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Thematic deck builder with brutal resource management, card drafting, set collection, engine building, modular setup & wild components!
Thematic deck builder with brutal resource management, card drafting, set collection, engine building, modular setup & wild components!
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Progress Update, Rulebook, PnP & Mod

Posted by Quality Beast (Creator)

Hello everyone! We hope you're having a terrific weekend and that you had a very enjoyable International Tabletop Day yesterday!

We are very excited about this update but first off we just want to apologize: it’s been literally one month (and two days) since our last update and for us that’s too long. We aim at getting you news at least every two weeks so you know what’s happening with the project, but recently we’ve been very swamped and decided to try and push through to this update with full force, spending all our time working without taking a break to communicate. We’ve learned our lesson and won’t do that again!

What’s been keeping us so busy? Here’s what we’ve been working on:

  • New Customer Group designs. (Playtesting the Customer Abilities, tweaking the card values and balancing out all the Pantry and Style Upgrade cards).
  • Art. Art. Art. (Mario has done over 200 character art illustrations in the last weeks. The first 7 Customer Groups even including all 8 Friends & Family are completely done with the exception of two KS backer portraits. More news and previews of his progress in the next update!)
  • KS Backer Portraits. (While this only directly affects a few of you it’s still worth mentioning as we’ve spent some good energy and time on this and it has been a load of fun! With nearly all the portraits in-progress our next step is to review the good and bad reviews y’all submitted!)
  • Rulebook Layout. (This is not the same as the new rulebook release. Our graphic designer, Pietro, has been hard at work laying out the entire rulebook. It looks like he’ll be done this weekend. We’re very excited to share this with you in the coming weeks.)
  • New Rulebook Release. (This is the 99% done version. New rules, tons of fixes to text and iconography, and images that are much closer to the real thing. So far your feedback and tips have been invaluable and we're excited to see what you think of this version!)
  • Store Pick-Ups. (Thank you everyone for the 500 something submissions! We’re busy going through this list and preparing our contact plan to get as many of these retailers on board as possible. The more that say yes the more likely we can save y’all money on shipping!)
  • Design Verification Prep. (Design verification is the first step to getting the game produced with our manufacturer. We are currently very aware that both art and translations may cause delays so we’ve spoken with our manufacturer about how to speed up parts of the process. One way is to send some dummy files before the final content is ready to make sure our process is correct. We’re in the midst of this right now.)
  • Testing Factory Samples. (We have received the play mat samples and are running them through some tests. We’re also waiting to receive the wood samples and the resource bags. Once we have all of these items together and have tested them we’ll get an update out to share the status!)
  • Preparing the Pledge Manager. (And yes, as all of you have been asking, we are pushing to get the PM ready for you. There are three topics that slow this down: Store Pick-Ups, Essen Pick-Up and verification of the final play mat material. We are moving as fast as we can on these topics. The whole team wants to thank you for your patience because we know it’s not easy to wait!)

Whew! That’s a lot. We hope this can help explain why we’ve had our heads down diligently working for the last 4 weeks. But enough excuses, let’s get to what you really came here for…

It’s here! With a huge huge huge thank you to our fabulous rulebook editor, Roman Rybiczka, (as well as everyone else on the Quality Beast team who’s been hard at work on the rulebook) we are proud to unveil the newest version. It’s important to understand this is not final, but rather what we consider to be pre-final; our second-to-last version.

Click the image to read the new rulebook!
Click the image to read the new rulebook!

Here’s what’s changed:

  • New rules added
  • Cleaned up existing rules
  • Support for 5 to 6 players
  • Iconography updates
  • Thematic fixes (for example, replacement of "Cheap Coffee" with "Strong Coffee")
  • Juicy new imagery (a lot of which was generated using the new TTS mod!)
  • Tons and tons of feedback from all of you amazing backers (and others) incorporated into the document!

That’s quite a bit, so we hope you can understand why it took us the time it did to get it there. Head on over to the rulebook now to give it a read and let us know your thoughts!

What’s a new rulebook if you can’t play the game, right? As promised, we’ve got the newest version of the mod, with a massive credit going out to master modder, OgreYama, from the Tabletop Simulator mod community.

Click the image to play the updated mod!
Click the image to play the updated mod!

What’s new in this version?

  • 5 and 6 player support
  • Updated art and graphics (do note the mod is slightly behind the print and play, though)
  • Updated components to match the new rules
  • Very exciting 3D models for the beans, milk and sugar cubes
  • Grid-based layout guides with snap points
  • Easy setup for customization
  • Resource containers and personal resources for each player
  • 7 Customer Groups (1 of which is new) completely redesigned
  • New Café Achievements
  • Probably other stuff we are forgetting to mention…

Give it a go today and let us know on our Discord server how it plays!

Not everyone owns Tabletop Simulator or enjoys playing digitally so we’ve put a lot of energy and effort into making sure the rulebook release was timed up with the mod and the print and play. This definitely slowed us down by weeks but we hope you’d all agree it’s worth it. The print and play files are ready for you to download so come get ‘em!

Click the image to download the new print and play!
Click the image to download the new print and play!

And as always, if you have feedback, don’t be afraid to shout!

