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No sweat: advanced workout shirt changes color according to your body heat, revealing muscular/ vascular action while keeping you dry.
No sweat: advanced workout shirt changes color according to your body heat, revealing muscular/ vascular action while keeping you dry.
8,556 backers pledged $579,599 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Zac g. 3 days ago

      Selling the shirts WE ALREADY PAID FOR on amazon?? This guy needs some serious karma to come his way. I am disgusted with how vile of a human being Kenny is. How can you sleep at night you piece of shit

    2. Missing avatar

      Blake Chang on March 17

      Did you guys know that they sell the shirt at Are you kidding me?

    3. Missing avatar

      Blake Chang on March 17

      Hey guys, is there a petition I can sign for class action against Kenny. Is there a link?
      Sit here talking doesn't really do anything.

    4. Missing avatar

      Maurizio Sgroi on March 11

      I STILL got nothing. Is this really the best way to do business? Please send me my shirts!

    5. Missing avatar

      Howie411 on March 10 here ya go if you'd like to get Kenny's info and contact him. #StillwaitingforRadiateShirts

    6. Missing avatar

      Sam Cheung on March 10

      When I can really get my shirt?????????????????????

    7. Missing avatar

      Ryan M. Ball on March 10

      Have also not received anything as of yet, nor likely ever will. I bought a hoodie and a spacesuit-X AS WELL as an extra ten dollar shirt they advertised in, I think, late 2016. I hate to say it, but I am still hopeful. Sadly, I don't think we will ever receive our orders.

    8. Andrew Trevors on March 7

      Still received zilch, almost 4 years later.

    9. Missing avatar

      ted matherne on March 3

      i bought into these shirts back in august of 2013,i've received 1 shirt of my 6 in almost 4yrs.,piece of shit company!!!!!!!!!!!!

    10. Arthur Eisenstot on March 3

      Still hoping to some day see what I paid for

    11. Richard Friedler
      on February 27

      @Kevin Mitchell Thank you for sharing an update. Small things like that go a long way.

      @Michael Andrieu I agree "I would also prefer to be an optimist instead of a cynic, but in this case I think the backers are just being realists"

    12. Jerome L. Allen on February 27

      I STILL got nothing. I keep Sending you messages, and you keep not responding. is this really the best way to do business?

    13. Jerome L. Allen on February 27

      I STILL got nothing. I keep Sending you messages, and you keep not responding. is this really the best way to do business?

    14. Jerome L. Allen on February 27

      I STILL got nothing. I keep Sending you messages, and you keep not responding. is this really the best way to do business?

    15. Missing avatar

      David Sanchez on February 27

      I still haven't received my shooting sleeve, it's only been 4 years now lol. Amazing how this guy got away with it.

    16. Shawn Skoff on February 25

      FRAUD it is amazing kickstart allows this garbage company to still be on here. This company is the reason I will never buy from kickstart again

    17. Bryan Jago on February 18

      February 28th 2017 and Kenny CROOKett logs in but leaves no communication....standard behaviour from our least favorite Wantrepeneur.

    18. Alison P Elsman on February 17

      My pledge dates all the way back to 2013...hmmm..never saw anything...was this just a donation...tons of money was raised...

    19. Missing avatar

      Zac g. on February 16

      Managed to have Kenny added as a friend on his personal Facebook. He seems to pay no mind to radiate athletics on his personal posts. Although his background image is himself posing with a radiate shirt on, other than that he seems to be enjoying our money that he fraudulently acquired. I will keep an eye on his posts and inform anyone of anything suspicious or progressive toward this project.

    20. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Thompson on February 10

      I still haven't received my shirts, is there something that I can fill out to get them sent? I see some have gotten their order.

    21. koleah on February 10

      @stuefi Meta Wear seems to only be related to Radiate in that Radiate is threatening legal action against Meta Wear for having a similar product.

      See my January 25th post for more details, plus my full review on the Meta Wear shirt I got.

      Also, if you have questions, Meta Wear usually answers really quickly if you send him a facebook message. Like, minutes. Seems like a totally legit dude.

    22. Missing avatar

      Blake Chang on February 9

      Hey guys, we got rob, should we look for lawyer? How can we take legal action against him?

    23. Missing avatar

      Impressed with Meta Wear on February 9

      All I know is this is ridiculous. Like Koleah I went ahead and backed the Meta-Wear Project.

      I have asked the creator several questions and he has always responded promptly. Radiate had so much potential and squandered it all.

    24. Missing avatar

      Ashley Garvin on February 5

      Even if he does have problems with the technology, this project is now so overdue he is not compelled to deliver.

    25. Missing avatar

      Ashley Garvin on February 5

      This guy is an absolute fucking cunt!!!

    26. stuefi on February 4

      refund would be nice...oh, and "meta wear" reminds me a lot of the radiate athletics campaign - does look "special". this time no nasa ;)...i wonder if its related to kenny...your thoughts?

    27. Franken Berry on February 3

      Refund! This is such a joke!

    28. Franken Berry on February 3

      Refund! This is such a joke!

    29. JJ Roest on January 31

      Wow, Kenny is threatening legal action, how incredibly low of him. Perhaps this is just another attempt to get money out of this farce he created.…

      I particularly enjoyed the claim of the successful kickstarter campaign, successful for Kenny, not so much for his backers. It's really sad to see that he makes an effort of threatening legal action, yet still keeps all his backers in the dark.

      After the initial campaign and few shirts ever shipping, promises of 2.0, free shirts that also never shipped (with promise of shipping refund), the lies keep coming, and he is worried about somebody else doing it right.

      What a sad, sad state of affairs, not surprised he has a law firm representing him, he probably needed them to keep him out of jail after failing so badly to send out what is still owed. I still can't believe he's not locked up yet.

