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Thematic deck builder with brutal resource management, card drafting, set collection, engine building, modular setup & wild components!
Thematic deck builder with brutal resource management, card drafting, set collection, engine building, modular setup & wild components!
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Pledge Manager Extended to December 31st!

Posted by Quality Beast (Creator)

Hello all! We survived Essen. Whew!

And we're back with (for the first time ever) a very short, single-topic update: we'll be extending the pledge manager to December 31st. This will allow us time to attempt to get more local pick-up options and also to answer all of your unanswered questions. (Please be aware that we are swamped in messages on all platforms and we are answering them as fast as we can but we are also hunting for a customer support panda to join our growing team.)

Regarding Essen, we'll be sharing some highlights from the event in our next update. Though, we should say, that some of you may have already heard through the grapevine or here in the comments that we received new manufacturer samples. In fact, more samples arrived to our Berlin HQ today. We're going to take a few days over here, recovering from the event and going through the samples to get feedback to our manufacturer, and then we'll be documenting them and sharing them in an update with you all.

Thanks for your patience and special thanks to anyone who came by the booth(s) at Essen!

Talk soon. :)

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    1. Harryliow Jen Fei on

      Is alright, more confusion the more reason to clear otherwise it only cause more misunderstanding. I work in this short of field and it will be messy if not done right.

      Do your best and be professional too

    2. Quality Beast Creator

      @Rainer Woreck: Hey there, thanks for sharing your concerns with us. Actually, it seems you've had some large misunderstandings. Let's go through what you've mentioned and clear things up:

      1) Extending the pledge manager has nothing to do with production. There will be no delays caused by extending the pledge manager. If there were, we would announce this.
      2) The reason for extending the pledge manager has nothing to do with money at all, on the contrary it is precisely to *save* backers money. People have been requesting local pick-up options which take us a long time to secure. We're extending the pledge manager precisely to allow more local pick-up options to be confirmed and thus refunding many backers their funds. This was actually mentioned in the update itself, perhaps it would be good if you gave it another read?
      3) Another reason we are extending the pledge manager is that we have loads of unanswered, pledge manager related questions. We want to give ourselves ample time to answer everyone. This seems only fair.

      Hopefully this answers your concerns and shows you that there is no greed nor any screw ups happening here! :)

    3. Quality Beast Creator

      @Joscha: Yes, we have been adding local pick-ups and there is already one for Berlin. Please refer to our Official Campaign FAQ on BGG for the detailed instructions:

    4. Quality Beast Creator

      @ACGalaga: Hmmm, we hadn't thought of this. We'll check with BackerKit if it's possible to charge some folks early, manually. If so, we're happy to lock your survey in and charge it now, if that helps...

    5. Quality Beast Creator

      @Andreas Hemming: Great to have you at the booth, we love visitors! :)

    6. Missing avatar

      Rainer Woreck on

      So basically this means holding the production line back further because you want more money? Delays, delays, delays. So tired of hearing about greed and screw ups. Rather than add more to the plate, finish what you have first.

    7. Joscha on

      Hi, is there any chance to change from delivery to pick up? I did not see it when I fill out the survey. I come from Berlin. Greetings.

    8. ACGalaga on

      Only problem with the extension is that combined with the holidays, this is going to hit my credit card hard. Would have rather been charged in October and then pay for shipping and addons with the November statement. Ah well...

    9. Andreas Hemming on

      Always a plessure to hang out at your booth drinking a delicious cup of coffee :) but seriously people stop asking all this ill adviced questions and let these people do their job...