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A critical, insightful magazine about social change in India, with writing and photos by young development professionals

A group of young (ages 21-35) development workers from the USA and India are starting a scholarly magazine about the issues surrounding social change in India. The theme of our first issue will be behavior change, chosen for its cross-disciplinary appeal. We'll be writing about topics like children with disabilities, transgender communities, mental health care systems, equal access to water, and educational pedagogy, with an eye towards how development workers can motivate people to change their habits and behavior - which is the holy grail of our work.

A sample

Emily Coady, currently working on English education at RIVER, in the Rishi Valley, is writing a piece about the need to raise expectations for rural school children and to believe in their ability to succeed:

“India’s school system is in a state of crisis. Behavior change is critical to India’s much-needed reform. The change that must occur is the belief that students can learn and deserve rigorous educational material regardless of caste, gender, economic standing, geographical location, or religion. A child from the slums of Mumbai, a child from rural Rishi Valley, or a privileged child from Hyderabad all can learn the same material. It comes down to the adults who run the system actually believing it is possible, regardless of excuses.”

Who we are

We're all part of the 2012-13 class of the American India Foundation (AIF) William J. Clinton Fellowship for Service in India.

The magazine and what makes it different

Badlaav means "change" in Hindi. In this magazine we're going to have editorials (500-1000 words) and photographs.

Because we come from different backgrounds and sectors, we're constantly learning from each other. Through the process of negotiating our local realities and sharing them with our peers, we've developed a huge base of institutional knowledge about India and social change. We'd like to share this hard-earned knowledge with the larger community of development and social workers - and with you.

Our costs

Our $1500 budget covers just the design and printing of our first issue, as well as costs for designing and hosting our up-and-coming website. Our writers, photographers, and editors are doing the work for free, out of a desire to see this project come to life. Thank you!

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

The main challenge is that we're still working out how we're going to sustain this project going forward, and your contributions and input will play a huge role in shaping the magazine's future. Also, in order to get good quality, offset print magazines, there is a minimum run of 500. We have a good designer and printer who we're working with to minimize costs.


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