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We have changed everything about microwave popcorn, and now we are ready to get it out there. But, we could use a little help...
We set out to reinvent microwave popcorn, and with your help we did it! A patented chemical free bag, the best ingredients, and awesome flavors!
We set out to reinvent microwave popcorn, and with your help we did it! A patented chemical free bag, the best ingredients, and awesome flavors!
755 backers pledged $27,880 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Jeremie Lariviere
      on August 28, 2013

      Finished my backer reward popcorn some time ago, just ordered some more including the new butter one. :-)

    2. Sharon Daly Stern on May 3, 2012

      I never received my funding reward. What happened? I thought the rewards were all shipped out a long time ago!?

    3. Missing avatar

      Sarah Christensen on October 27, 2011

      Out of the 3 flavors, the Rosemary and Parmesan is my favorite. They are all great, so much in fact that I don't want to eat regular microwaveable popcorn again. Is there going to be a way to buy online in the very near future? I only have two bags left... so sad.

      A couple suggestions for the future - have 3 bags to a box (3 IS the magic number) and introduce a variety box to get people hooked on all the flavors.

    4. Missing avatar

      Phil Thorn on October 17, 2011

      We saved ours for a special occasion - family night with all the kids actually here. We had the Vermont Maple - Sea Salt and hands-down everyone absolutely LOVED it!

      We actually just used our microwave "popcorn" button as a test and it popped perfectly.

      Love the flavor you get this vs. conventional flavored MPCs.

      Great job! You have a hit on you hands!!!

    5. Quinn Popcorn Creator on October 4, 2011

      Hi there! Thanks for the feedback, guys!!

      AND OF COURSE your support!! Richard, yes. We understand that and are working on revising this for a future run! ;) Thanks for the input! Really appreciate it!

    6. Richard Grise on September 29, 2011

      Love product -- Really would be useful to label bags; They all look same and the oils are likewise identical.. when more than one is open and the box isnt avail.. its inconvenient to guess what is what...

    7. MOKU on September 21, 2011

      Rosemary and Parmesan here and it was soooooooooooo good.... I NEED MORE PLEASE... LOL

    8. dpl on September 21, 2011

      received my box of 3 different flavors, tried the maple flavor and just wanted to say it is EXCELLENT!!!! can't wait to try the rest..... Good Work!!!

    9. Paul Selby on September 20, 2011

      Received my box of rosemary & parmesan today. DELICIOUS! So glad I backed you and hope you do well with selling this. Bring it to Oregon as soon as you can, okay?

    10. Jeremie Lariviere
      on September 20, 2011

      I just got my popcorn, thanks!
      Great packaging, and I'm looking forward to tasting it too!

    11. Christine Nguyen on September 16, 2011

      Congrats on winning @ Daily Candy. So proud of you guys!

    12. Mallow Munchies on September 15, 2011

      Hubby and I just had our first bag of Quinn Popcorn, Vermont Maple and Sea Salt. Wow! Honestly the best microwave popcorn ever! So good to have a product that not only tastes amazing, but one you can feel good about eating. We were so impressed with the packaging and fun write up on the box and bag. We were so excited to read the instructions and play our part in producing our treat. Thanks guys for making an amazing product. Good job!
      Nikki, Mallow Munchies

    13. Missing avatar

      John Robinson on September 7, 2011

      When should we expect our popcorn/shirts?

    14. Missing avatar

      Paul on September 7, 2011

      What is the status on this project?

    15. Quinn Popcorn Creator on August 29, 2011

      Ivan, SO glad you enjoyed reading all of our posts! That's awesome. Thanks so much for all of your support!

      JR- Thank you! We hope so too! Please let me know how it goes with your girls! I hope that they have fun making it!!! We really wanted it to be family and kid friendly!

      Nick- Thanks for the kind words! Kickstarter was such an amazing avenue for us. We are still shocked by the response!

      Take care, and talk to you all soon!

