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We have changed everything about microwave popcorn, and now we are ready to get it out there. But, we could use a little help...
We set out to reinvent microwave popcorn, and with your help we did it! A patented chemical free bag, the best ingredients, and awesome flavors!
We set out to reinvent microwave popcorn, and with your help we did it! A patented chemical free bag, the best ingredients, and awesome flavors!
755 backers pledged $27,880 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Sonya Dahnke on

      I buy my microwave popcorn on-ear from a local farm at their stand (and I'd never go back to commercial microwave popcorn. Never!). However, I can't argue with bringing it to the masses. Awesome! Can't wait to taste!

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      Sasha & Trent Lewis on

      Awesome Job you guys! Congratulations on meeting your target and still going!

    3. Anne Gammage on

      I added my pledge and you flipped to 300 backers! What a great idea. I can't wait to taste such a thoroughly well thought out non-gmo, organic, plastic and chemical free treat!

    4. Andrew Linke on

      Glad to see you made your goal. Love the idea.

    5. Khürt L. Williams on

      $15 dollars is a lot to pay for two bags of popcorn. Hopefully you guys have a plan to get prices down to something more budget friendly.

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      Martin Locher on

      congratulations on hitting the target already. can't wait to share some of your popcorn with my pals.

    7. Daniel Haarburger on

      You guys are spot on! Beyond just the movies, I love popcorn for a good snack but hate that it always comes in so much plastic. If you're looking into distribution options, you should definitely consider Boulder, CO. Im sure there would be hundreds of people here thrilled to by green and organic, and support the such a cool project.

      Keep up the good work!
      Daniel H. ( )

    8. Missing avatar

      John Robinson on

      Having concerns with microwave popcorn, we got a popcorn popper about six months ago, but the clean up is a pain. I can't wait for a more healthy alternative, plus my son's name is Quinn and I know he will love the t-shirt! Congrats on meeting your goal so soon.

    9. Becky Dolcetti Lewis on

      Way to go guys! You did it!!!!!!!!!!

    10. Cheryl Johnson on


    11. Arlan Hamilton on

      You did it!! Congratulations:-D

    12. Mike Bush on

      I had one question, do you have an approximate shelf life of the popcorn?

    13. Missing avatar

      Amy Ricketts on

      Good luck guys, this is a wonderful project!!!!

    14. Gearoid O Fearghail on

      1) It would be cool if you guys set it so one doesn't need to be a backer to comment, I have some questions before I back the project, but I've had to donate $1 to ask them!

      2) Shipping outside the USA, how does that work?

      3) what is a beer koozie?

    15. Quinn Popcorn Creator on

      Hi Jim-

      Yes- that's a very good question. We will post the nutritional information soon!

      Thanks so much for your support-


    16. Jim Kirk

      I understand you can add as much oil/flavor as you want, but do you have typical nutritional information (servings per bag; calories, fat & fiber per serving)? This looks very intersting, good luck!

    17. Quinn Popcorn Creator on

      Just to clarify: We will contact those who pledge $15 & $25 at the end of the project for flavors!

      Thanks again!

    18. Quinn Popcorn Creator on

      Thanks for all of your support! We are truly overwhelmed! Adam, great question! We will contact those who pledge $15 at the end of our project!

    19. Missing avatar

      vilnosliw on

      Keep up the hard work!

    20. Janet Freed on

      so, so, so very proud! oxox

    21. Avida Michaud on

      Great job on the video! xo :)

    22. Missing avatar

      Adam Kruze on

      I can't wait to taste the popcorn! By the way, how do I go about selecting the flavor?

    23. Valerie DiPietro on

      I am so excited for this!!! I have started popping corn on the stove top and adding my own oils and spices. I can't wait to try this out.

    24. Arlan Hamilton on

      I love this idea! Just pledged for my bag and I truly hope the funding is successful so I can have a taste:-) I looked at your blog, and I think that you guys should post 2 or 3 of your compelling photographs from the blog on your kickstarter description section. Again, I hope everyone who sees this page pledges so I can have this in my tummy asap:-)