Funded! This project was successfully funded on July 17, 2013.

Update #30

(Post) Post Campaign Q&A!

And we didn't just stumble across the finish line, either. We launched over it in style. The last three days brought in over $30,000 from almost 1,000 new backers! That means we've got a really interesting mixture of old and new blood here, ranging from the grizzled IndieGoGo veterans who've been with the campaign since before it began, all the way to folks who stumbled across the campaign in its final moments and got in under the wire. (Lucky you!)


I'm running out of ways to say thank you, so I'll just go with a heartfelt, sincere THANKS to anyone & everyone who helped make this happen. Thanks to Erik Dinnel & his team, who worked hard hours to shoot the interview and promo video. Thanks to the backers who promoted the campaign tirelessly and brought in backers by the dozens. Thanks to the folks who bumped their pledge every time an add-on was released just to get us to the next stretch goal. Many thanks to my wife for keeping backers organized and making sure I ate and slept. And thanks especially for the supportive and upbeat attitude that everyone maintained throughout the entire campaign - it transformed what could have been a really stressful process into a genuinely fun experience for myself and (I hope) for everyone else.

Now. Let's get down to business!


The number of Serious Business feature requests has been staggering! And far more made it through the veto process than I expected - over 175, most of which are awesome. But getting that down to a manageable number for the final list will require some drastic measures. I plan to:

  • Aggressively merge similar features and rewrite descriptions
  • Categorize features to make them easier to browse
  • Prune features that are unlikely to be voted on as they're submitted (sorry)
  • Move the deadline for feature submissions up to August 5th
  • Cut the final list down to 25 TOTAL before the survey (my discretion)

I'm sure these steps will ruffle some feathers, especially the pruning / cutting bits. But once features are merged I think you'll find 25 will offers a nice broad range of choices. (And I think we can all agree that 175+ is just too many!) Once I've got the master list ready I'll post a link.

Q&A Time!

Alright, let's jump right in:

I missed the deadline! Can I still pledge / get an add on?  

The answers you seek are in this update: CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT

When will [x] be happening? / When will [x] be sent out?

For information on what's happening when, keep an eye on the backer's calendar. I update it frequently: CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE BACKER CALENDAR

When are the forums launching?

How about now? Kickstarter's been fun but its comment system is abysmal. So apart from backer's updates (which I will continue to send out) I aim to spend more time answering questions over at the forum, which I encourage you to visit: CLICK HERE TO SEE THE FORUMS

When's the trapping update happening?

August, according to the backer's calender. But it's a low-ish priority while I get everything else set up. The backer's surveys have to go out on the dot or the schedule will get wonky. Any new backers who haven't seen prior video updates I encourage you to check them out here: CLICK HERE TO VIEW GAMEPLAY VIDEOS

Is the game done yet?



Given that I'm ostensibly a game developer it's hilarious how little development has gone on during these past few weeks. One would hope that with the campaign behind me I'd have a chance to dive back into programming, but nope! Not just yet, though I'm anxious to sink my teeth into the new AI system.

The good news is: stuff's happening, even if it's not me doing it. Alongside Steve, who is tirelessly working on the soundtrack, I'm reaching out to artists and writers and world builders. A scattered team is slowly beginning to take shape. Delegation - I love it!

I've brought on our dedicated terrain artist, Given. The assets he has built (which as promised will be offered for free after the release of the game) are nothing short of stunning. After few mere days of work the terrain upgrade tests are already an order of magnitude more immersive than what I had going - not to mention more geologically plausible. It's looking like the terrain redesign will not only happen faster than I expected but will also be more impressive. (Not to oversell it or anything, haha! It's always easier to hype someone else's work...)

Then there's the small army of asset artists who I will be contracting to do a little bit of this, and a little bit of that. To keep things organized their work will be more spread out and typically limited to a scattering of related assets, but the effects of their contributions will be no less amazing.

Lastly there's the writers. Good writers are harder to track down (such an intangible craft!) but I've been making progress, and by the month's end we'll have a small handful of bards inventing diverting little stories & side quests to encounter off the beaten path, all of which will compliment Adi's contributions to the central plot.

Well. That answer got away from me, didn't it? Moving on.

Why isn't this a video update? You said you'd do a video update.

