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Qubits® - Big, Strong, easy to build. Geometry toys relate to Math, Biology & Engineering. Build engineered items in your home.

Thanks to all the backers! We gave it a good run at Kickstarter.

We didn't make the goal but we learned much and with a little luck we will be back again with a new set of Rewards.

What are Qubits® ?:

It is a modular, snap fit construction toy allowing you to build Geometric Structures. Thanks to the built-in logic of the pieces, every design you create is highly triangulated. 

Building with Qubits® is simple, just find an angle that you like and press the pieces together to "SNAP" them into position. Build engineered structures to support other items or just create a whimsical object.  Above all, just have fun using your imagination!

When it is time to pick up your toys and put them back into the box, just unsnap them. These quick building exercises will develop your children's dexterity. The BIG, EASY to handle parts won't frustrate the kids. 

This toy is age appropriate for 5 to 15.

The assembled models are very sturdy and they can actually support items like books, figures or even other construction toys. The older kids could use this toy for a Robotics Chassis frame and permanently glue the pieces together. The penetrations in the shapes are designed for attaching other items like string, wire or recycled items around your house.

WOW! you can even bend them because they are FLEXIBLE. This will allow you to create tubes, cylinders, columns and even spheres!

Made in the U.S.A.


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