      Kristy & Coulter

    16. Nick
      on August 10, 2011

      Congratulations guys. Your story truly shows what kickstarter is all about. Best of luck to you in the future, and I can't wait to grub down to some popcorn (Star Wars will be the ice breaker

    17. Missing avatar

      jribaudo on August 10, 2011

      Congratulatiions! Your hard work is paying TOTALLY earned this!!! Look forward to seeing your products on the shelves of WF's and hopefully all supermarket chains. BTW - I know my girls will have fun with the process of putting some "work" into actually making Microwave popcorn at home! All the best to you!

    18. Quinn Popcorn Creator on August 9, 2011

      Hi there!

      Thomas, we hope that QP will be available in Europe one of these days too! Please keep up with our blog, we will post information there!

      Ivan, thanks so much for letting us know! So happy that you found our posts informative! That's great to hear! Thanks also for the luck!

      Thanks everyone for your support! Can't believe its only 1 hour left to go!

      Talk soon!

      Kristy & Coulter

    19. Ivan Yagolnikov on August 9, 2011

      I stumbled across your project last night and contributed today after watching the videos and reading up on what makes QP different from other popcorn makers.

      After pledging, I ended up reading ALL blog posts on your site and it was incredibly informative -- not only as a testament to your dedication (starting a business with a newborn!) but, I think, another important takeway is an explanation of your pricing (i.e. QP is expensive, but not because you have crazy margins).

      Good luck!

    20. Team SurfEasy on August 4, 2011

      Cant wait to get my popcorn! Good luck.

    21. Richard Schuh on August 3, 2011

      We're in for Quinn !!

      Post more photos of your namesake...

    22. Thomas Nijzink on August 3, 2011

      What a wonderful project! I love popcorn and flavours that go beyond the basic "super salt" and "way too sweet." It is a real shame you cannot ship the popcorn internationally because I would love to try it. Here is me hoping you guys make enough money to one day ship your popcorn to Europe :)

    23. Quinn Popcorn Creator on August 1, 2011

      Hello Backers,

      Hope all is well!

      Thanks for all of the positive energy and support!!

      Glad you liked the outtake video. :) We were a bit worried when we threw it up on the site, but at least it's a guaranteed laugh!

      Take care, and will have another update shortly!

      Kristy & Coulter

    24. Nina Lee Grondin on July 29, 2011

      Kristy & Coulter - your project is my first official pledge on Kickstarter. Good luck! I can't wait to see it in stores soon :)

    25. Ian Carlson on July 28, 2011

      Always glad to support a local startup. I work in a startup as well. Your popcorn looks amazing!

    26. MarkStewart on July 27, 2011

      OK, first off....this popcorn looks incredible and such a terrific idea. Second, OMG that outtake video is fricking hilarious! I have supported a lot of projects on Kickstarter, and Im really thankful I came across this one.

    27. Heather Jones on July 27, 2011

      Just added my pledge. Your outtake video clinched it for me! All the best!

    28. Missing avatar

      Helen O'Reilly on July 22, 2011

      "Coulter and I are still stunned by all of the positive feedback we are receiving from you guys!" I believe this clip sums up how you might be feeling! :) congrats!…

    29. Quinn Popcorn Creator on July 21, 2011

      Hi Everyone!

      We will be posting an update soon! Just wanted to let you all know!

      Hope you guys are all having a great week!

      Talk soon,

      Kristy & Coulter

    30. Quinn Popcorn Creator on July 18, 2011

      Hi Michael,

      Please email me directly, and I will respond in detail for you!

      Thanks so much!


    31. Michael Meissner on July 18, 2011

      Assuming the popcorn goes retail after the kickstarter period, and given you are Boston based, will you have your popcorn available at various stores in the area? I live out in the burbs (Ayer), and it would be convenient if it were available, particularly outside of the Cambridge, Boston, and Somerville area.