Honest answer: because I look like hammered shit and don't want to freak people out. The last few days of the campaign have wrecked me and I'm less than presentable. (Monitor burn, man. Remember to blink!) I should be back in fighting shape by the trapping update though. And yes, I promise I'm sleeping - quite well as a matter of fact! :D

That's all for now, Cheers!
 - L

PS - While we're here let's spread some Kickstarter love and post any current projects that we like:

Lacuna Passage - An exploration / suvival game on Mars!
Organic Panic - Worms 2 meets Litte Big Planet!


    1. Missing_small

      Creator Callahan on July 20, 2013

      Nice update
      Current Projects:
      Project Ravensdale

      Also watching a few others

    2. Kick.small

      Creator Gary Coughlin on July 19, 2013

      Also check out Monochroma, playable demo which is also incredible, and they still have a long ways to go.

    3. Kick.small

      Creator Gary Coughlin on July 19, 2013

      I third Dark Matter, sorry to see they didn't reach, the beta was just incredible(at least the little bit I actually had a chance to play thus far).

      And since we are giving suggestions about other projects, I'm gonna recommend you guys check out Project Maiden. Looks like it will be a really cool game with a great twist from traditional games with this whole reverse power-up thing. It's got some killer guitar for the soundtrack, and the sword fighting reminds of the old school Prince of Persia. In the game you can even disarm your opponents. There are some really cool tier rewards, none of which include a copy of the final game however, because it will be completely free to everyone when it's finished(which I think is really cool).

      Lars I also second what Ben Turner said. I commend you for letting everyone be involved to such a degree as this. It really adds to the whole experience of Kickstarter, and it will add a lot to the experience of your game when it's done. This was one of the best run campaigns I've seen. Bravo and good luck!

    4. 008.small

      Creator Lars Simkins on July 19, 2013

      Jesse - You have NO IDEA. Pick almost any aspect of the campaign that ran smoothly and she had something to do with it. The organizational stuff she's doing behind the scenes would blanch most accountants.

      Revisor - I'll look into Surveymonkey, thank you.

      Rene - Your concerns make sense. I'll mull over how to handle that scenario.

    5. Ks_profile_pic.small

      Creator Jesse Dylan Watson on July 19, 2013

      It's still amazing to see all these backers. When I first backed it on Indie whatever it was, I had genuine concern that the project would not receive funding. My deep thanks to everyone else who backed! Happy to see how it's grown. Big thanks to Lars' wife, too!

    6. Bewerbungsbild.small

      Creator Rene' Klaude on July 19, 2013

      First i would make the list like you thought about with 25 answers. If the survey is finished pick the best pointed 8 out and make a final survey to get a better and detailed feedback with more points on less ideas. If in first survey 3 ideas are clearly to see, that they will make it, then second survey isnt needed. If its spread wide, then please do second survey to give the players who spend points on less voted ideas a chance to vote again for a second time on popular ideas.

      If 30% of voices are on 3 ideas there are 70% spreaded voices on other ideas. many ideas are good, so its hard to decide. if i vote for a idea i really would have into game, there are still others who can be my second/third choice who are face to face with my first choice. With second survey and when my first chosen idea didnt made it to the final i can perhaps vote my second favorite alternative.

      If possible, then a survey with 3 voices per backer perhaps makes it easier.

    7. Missing_small

      Creator Revisor on July 19, 2013

      Hi Lars, I absolutely agree with you merging and pruning the proposals to a managable number.

      For the voting you can use Survey Monkey. They have a pretty nifty question type called Ranking that does all the work for you. You can even randomize the choice order for each respondent.

      Just use the SELECT plan for one month and cancel the subscription after you have your results.

    8. Sam_3773.small

      Creator Rob Taylor ***Lacuna Passage MotMM*** on July 19, 2013

      Damn it Lars. I need to stop reading your recommendations. I'm a sucker for destructible environs and a sweet physics engine. Also, i am in love with Worms and LBP. Ffuuu...

    9. Purple_knight_kneel2.small

      Creator Mark Shaun Rushow on July 18, 2013

      Yeah demo is good

    10. 008.small

      Creator Lars Simkins on July 18, 2013

      Oh yeah, I second Dark Matter. They sent out a beta in their final update and it was amazing. When they return I'll be backing double.

