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Through creating and releasing a CD of my music, I hope to encourage and inspire others to be all they are meant to be.
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Rachel Leigh

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I know it's been awhile...


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Your first listen to the unreleased single!!!

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Back to the studio AND photo shoot!

I'm back in the studio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Right now!!!!! :)

This time my guitarist Akrofi is here with us in Nashville.  We'll be recording guitar parts and hitting some vocals and back up vocals.  We'll also be talking about other instruments we'd like to add moving forward.

Last week, I got to do a photo shoot for the album with Dave Fancher (@davefancher).  I got my make up done by Makeup By Sparkle (@makeupbysparkle) then headed to Broad Ripple in Indianapolis.  My shoot consisted of me standing in the middle of a street to take the photos.  We got stopped by SO many bystanders interested in what was going on.  And, to top it off, we had to move for probably 40 cars wanting to pass by!!  BUT, we were successful:)

Attached is a sneak peek at the album cover photo!!

In His Great Love,


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And we have lift off...

Yes, that is correct!

We have lift off!!  I have been making trips to Nashville to record.  Yay!!!  

Those of you who are following me on Twitter (@RachelMusic) or Facebook (/RachelLeighMusic) know that I got booted from the original studio we were set to record in by a major label artist.  My producer made a phone call to the owner of Dark Horse another great studio in the Nashville area.  The owner gave us a discount on the room but had to check and see if he could move Matchbox 20 to another room for the day.  YES, we ended up booting Matchbox 20 (well...they actually agreed and graciously moved).  Isn't it ironic?

The first session went great.  I was there from 9am-12am and MAN O MAN, was I tired.

One amazing thing that happened the night of pre-production...I went to grab dinner with my friend Lisa and lo and behold....there was a FULL DOUBLE RAINBOW IN THE SKY!  Now...just in case you don't know;) A rainbow signifies God's promises to us...and I saw a DOUBLE rainbow!  Wowie kazowie!  Thank you, Lord!  I know that this was God speaking to me about this project and how He has His hand on it!

For your enjoyment I have included a video of my double rainbow experience (all for your viewing pleasure.  I am set to go down again to Nashville Sept 17-19 to continue recording...

Until I write again...

God's peace, blessings and love on you,

Rachel Leigh

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Recording TODAY!


I'm coming to you LIVE from DarkHorse STudio in Franklin, TN where I am tracking my album TODAY!!!  I will definitely be following this update with behind the scenes pictures and videos so you can stay up-to-date with everything that is happening.

Originally, I was booked to record at OceanWay in Nashville BUT at the last minute a major label artist wanted the room and we got the boot (we were getting this room for a RIDICULOUSLY amazing rate...hence, the boot).  God definitely opened another door...Matchbox 20 is currently recording their newest album here at DarkHorse but agreed to move to a different room so I could track today!  Awesome, huh?

I am excited to start tracking within the hour!  Please keep me in your prayers!  Here we go..................


Psalm 57:7-9