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Help Ray and his undead friends unravel the mysteries of his life and afterlife in this whimsical story-driven action-adventure!
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PAX West Ho!

Posted by Ragtag Studio (Creator)

Hello Backers! 

It's time for another update. Lets dig right in!

First off, we wanted to let you know that Ray's the Dead will be playable at PAX West this weekend! Ray's will be on a kiosk at the Adult Swim Games booth, which will be on the 6th floor, in rooms 605 and 610.

The playable demo will be the same demo we've shown at recent events, which is the majority of the first chapter of the game. However, the demo has been upgraded with many of the recent improvements we've made, including the snazzy new UI and lots of unit movement and interaction improvements.

None of the core team will be there, as we didn't want to take time away from development. But never fear! Our writer Aenne along with members of the Adult Swim team will be on hand to answer questions. We hope you'll stop by!

Recent Progress

When last we spoke, we were ramping up on a 'near final' pass on Chapter 3. We are very close to meeting this objective. 

Chapter 3 has a heck of a lot of content in it. Its the point in the game where the combat really starts to take off, as you have more than one zombie type for the first time. It also features two boss fights, and a very unusual super secret level that we are really excited about! (nope, not telling!)

Matt and Chris have been focusing their efforts on getting this level up to speed, which includes new characters, models, gameplay improvements, adding the story elements and cinemas, and general beautification of the environments.

Opening level of Chapter 3
Opening level of Chapter 3

Chapter 3 has several really large maps, filled with crazy combat, deadly new enemy types, puzzles, entertaining story bits, and lots of hidden STUFF to find.

A Segment of Chinatown
A Segment of Chinatown

Combat Upgrade

While Matt and Chris have been working on Chapter 3, Shawn has been focusing on improving all aspects of our character movement, and unit interaction. This involves many things, including playing sounds and effects where appropriate, adding new features like hit pause and slowing time to add emphasis to combat. Screen shakes, and controller rumble support are now supported as well.

We are also going through another round of AI improvements. As the gameplay solidifies, it becomes more and more clear what types of enemy encounters work best. Armed with that knowledge, we continue to make changes to the enemy AI to bring out the best in what Ray's the Dead has to offer. We still have a ways to go, but things are really starting to come together.


The soundtrack for Ray's the Dead is shaping up nicely. We continue to bring on new musicians to help us create this eclectic soundtrack. We are excited about our most recent addition, Mr. Dale North. After a long and successful career as a video game journalist, Dale made the decision last year to strike out and pursue his true passion, which is music composition. 

Dale is stoked to be working with us on Ray's the Dead, and it shows from the music he's been kicking out. Here is a work in progress track that gives life to one of our Halloween themed levels. Check it out!

Shout Out

Before we wrap up, we wanted to send a shout out of congratulations to our friends at Trinket Studios. They are developing a great looking game called Battle Chef Brigade. Today it was announced that, like Ray's the Dead, their game will be published by Adult Swim Games. We are really happy for them and excited to share the same publisher with them. So if you are at PAX checking out Ray's the Dead, be sure to try out Battle Chef Brigade as well!

BCB to be Published by Adult Swim
BCB to be Published by Adult Swim

This news makes some sort of cross over especially meaningful, wouldn't you say? ;)

Until next time.

- Team Ragtag



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      WOOT! Can't wait to play.