Ray's the Dead

by Ragtag Studio

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    1. Missing avatar

      Ben Tillett on

      Was great to get to play the game at PSX, and I loved what I saw. It's totally going to be worth the wait! Keep fighting the good fight :-)

    2. Robert Baptie on

      Take your time, making games is hard. I'll be here ready to play when it's finished. Thanks for the updates.

    3. Tiso Spencer

      It seems with the hopeful additional funds the game can move along in development quicker so I'm all for the additional time. Will we start having previews of backer characters soon or are other assets still needing to be ironed out before those details are worked on?

    4. Sean on

      Any chance this is coming to Xbox one and we would be able to switch our pledge to that?

    5. Ragtag Studio 2-time creator on

      @Ben @Robert - Thanks so much guys! The kind words really mean a lot. Usually when we send out these updates it just reminds people that we aren't done yet and we get a lot of nasty comments. Your understanding is appreciated!

      @Tiso - I'm not sure about soon, but we do have an additional full time character artist now, so I would imagine he would be getting to the backer characters before too much longer. I'll keep you posted!

      @Sean - At the moment we are laser focused on the PC and PS4 versions. After those ship, the Vita. After that we will see where things stand. We can't commit to anymore at this point, but if it happens be sure to keep in touch and I'll make sure to hook you up.

    6. Ian Gaudreau on

      Considering original expected delivery was May 2015, it would be nice if you gave SOME idea of when you think the game would release. Do you think 2017 at least? Do you have a goal? I think I speak on behalf of many that we helped back the game and it's disappointing that there isn't even a rough estimate/hope/idea of when we will actually see the game.

    7. Ragtag Studio 2-time creator on

      @Ian - I totally understand where you are coming from, and you are right when you say many are disappointed that we don't have a release date to share. It makes sending these updates out very painful, because they usually serve as a reminder to those that are frustrated that we haven't released yet. I often feel like they do more harm than good.

      Anyway, as much as I would love to give even an estimated release window (and yes we do have one), I have learned much over the course of this games development. As frustrated as you may be to not have a release date, you will be far more frustrated if we keep giving dates that we are unable to hit. This is absolutely true, and something we are trying very hard to avoid. As painful as it is to NOT give estimated release dates, I know for sure it is the right thing to do to keep from disappointing everyone even more.

      That said, 2017 is absolutely the target! All of our wives will divorce us if that doesn't happen. :) Sometime this year, you will open one of these updates and it will have a nice surprise for you.

      Thanks for your patience!

    8. AKASlaphappy

      I for one say take as much time as you need, I want a great game, not just a alright one.