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Thematic deck builder with brutal resource management, card drafting, set collection, engine building, modular setup & wild components!
Thematic deck builder with brutal resource management, card drafting, set collection, engine building, modular setup & wild components!
Thematic deck builder with brutal resource management, card drafting, set collection, engine building, modular setup & wild components!
3,038 backers pledged €137,334 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Hamlet Abedian 12 minutes ago

      Hi, wann bekommen wir den Pledge Manager?

    2. Saul about 14 hours ago

      @Daniel That also explains why Batman wears black? 😋

    3. Daniel about 16 hours ago

      I'm really liking the existing play mat with the wood grain pattern on it. Some have suggested to make a tablecloth, however all linked examples are white or beige , which might lead to the wrong impression as to what might be expected. White = gets dirty.

    4. Brian Lewis
      1 day ago

      Definitely after the first of March; takes 2 weeks for KS to send stuff over. Could be longer if they gotta get more ready

    5. Francisco Maia 1 day ago

      Any idea when we can expect access to the pledge manager? Can't rest until I up my pledge to the full amount!

    6. Francisco Maia 1 day ago

      Any idea when we can expect access to the pledge manager? Can't rest until I up my pledge to the full amount!

    7. Quality Beast Creator
      2 days ago

      @All: One last blanket message here (we hope): our Kickstarter inbox is working again, yeehaw! We're so sorry for the delay. We'll be blazing through messages now and answering as many as we can. Thank you all for your patience! <3

    8. Karel 3 days ago

      Are all cards for the city celebrities SG already decided yet? I just thought a Berlinale bear might be fun (since i'm going to Berlinale this weekend :-D )

    9. Wiriyawatp, In the Mainstream Boardgame
      3 days ago

      @Quality Beast ; So for retailer, shall we discuss via email instread?

    10. Quality Beast Creator
      3 days ago

      @All: Heads up that we are experiencing a weird Kickstarter bug where our Kickstarter inbox is not showing up. We've tested a few different computers and browsers to no avail. Thus, we've emailed Kickstarter support and are waiting on help. Hopefully it's just a cosmetic issue and that we've not actually lost your messages. Meanwhile, if you have an urgent issue, please email us directly at Thank you, everyone, for your patience!

    11. Quality Beast Creator
      3 days ago

      @Quyen Hoang: Our apologies for the delay! We've answered now. :)

    12. Missing avatar

      Quyen Hoang 3 days ago

      Hi Quality Beast. I sent you a Ks message really long time ago and you have never replied :(

    13. Ryan 4 days ago

      @Josh Trumper There is no insert due to costs (mentioned in an update). Each customer group will have their own labeled bag. The cartons are if you'd like an "insert"/a compact version to travel with

    14. Missing avatar

      BubuIIC 5 days ago

      Hey, would it be possible to arrange pick up of the coffee included in the Coffee Lover's Edition at Blaue Bohne?

    15. Josh Trumper 5 days ago

      Hey team, I have a question:

      Does the game box have enough space to fit everything in it, especially now that so many new cards have been unlocked?

      I wasn't planning on buying the milk carton deck box as an extra but it might make sense if I'll be left with loose cards everywhere.

    16. John Webster 5 days ago

      Looks like I will be spending more once the pledge manager opens up. All those add-ons look amazing.

    17. Missing avatar

      Dennis Alexander Reitz 5 days ago

      How do i get to the pledge Manager?

    18. Missing avatar

      sbellon 5 days ago

      Regarding PnP access: Just email them and they'll answer you with the URL. That's what I did and got the answer within a day.

    19. Missing avatar

      Thomas Klein Middelink 5 days ago

      Any news about the PnP?

    20. Wiriyawatp, In the Mainstream Boardgame
      6 days ago

      @Quality Beast : I sent message to you, could you please confirm me?
      Thank you very much.

    21. Missing avatar

      Pere Jaume Cano on February 18

      Any news on the pnp?

    22. Quality Beast Creator
      on February 17

      @Jill: If you buy both the sleeve *and* an expansion you will get 12 Founder Cards however they will be the same 6 twice. We know this can happen to some of you so we have priced things out to potentially add in a sticker pack to the expansion so that you can modify the extra cards, thus customizing your game. Some backers requested this so we thought it was a nice win-win for those of you who would otherwise end up with extra cards. Also, it's possible to play with repeat Founders, totally fine and maybe even nice, but it's not thematically accurate. dilkROM could talk more on this if you'd like.