Alright, that’s it for today. We’ll do our very best to give you another update within the next two weeks. Please note that we’ll be in Tokyo for the Tokyo Game Market demoing our next game, Towers of the Sun, so it may not be until about Monday the 14th that we get some more news out to you. At that time we’d like to give a full update on how our production timeline is looking (as well as some juicy manufacturing samples). Until then, enjoy the content and keep on being awesome!

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    1. Eric Nivala

      Any suggestions on what to use for the tokens for the beans, milk and sugar cubes. I didn't see any files for these in the Pnp. I just printed out pictures of coffee beans and sugar but wasn't sure what to use for the milk cartons.

    2. Quality Beast Creator

      @Sören Textor: Apologies for the delayed response – we've been working on a big update! It's live now, so go take a look.

      And to be transparent, assuming by "everything still in line" you mean is the timeline still the same, we have to answer "no". We will suffer a larger delay due to art than we had originally anticipated. A full explanation and updated timeline is provided in the newest update.

      Combined with that rather disappointing but real news is some tasty visuals of manufacturing samples and the state of our feedback for our manufacturer on those. Have a look and let us know what you think!

    3. Quality Beast Creator

      @Matt Wilkins: Yes, we've just released an update announcing a pledge manager opening date of June 25th! We are extremely excited for everyone to get access to all the amazing add-ons we're providing.

    4. Sören Textor on

      Hi there. it has been a litle bit quite the last weeks. Any news? Everything still in line?

    5. Matt Wilkins on

      Any idea when the Backer Kit will be available for this?

    6. Quality Beast Creator

      @Razoupaf: Totally not normal. You should see a Seize the Bean stylized webpage with a visual icon of the print and play and a text link for download.

      Couple of troubleshooting tips: are you using HTTP and not HTTPS? The latter won't work (without setting up an exception, which we don't recommend) as we haven't sorted out our site certificate yet. What browser are you using? What operating system? Which link are you using?

      Let us know and we'll try to help!

    7. dilkROM Collaborator

      @ACGalaga: You know I'll be in Tokyo with some of the other team members at that time, so unfortunately can't meet you there... :(

      But, I would love it if you'd demo it. Let's talk on Discord about this, perhaps there is a way to get you some nice components too?

      Everything you've noted is completely accurate: the only text on cards is the card title and all icons are completely explained in the rulebook. As for the quality, as the team noted we are intentionally downgrading it to save about 98% of the file size. This is the first time I have ever heard anyone ask for higher quality, which to my ears IS AWESOME! :) (And luckily, easy to do...) Lastly, you're totally right: this is by far not the final print and play... it's gonna get biiiiiig!

    8. Quality Beast Creator

      @Seon Gyo Lee: Thanks for your feedback. We actually started with an extremely high resolution print and play and we were recommended by other publishers as well as backers to lower the quality to make it more accessible. If you think it would be valuable to have a super high resolution version it's no problem for us to provide that, but to be fair it's going to be about 300mb (or something in that region). If that's OK with you give us a shout: we can simply add a "high resolution versions" link to the print and play page on our website. Happy to do so! :)

      Regarding text on cards: this is something we avoided at all costs. It's extremely expensive to print this many cards in different languages. It's also very time consuming to translate it all. We got very intense (and repeated) feedback prior to SPIEL17 that we should convert all abilities text into simple icons. We've done this and seen that it works *much better* for the cast majority of players (over 90%) and for us that means it's the right way forward. We're sorry if this doesn't match your expectations. Is there anything we can do to help accommodate your experience *without* adding text to the cards?

      Also, we are not sure what you mean by "careful disclosure". Can you please elaborate here?

    9. Quality Beast Creator

      @Filipa Tato: Yup, we felt the same. During the last weeks we kept discussing the topic, should we just release an "empty" update to say what we're doing or put 100% of our time in getting the releases out? Although the latter seems to make more sense, we decided as a team to avoid this in the future because it perhaps creates more communicative tension than necessary. Regardless, we are very happy we pushed it hard and it's out now. There are some tasks / steps / updates which are accomplished in much more bite-sized chunks but this one was a full buffet!

    10. Quality Beast Creator

      @John Perry: Thanks so much for saying so. This is exactly the sort of effect we wanted the update to have: excitement! :)

    11. Razoupaf on

      Is it normal that I have a blank page when trying to access the PnP?

    12. ACGalaga on

      @Seon - only text on the cards is the card name. Otherwise, just symbols. Reference he rulebook for their meaning.

      Quality is a little grainy when zoomed but not sure if that will be so noticeable when printed. This is still only a promo PnP for testing the game. A lot of the art is unfinished and there are still a lot of sets to come. This isn’t a final PnP version. However, maybe it’s good for them to look into the quality when releasing future versions of the PnP.

      I’m please with it though, maybe I can demo it at our Golden Week convention in Osaka! By the way it’s happening May 4th, 5th, and 6th if any of you are in the area :)

    13. Seon Gyo Lee

      The quality of the PnP file is poor. See PnP file quality of other companies.
      And why is there no text on the card? Careful disclosure is needed.

    14. Filipa Tato

      Incredible, I was just thinking about how strangely quiet you have been lately, and then you release an update, and what a nice one ;)
      Can't wait for the pledge manager ^^

    15. John Perry on

      Great Work! Exciting stuff