    11. Purple_knight_kneel2.small

      Creator Mark Shaun Rushow on July 18, 2013

      I'll join the forums when I get home. The conversation is getting too big of the kick starter comments that is true.

    12. Purple_knight_kneel2.small

      Creator Mark Shaun Rushow on July 18, 2013

      Dark Matter looks very promising it didn't make its funding goal but they will be back. Something to keep an eye on to be sure.

    13. Purple_knight_kneel2.small

      Creator Mark Shaun Rushow on July 18, 2013

      Legend of Iya
      Hollow Fear
      Tales of Terrene

    14. 008.small

      Creator Lars Simkins on July 18, 2013

      Ben Turner - Well it's a stretch goal so I'm duty-bound to give you guys three user-voted features. But I'm glad you're cool with giving me some leeway in which features I present for the vote, it definitely makes things easier.

    15. Missing_medium.small

      Creator Ben Turner on July 18, 2013

      @Pauly - hear hear! We also need to keep in mind that Lars is doing us all a favor by letting us be so involved in shaping these features, both by suggesting and voting, and isn't bound to do things any particular way. Plus, given how awesome he's been about everything else, I'd say he's earned the right to be mildly dictatorial on certain minor points during this process.

    16. Dd_jester.small

      Creator Pauly Paul on July 18, 2013

      I hope people don't get too focused on this voting thing and lose perspective. The campaign reached a lot of cool stretch goals not the least finishing the game itself. That is why we pledged to begin with, that is something we believed in to begin with and letting Lars get back to that should be a higher priority.

      Let him handle it as he feels is the best and just have fun with the voting. Lets not make it too complicated to forget that these will just be some added features in an already feature rich game, but none of them selling points on there on. The game is already going to be awesome regardless of what is voted on. :)

    17. Missing_small

      Creator ticho on July 18, 2013

      Congrats to success on your Kickstarter campaign, and good luck with the development. From this update, it seems you have things under control and rolling nicely - that's awesome.
      Also, please, do more written updates like this and less video updates whenever possible - I prefer to process content at my own pace, not at someone else's.

    18. 008.small

      Creator Lars Simkins on July 18, 2013

      Mark - "Just let us all vote up or down on all of the remaking no matter the number" - That was my first thought, but it's easier said than done. Consider the logistics of two rounds of voting. Would we use two kickstarter surveys? Or some kind of voting system within google docs? PMs? How do we make sure everyone gets a say? How do we avoid someone voting multiple times? All solvable problems of course, but very time-consuming. Better to spare everyone the grief and just trim the list down to 25 myself, then send out one survey.

    19. Purple_knight_kneel2.small

      Creator Mark Shaun Rushow on July 18, 2013

      So having a two teir voting system we all can vote on as many as wee like and vote down as many as we like then just take the top 25. If there are two many ties to make 25 we go again with what there is and get to only vote on our favorite 3 . Then take the top three. If there are ties go agin with less votes.

    20. Purple_knight_kneel2.small

      Creator Mark Shaun Rushow on July 18, 2013

      Well after you merge, get rid of the ones that just won't work. Just let us all vote up or down on all of the remaking no matter the number then just look at the ones that where voted up the most lets say the top 25 then we can only vote on one or three after that and then take the top 3

    21. Tomm.small

      Creator Tom Minton on July 18, 2013

      Looking forward to the game.

    22. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Whitecat on July 18, 2013

      Lars. Great job. I hope you the best in your endeavors to accomplish this kickstarted project.

    23. Curious_urban_explorer_cat.small

      Creator J.L. on July 18, 2013

      I sure had a fun ride here and it carries on elsewhere, heh.

      So, is the... Nah. Too much fun can be painful for the sides. (c;

      Well done, all, Lars and all pledgers, big or small, it was a very nice campaign indeed!

    24. Missing_small

      Creator Drake DePrick on July 18, 2013

      I'm happy that I found this game and I'm sure that all of u gonna have a lot of fun :D
      Thank you L ;)

      My featured game:
      Extinction Limit -
      An Open-World RPG in anime style using real life physics knowledge to upgrade weapons and stuff...might turn out great :D

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