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Help Ray and his undead friends unravel the mysteries of his life and afterlife in this whimsical story-driven action-adventure!
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Sweet Sweet Progress

Posted by Ragtag Studio (Creator)

Hello backers! We hope you are having a fabulous 2016 so far, we sure are!

Progress Update

Though a couple of weeks later than we'd hoped, today we complete our alpha pass of Chapter 4! 

Though super rough, this means 80% of Ray's the Dead is fully intact and playable. This is a very exciting milestone for us! Our next major milestone has us tackling the final chapter of the game, along with a revisit to the intro to the game. The goal is to have this complete during the month of April. Wish us luck!

As we are working on the later levels of the game, its very hard to show you much without spoiling anything. But here are a couple of mock up screens. These are shots of some of the 3D models built for Chapter 4. They are not in game shots.


Audio tracks have been trickling in over the last few months. We've had a few new tracks from Disasteradio lighting up our inboxes and our ears in the last couple of weeks. We are super fortunate to be working with such talented musicians!

Matt and Luke (Disasteradio) chat it up via Hangouts
Matt and Luke (Disasteradio) chat it up via Hangouts

We are told in the near future Jake (Virt) Kaufman will be cranking out tracks for us. There is also talk of numerous live stream of this process. When we have more specifics on that, we'll be sure to let you know. We can't wait!

SXSW Nomination

We were excited to learn that Ray's the Dead has been nominated for the SXSW Gamers Voice Award - Best Single Player Game! Not only does it feel great to be nominated, but it also gets us a spot on the show floor at this years SXSW. So if you'll be in Austin, Texas March 17 - 19, please stop by and say hello!

We are honored to be included in a great list of nominees for this award. You can check the full list out here! (Scroll all the way down)


We had a great time showing the game at PSX in early December. Ray's the Dead was featured in the PSX Keynote, as part of the Adult Swim compilation video. You can check that out here.

Adult Swim had a nice booth set up for us with a great new banner. We had a good steady flow of people coming to check out the game, including a few of our backers. Hi Joel! Hi Lance!


ALIENWARE is an official sponsor of Ray's the Dead. This is great for us as they will help us out with PC equipment at conventions. Its great for you if you are an ALIENWARE fan, as we will be supporting the fancy lights and whatnot that the keyboard and PC feature. It should be a nice little bonus for everyone involved!

Backer Rewards

The stuffies are complete and ready for deployment! A huge thanks to my mom, Ellen Hutchison for putting so much time and love into making these. We truly feel like those of you that bought them are getting a wonderful keepsake.

At this point, all backer rewards are complete, with the exception of the concept art. And unfortunately, as is the nature of game development, all the concept art won't be finished until the game is nearly complete.

Many backers are getting concept art in addition to their T-shirt or stuffie. It is our desire to send everything out together, to save on shipping costs. But, if you are anxious to get your t-shirt, poster, or stuffie now, rather than waiting until we have everything, drop us a line and we will work it out.

See ya next time

That's all we have for today's update. We are going to enjoy a weekend free of work (but filled with taxes) then put our heads down and get to work on Chapter 5. We'll pop in with an update when we have some news to share. Take care!

-Team Ragtag

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    1. Johnathan Glass Devaney on

      This is easily one of my most anticipated games of 2016. Take your time guys! We'll still be here. ;)

    2. Ragtag Studio 2-time creator on

      Thanks flesk!

    3. flesk

      Thanks for the update and good luck on the home stretch! And congrats on the nomination! :)