Nierwienski on

      I was actually positive that the tower would get added, but so shocked and happy seasons was number one! Definitely the most immersive choice up there.

      Sad to see no gardening, but never rule it out in the future :)

    39. Missing avatar

      tragicamente on

      All the features looked fantastic anyway, so yay for getting three of them :) Already looking forward to exploring in various seasons!

    40. Isaiah Tanenbaum

      @Antonius: Lars mentioned in the original survey thread that he had been tracking the results for the first few days just to make sure that page order hadn't adversely affected things. Since the clear winner was Seasons, and other big vote-getters Merchant and Research are similarly late in the alphabet, I don't think it was a factor.

    41. Azghouls on

      Gigantic ruined tower? I'm going to blow that up if I get a chance.

    42. Isaiah Tanenbaum

      Er, I really shouldn't do math at 2 in the morning. I forgot that everyone got 3 votes and somewhere along the line I also dropped a power of 10. My high school math teachers would be incredibly ashamed at my sloppiness. For their sakes, and my own, and also to tease out some more important conclusions, I'm re-doing the math assuming 3000 people each voted three times*, for a total of 9000 votes.

      The biggest fact to keep in mind here is that the HIGHEST POSSIBLE PERCENTAGE THAT ANY ONE CATEGORY COULD HAVE REACHED would thus be 33%, representing all 3000 voters agreeing on one of the choices. Thus a majority of total votes for any one feature would be mathematically impossible, and a majority for the top three in aggregate would be incredibly unlikely, requiring literally everyone to agree on the top choice and fully half the voters to support the second.

      So for those who are clamoring for a run-off because it takes six entries to get to 50%, realize that at 15%, in fact nearly exactly half the voters did in fact vote for Seasons (1350, to be exact). It's almost certain that the vast majority of the voting fanbase got AT LEAST one thing they wanted -- among the top three contenders, almost exactly 3000 votes were cast for one of these three. Theoretically (if nobody voted for two or three of the eventual winners) that could be the entire voting base right there, though I'm certain it isn't.

      Furthermore, we're actually talking about more on the order of 670 people who voted for GRT and would likely feel cheated if a run-off led to it being eliminated (to say nothing of Archaeology, representing 900 voters). If it wasn't worth it when we were talking about pissing off 200 people, it's DEFINITELY not worth it if it means angering something more like 15% of the entire game's userbase -- and because they voted, by definition that 15% would be coming from among its most passionate, invested supporters -- before it's even released.

      Again, this is just a long-winded mathy way of saying no run-off is needed, and represents not only an invitation for distraction but a sincere possibility to generating incredibly bad feelings from people who would otherwise be evangelizing the game and supporting it through additional mods and expansions.

      *the estimated number of 3000 voters is arrived at by virtue of .3% representing "nearly 100" votes, ie for the sake of argument and nice round numbers, 90 votes. The total could actually be as high as 3500 and still keep .3% below 100 votes. Double-voting was specifically disallowed so thankfully I don't have to crunch THAT, though this analysis assumes that no votes were thrown out for that or any other reason such as misspelling or simply a lack of interest in three total features.

      It's now even later than it was when I wrote my last post, so please feel free to jump in and correct my math if I've made an error here. Even if I have, I don't think it will have affected the thrust of the moral and practical arguments I made here, or in my first post.

    43. Antonius Springback Weezel on

      Did votes 1 and 2 have a grater value than three? I find the values pretty weird too, was wondering if it was just order on the features list that gave this outcome (Can't find the googledoc for it). I was really hoping on rappelling D:

    44. Missing avatar

      Victor Tombs on

      @Rob Taylor Sorry to hear that Rob. At least there is a chance that the modding community will be able to help you. You might even be able to get some of the strange stuff you came up with on the comments section. :)

    45. Rob Taylor on

      PS: Can't wait to scale the GRT and console command a hangglider into existence. *drools*

    46. Rob Taylor on

      If you're disappointed, you should have voted harder. ; )
      None of the ones I voted for made it in. I'm excited to see the top three implemented, nonetheless!

    47. Marcelloz on

      not = now

      [KS-edit feature would be nice....]

    48. Marcelloz on

      Nice! I voted for seasons and the tower and both are in. Really cool that we actually could vote on some features, first time I see this happening in an kickstarter campaign (and actually executed on kickstarter and not some forum somewhere else)

      and not: back to work! ;-)

    49. Isaiah Tanenbaum

      While I only got one of the three I voted for (Seasons) and would have strongly prefered Dynacamp to GRT (though it didn't quite make my top three), I think it's worth taking a moment to thank Lars for offering backers the chance to suggest and then choose three stretch goals. Most project creators just kind of do their own thing, and really nobody would have faulted him for saying "you've all exceeded my wildest expectations for this game, I have no further stretch goals in mind and will just use the money to make it that much better." So it was a big risk to open up the process like this and let us inundate him with requests, many of which were outlandish and many of which were really, really good.

      It was another, perhaps even bigger risk to show us the full list of results in the spirit of transparency and trust rather than just announcing the top three vote-getters and calling it a day.

      So while yes, I'd love to see a run-off, the truth is if it resulted in Dynacamp (or something else) replacing, say, GRT then we're talking about pissing off 7% of the voting backers, which if .3% is nearly 100 votes, is about 230 people. I dunno, I don't feel like it's worth 250 flames about how the tower got "stolen" from the backers.

      Hopefully among the 200+ people who voted for each of the next top few choices there is a programmer or two who is willing and able to design a mod, or perhaps if this game is successful we can look forward to backing the "skills and interactivity" expansion that adds some or all of the Merchant, Dynacamp, Research, and even Spellcasting suggestions, along with who knows what else we all clamor for as this game takes a more final shape.

      Meanwhile, I'm really excited to sneak up on some hibernating bears.