Radio Tanzania: Reviving the Forgotten Archives

by rebecca corey

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      Naomi Baer on

      Hey Rebecca - this is probably a long shot, but there's an organization in San Francisco that offers heavily discounted legal rates for arts-related projects. They may be able to help you, or point you in the right direction for your entertainment law issues. It's called California Lawyers for the Arts - . I know filmmakers who have worked with them and been pleased - may be worth finding out if you're eligible and if they have lawyers available who specialize in what you need.

      By the way, your post on Nashukuru and the little girl was really inspiring - and beautifully written. This is an amazing project, and I love how you're letting us watch how it unfolds. Keep up the great work!

      -Naomi (from Kiva)

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      John Gamble

      I realize that you'll be busy once your funding kicks in, but could you describe the reel-to-digitizing machine and related equipment in more detail when you start things up? I ask because as it happens I'll need to transfer my father's tapes, and the more information I have the better.

    3. rebecca corey Creator on

      Hi Naomi, thanks so much for your comment! I am definitely going to check out the website you mentioned-- we really appreciate the lead. I'm sure you've noticed, but my experiences with Kiva have really influenced me so much. I don't think I'd be here doing what I am now if not for my time as a Kiva Fellow here in Tanzania! Hope you and the rest of the Kiva family are doing great! And thanks for following along in this journey.


    4. rebecca corey Creator on

      Hi John,

      I would be happy to speak with you about the equipment we use for this project. What we ultimately use will depend on the budget we end up with-- but our research so far shows that there are a lot of great options for digitization, for a range of budgets. I see that you sent a message to us, as well! I will write you back! And thanks so much for your generous support of the project.