      Also, if I pledge $30, would I be able to get 2 of the 3 flavours (aged cheese is a no-no for me, particularly parm. so your $35 reward is not interesting to me).

    32. Missing avatar

      Ben Cogdill on July 18, 2011

      My wife and I are sitting here wishing we had some popcorn right now. Congrats on making your goal. New Seasons Market and Market of Choice, are two small grocery chains in Oregon that often feature unique products like yours.

    33. Quinn Popcorn Creator on July 17, 2011

      Ah, late nights and trying to navigate through UPS internationally shipping site....

      Please see the update on internationally shipping in our FAQs section! Gearoid, I am not sure where you are located, but please send me a message, and we can figure out the exact shipping amount! Thanks! :)

    34. Gearoid O Fearghail on July 17, 2011

      Hey guys,

      So, I love your project, and I'd love to back it, but I'm a student, and while $5 is good value in my head for quality popcorn, $15 + $15 for shipping isn't so much.
      But I'll make sure to get my local organic shop to buy an order off ye.

    35. Quinn Popcorn Creator on July 17, 2011

      Hi all,

      Coulter and I are still stunned by all of the positive feedback we are receiving from you guys! It's giving us the boost we need to get this off the ground!

      Thanks so much for your notes and stories! We love reading them. Hope they keep coming!

      Just amazing how many friends we have met thus far!

      Thanks again for being apart of this journey!

      Kristy & Coulter

    36. Sonya Dahnke on July 17, 2011

      I buy my microwave popcorn on-ear from a local farm at their stand (and I'd never go back to commercial microwave popcorn. Never!). However, I can't argue with bringing it to the masses. Awesome! Can't wait to taste!

    37. Missing avatar

      Sasha & Trent Lewis on July 17, 2011

      Awesome Job you guys! Congratulations on meeting your target and still going!

    38. Anne Gammage on July 15, 2011

      I added my pledge and you flipped to 300 backers! What a great idea. I can't wait to taste such a thoroughly well thought out non-gmo, organic, plastic and chemical free treat!

    39. Andrew Linke on July 15, 2011

      Glad to see you made your goal. Love the idea.

    40. Khürt L. Williams on July 15, 2011

      $15 dollars is a lot to pay for two bags of popcorn. Hopefully you guys have a plan to get prices down to something more budget friendly.

    41. Missing avatar

      Martin Locher on July 15, 2011

      congratulations on hitting the target already. can't wait to share some of your popcorn with my pals.

    42. Daniel Haarburger on July 15, 2011

      You guys are spot on! Beyond just the movies, I love popcorn for a good snack but hate that it always comes in so much plastic. If you're looking into distribution options, you should definitely consider Boulder, CO. Im sure there would be hundreds of people here thrilled to by green and organic, and support the such a cool project.

      Keep up the good work!
      Daniel H. ( )

    43. Missing avatar

      John Robinson on July 15, 2011

      Having concerns with microwave popcorn, we got a popcorn popper about six months ago, but the clean up is a pain. I can't wait for a more healthy alternative, plus my son's name is Quinn and I know he will love the t-shirt! Congrats on meeting your goal so soon.

    44. Becky Dolcetti Lewis on July 15, 2011

      Way to go guys! You did it!!!!!!!!!!

    45. Cheryl Johnson on July 15, 2011


    46. Arlan Hamilton on July 15, 2011

      You did it!! Congratulations:-D

    47. Mike Bush on July 15, 2011

      I had one question, do you have an approximate shelf life of the popcorn?

    48. Missing avatar

      Amy Ricketts on July 15, 2011

      Good luck guys, this is a wonderful project!!!!

    49. Gearoid O Fearghail on July 15, 2011

      1) It would be cool if you guys set it so one doesn't need to be a backer to comment, I have some questions before I back the project, but I've had to donate $1 to ask them!

      2) Shipping outside the USA, how does that work?

      3) what is a beer koozie?

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