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Radio Dreaming explores dreams of place and how landscapes speak through dreamers.
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Dreaming Place Book out on Kindle

Posted by Anna Keleher and Claire Coté (Creator)
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Greetings, lovely Kickstarter Backers!

It's been a long time since our Place-dreamer pod tour, but the memories remain strong. The experiences we had, the folk we met, and the music we heard have continued to inspire the journeys of our lives and others. Now we have a surprise for you, a new outcome from our journeys for you to enjoy!

We are very happy to announce the launch of a Kindle book on Amazon, that chronicles the journey to Ireland that you helped to fund. It’s an almanac of sorts, to dip into again and again. Written by Anna Keleher and illustrated with some of our many journey drawings, Dreaming Place: An Irish Adventure with Claire Coté is available on Amazon Kindle, just in time for Christmas. You can preview it here.

A gift of our Kindle travel book this Christmas will give your family, friends, or neighbours many hours of reading pleasure (£2.75 GBP or $3.50 USD).  

Seasons greetings, health and happiness to you all!


Dreaming Place Book Synopsis 
Part One: Wild Dreams and the Memories of the land – a 40 day 40 night adventure in the Irish borderlands, exploring ‘Dreams of place and how lands speak through dreamers.’  Wild camping, kayaking, cycling and swimming the the hills and loughs, Anna and Claire encounter human and non-human characters who tell them all they need to know.    

Part Two: Dreaming the Off-grid Way - Anna and Claire return to rove the borderlands with their solar-powered listening space in tow. As they travel they collect stories, make drawings, find ecosystems under threat and discover what it means to go off the beaten track.   

$3.50 - Buy the Book on Amazon US
£2.75 - Buy the Book on Amazon UK

Read more about it at our Dreaming Place Website

About the Author
Anna’s best writing is inspired by the power of place. Her writing includes ‘story blogs’ on The Camino de Santiago, English Riviera Geopark, Marble Arch Caves Geopark, Sierras Subbeticas Geopark, Great Sanddunes National Park, Dartmoor National Park and other local homelands around the globe. Read more on Amazon...

New review of "Radio Dreaming" by Tracey Warr

Posted by Anna Keleher and Claire Coté (Creator)
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We are delighted to share a wonderfully evocative, new piece of writing about Radio Dreaming and Marble Arch Caves Global Geopark, by novelist and art writer Tracey Warr. It is called “Under The Blanket of the Land: ClaireandAnna, Radio Dreaming.”

It starts:

“Hold a shell up to your ear and you hear the sound of the sea, a sound that tells you maritime stories, conjures up ships, waves, tides coming in laden with seaweed, sea breezes whipping your hair into your eyes. Artists Claire Coté and Anna Keleher make artworks that do something similar but with the sound of the land instead. Their artworks and radio broadcasts invoke ancient and contemporary stories of the land: its undulations, its soils, the layers of rock beneath our feet in a subterranean world usually hidden from view. The artists use the human geography and history of landscapes to speculate about our shared future.”

You can find the essay in its entirety on the a-n website here, or it can be viewed with images on our site here or be downloaded as an illustrated PDF here.

We hope you enjoy it. Let us know what you think!

Radio Dreaming Off-Grid Complete!

Posted by Anna Keleher and Claire Coté (Creator)

Hello, Kind Backers,

We are very pleased to finally be able to announce that our Radio Dreaming Off-Grid Episodes are complete! (Yes, you read correctly, there are TWO more episodes. We couldn't fit everything into one!) The two new Off-Grid Episodes as well as the first four episodes are now available for one and all to listen to, both as broadcasts and at the DREAMING PLACE website:

You can check to see if Radio Dreaming is airing on your local radio station here. If you don't yet see your local radio station on our broadcast schedule, please let us know and we will do our best to get the series on your local station.

Now that the Radio Dreaming Series is complete, it is making it's way onto the airwaves and also into "the local papers." Check out this article recently published in the 'Tempo' section of the Taos News here.

In the spirit of the season of "Thanksgiving" we want to again, express our gratitude to you all for supporting Radio Dreaming! We hope that you enjoy listening to the new additions to the series and look forward to your feedback.

Best wishes,

Claire and Anna

All Rewards Sent!

Posted by Anna Keleher and Claire Coté (Creator)

Hello, Kind Backers!

All rewards have been sent by post or delivered. Those of you that selected to receive rewards by mail should receive them any day, if you haven't received them already. Enjoy!

We trust that you ALL received the recent update email with your special backers' link to listen to the Radio Dreaming series. We would love any feedback and of course, please let us know if you had any difficulty viewing the page or listening to the episodes.

We continue to post drawings, audio snippets and experiences from the Pod Tour at: and you can see an interview with us at the Pod by Cavan TV HERE.

Thank you, as ever, for your support!

Best wishes,

Claire and Anna

Special Backers' Link to Radio Dreaming Episodes

Posted by Anna Keleher and Claire Coté (Creator)

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