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Feminism, Farts, & Fun. We're proud of our F's at Wallis Hills High.

WILDCATS is the web-series brain child of Rachel Puchkoff

A group of cheerleaders deal with High School life in this dramedy about standing up for what you believe in, keeping up appearances, and the complexities of farting in a tight uniform. As Allison struggles with opposing the sexist traditions of her school (and what that may or may not suggest about her sexuality) she dances, dreams, and falls her way to some clarity.

Why Give?

In order to finish the project, we need your help.

There are multiple elements that make this story worth telling.

  • For One- Visibility is important! Women are still misrepresented in the Film & Televison industry even after proof that people can be entertained by stories centered around women (Bridesmaids! Girls!). I believe that continuing to tell women-centric stories (that include Gay and Lesbian characters- especially in a society that has not fully accepted them) is the only way to close the gap. This is a comedy, but it also highlights the growing pressure on girls to focus more on how they are perceived vs. their substance. A product of that double standard is a seemingly confident young woman paralyzed when it comes to making actual subjective and self-directed decisions. Allison is an example of that girl who is stuck between obligation and opportunity. Being a teenager is hard......and that can be hilarious. As Allison deals with the realization that not everyone actually knows what they are talking about- you will laugh and hopefully see a perspective you may have missed before.
  • For two-You are going to enjoy it! There is a dance sequence. Dance sequences are for everyone. Dance sequences are everything

What are we funding?

The production thus far has been made possible by a specific mix of good people and manipulation. We've shot roughly 35% of the series. (4 out of 12 episodes) That makes 65% to go (Including all of post production*).

We have equipment & location rentals, insurance costs, all of post, actors that "need to eat", and we have a desire to give this story the production value it deserves. 

Simply put, production value comes down to the quality of equipment we can afford to rent, locations we can afford to use, and time we can afford to borrow.

*Post is an entirely different money guzzling animal- ADR, Visual Effects, Title Sequences, Color Correction, etc.

Why don't you put out the first few episodes if you've shot them?

Good question! Because the entire season is one fluid story arch- you can't just jump in mid-way! (well, I suppose you can- It's the internet-you do you) But besides wanting to release them in an orderly fashion, these funds will go towards finishing what we've started and then some (read: post production, re-shoots, etc.) BUT, we will periodically release clips and teaser episodes before the entire season premiers!


It is worth noting that many (okay, most) of the cast and crew have dedicated their time for free to this production and that any money raised above our goal will happily go to compensating that hard work!

Check back for casting updates as we add more hilariously talented actor-folk and ridiculously gifted crew-peeps to the show. Learn more HERE.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Filmmaking is no easy medium. You can't write, direct, star, edit, boom, and gaff an entire production by yourself. From start to finish, the process is time-consuming, tedious, and daunting, but we maniacally enjoy every minute of it. That enjoyment leads to the knowledge that was has been started will be finished!

I am so fortunate to have found an amazing collective of people who have dedicated more than I could ask for to this project and will continue to add the best and most committed crew to see it through to the end!


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