Ray's the Dead

by Ragtag Studio

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    1. Randy Woods

      cool...I wonder what it look like in natural fur and fang colors

    2. Ragtag Studio 2-time creator on

      @Randy - Shhhhh. Don't say that! Matt will also want to paint it up and see for himself! No time for that! :)

    3. Stian on

      Woohoo an update! It's been a long long wait, but looks like we're getting closer to finally playing this!
      So, estimated Halloween 2019 then? :D

    4. Ragtag Studio 2-time creator on

      @Stian - Well, I would like to laugh along with you at that comment and say, of course not! But we've been down that road before...

    5. Claude M. on

      Half a year later, and still nothing. Why am I not surprised...

    6. Ragtag Studio 2-time creator on

      @Claude - I mean, if you want to get technical its been 5 months.. but yes, far too long!

      All I can say is we are working hard and we are getting close. I don't like going this long between updates, but I feel that an update with no more content than 'yes, we are still alive but have nothing to show you!' would do more harm than good.

      Thanks for checking in, we appreciate you sticking with us!