      Kenny, please, as requested numerous times before, be honest about what's happening, stop the lies so we can all move on, including you. That way you can stop lying to us, but more importantly to those who are close to you who are obviously being kept in the dark as much as us. The whole reason you are not being honest on here, is so they don't find out how badly you've failed.

      Perhaps they shouldn't worry too much. The 24 hours deadline will become 2 more weeks, then 4 more years.

    30. Bryan Jago on January 26

      26th Jan '17 and it's now 3 days on the bounce for Kenny CROOKett logging in ( but no comment, natch). Come on, Kenny,I'm eager for the next chapter in this farce of a story!

    31. Bryan Jago on January 26

      Re The legal threat in the comment below - I wonder if Meta-Wear is more, or less, damaging to Radiate's "brand" than Kenny CROOKett himself?

    32. koleah on January 25

      Hi everyone. I backed this a long time ago, then got out when everything started getting murky. I think the concept is great, but the application was obviously horrid.

      A new manufacturer, Meta Wear, is working on this type of apparel. He sent me a shirt for free to review, my full review is here:

      Basically, Meta's shirt is everything that the Radiate 2.0 shirts were meant to be. I encourage you to check out the Meta facebook page, where he's got a video of himself machine washing the shirt to show that it doesn't bleed (I think because its been sublimation printed instead of dyed), and a video somewhere (maybe on his twitter/instagram) where he's even throwing some bleach in the washing machine to show that thats safe.

      Anyway, Meta has a Kickstarter going now:…
      So if you still want a color change workout shirt, this stuff is legit.

      Legit enough in fact, that our friend Kenny is threatening legal action against Meta:…

      I'm not sure how the patent protection thing will go down since Kenny's is still in the application stage in the USA and not granted yet, and Meta has applied for one, and I'm not planning to go through and compare each of their claims.

      But if you want the shirt we all thought we would be getting from the original Radiate Kickstarter, check out Meta's kickstarter. Hopefully it makes it through and doesn't get pulled down by our buddy Kenny.

    33. Bryan Jago on January 25

      Blimey, CROOKett logged in again today (25th Jan 2017). Twice in 24 hours?! Hold on, guys, once in a lifetime opportunity to help fund Radiate 3.0 coming in.....#TwoMoreWeeks.

    34. Bryan Jago on January 24

      24th Jan 2017 : Kenny CROOKett logs in and STILL fails to post any information on how his scam is going. #TwoMoreWeeks

    35. günther ottendorferk
      on January 21

      Incredible bad on all fronts - a clear fraud !!!

    36. Bryan Jago on January 19

      Kenny logged in 14th January but, as ever, didn't say anything. Still checking to see if the coast is clear, Kenny?

    37. Missing avatar

      Andrew on January 17

      almost 4 years since paying $75 for two shirts. One shirt surprisingly was delievered after a year of waiting (2014) and it didn't work as advertised. I recently put it in a bag of old clothes for donation to the DAV. The second shirt never arrived. This company has to be the biggest Kickstarter ripoff failure ever.

    38. Boomerangs on January 17

      Ahh, alas Yorik, still nothing, thy shyrts haz not cometh O'Creator.
      Judging by the amount of comments here, maybe we could propel this campaign into the top5 campaign with the most angry messages toward a backer.
      Anywho, I have since then completely abandonned this platform and its arch-rival, I am ok when an investment fails, but blatant disregard for people and pretending all is well do not go a long way here.
      Soooo, if kickstarter wants to edit my post or tell me again there is nothing they can do, please do so, but after having 2 campaign that were open scam, admitted by the creators, and this one and a couple of others, I leave kickstarter to its unpromised land ahead, as the word spreads out.

    39. Miguel Ávila Crende on January 17

      F'ing scammer, I haven't received anything yet. I want my money back!

    40. Missing avatar

      Daniel on January 16

      Just reported their stupid youtube video...
      you guys should do that too...
      hopefully everything is taken down!

    41. Missing avatar

      Zac g. on January 11

      The interest on your loan is accumulating Kenny. You know owe me $390 from the original $225 I LOANED you.

    42. Egor Tilpunov on January 10

      In the absence of the Radiate Shirts, i've ended up getting a Dyemurex Shadow Shifter T-shirt. These are in fact the color changing t-shirts, that Kenny promised, with only difference, that they do exist, and it doesn't even take two weeks to get them shipped to Europe.
      The colors are not as vivid, as in modified Kenny's pictures, but the color change is very visible and looks quite interesting when it changes due to the body heat.
      The shirt is made of cotton, and it might be a downside for those, who are used to work out in synthetic under armours (f.e. i sweat less in synthetic adidas, then in any cotton shirt). Still i think it will be more interesting to wear it for active leisure outdoors (biking, hiking, running), rather than working out in the gym. It has survived some 6 washings in the washing machine without losing any color.

    43. Shawn Lopez on January 9

      I just want my postcard!

    44. doug smith on January 9

      Whats this? his new venture....

      Take all the KS monies and funnel it into some new spin off?

    45. Ikalios
      on January 8

      2017, a year with another 2-3 false promises until we meet again in 2018.

    46. Missing avatar

      Jeff on January 4

      I agree Jake! I no longer support this platform as they didn't support me in this fiasco!!!

    47. Missing avatar

      Jake Elson on January 4

      In the same boat as most people on here in not yet receiving my shirt. Why do Kickstarter refuse to step in and help get a resolution.
      Really puts me off ever backing a project on here again if there is literally no security regarding my money or pledges.

    48. Bryan Jago on January 4

      Nice of Kenny to log in (3rd Jan 2017) and, once again, say nothing. Still checking to see if the coast is clear, I guess?

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