      To your suggestions:

      1) If this is the kind of play mat you are excited to see then you'll be pleasantly surprised when we unveil Mario's delicious work-in-progress in one of the next two updates.
      2) Thanks for the great suggestions on the expansion baristas. We'll see how Mario feels about this, do remember though that in Seize the Bean there are no player colors, so we don't expect nor encourage a single player to take two matching meeples, if that makes sense? Of course, this doesn't negate your feedback in any way and we love the idea of adding in a 5th and 6th color just to bring more subtle diversity to the game!
      3) Presumably you are referring to the plastic ziplock baggies, yes? We're slated to touch base big time with our manufacturer on Monday so we'll push the topic again. It's not that we can't do it, it's that it may need to be done out-of-house (ie. outsourced) and while there would be a price topic for sure we'd actually be less concerned about that and more concerned about if it would slow down production (involving another company).
      4) Actually, the mini player board *will* be vertical, thanks to the genius mind of Seize the Bean's co-designer, Andy Couch, however Mario did not have time to prepare a new design and thus we provided the faster possible visualization of a card-based board we could. Apologies for this misleading image, we are learning the hard way that *any* image we release needs to be very visually accurate or all you eagle-eyed backers will catch it (not a bad thing, though)!

      That should cover all your input, thanks so much for still hanging out here and keeping us company but don't forget to come check out the Discord server if you really want to stay involved with us and chat with the other backers!

    23. Quality Beast Creator
      on February 17

      @Max Lathrop & Anyone Else Asking About Raising Their Pledge: Yup, Angela M. is correct. You can use your pledge credit how you want, choose new add-ons, pick your language preference, etc, everything all in the pledge manager. It doesn't matter what level you pledged at, you will get all the same opportunities, discounts and freebies as other backers (as long as you upgrade your pledge, that is). :)

    24. Quality Beast Creator
      on February 17

      @ShizzK & Any Other Retailers: If you've PM'd us or emailed us you will have received (or are going to receive) instructions to sign up for our retailers' network. Once you have done so you just need to wait until you hear from us. You are not missing anything. We are handling our backers and pre-orders *first*. Then we will contact you. There is no viable way to purchase your retail copies of the game via Kickstarter or via our pledge manager. All of this will happen outside of both systems. Thank you for your patience here. Please write us directly (and not in comments, which are easy to miss) if you have any questions!

    25. Jill
      on February 17

      Love the updated graphic on the campaign page! Was looking forward to seeing the 1st and 2nd player resin tokens represented in the final stretch goal too, but I guess it was pretty last minute! Thanks for everything! I will be upgrading to a sleeved edition, and then adding on the expansion. Does this mean I will get 12 founder cards? 😍

      Some small requests/ suggestions @QB!

      1. Tablecloth to look like a coffee house tablecloth (used with stains and all. Maybe a napkin and saucer! Maybe white and red checkered!)
      2. Expansion baristas to be different colours from the base game (I know it doesn't matter, but it matters to me! Perhaps orange for the badly tanned, and skin coloured pink?).
      3. Silkscreen bags! Silkscreen bags!
      4. The mini player board to be vertical? Seems more intuitive to me.

    26. Quality Beast Creator
      on February 17

      @Faye Charls & Ioannis & Anyone Else With Payment Issues: If you haven't PM'd us already, please do so. We have not responded yet as we are fully researching what we can actually do here. As Angela M. pointed out we have nothing to do with your payment information and Kickstarter's payment acceptance. However, we'll do whatever we can to make sure you don't lose your pledge. Hang tight and give us time to get properly equipped. We *will* respond to you all via PM. Don't worry!

    27. Quality Beast Creator
      on February 17

      @Donny Schuijers: We've messaged the print and play info. ;)

    28. Quality Beast Creator
      on February 17

      @All: We're about halfway through you Kickstarter messages now. Thank you so much for the continued patience as our small team tried to get back in touch with you all! <3

    29. Quality Beast Creator
      on February 17

      @All: We've been out for a few days, catching our breath, but we're back now and will be ramping up our communication over the weekend and should be back on full throttle by next week. We'll attack the huge mass of messages of emails first and then return to the comments section here. Please do check the FAQ if you are waiting as many of the questions we are answering have already been answered there.

      Folks with payment issues: don't worry, we'll be helping you! :)

      Retailers: if you're signed up for our retailer's network then there is no need to write us. Once we have our backers settled first we'll be reaching out to you. Do not worry, you won't miss the message. :)

    30. Missing avatar

      Ioannis on February 17

      Could you please reply to PM regarding payment issues? I realise it must be hectic for you these days but we only have a few days to resolve this before the pledge is cancelled.

    31. Donny Schuijers on February 17

      I might have missed this; but where can I find my PnP files?

    32. Angela M. on February 16

      @ Faye Charls: Please try to contact KS about payment issues.
      QB won't be able to do anything about this at this time, it usually takes two weeks for KS to collect the money and deliver the data to the creator.
      If your payment failed, it will also be tried again one week later - that's the usual process at KS.
      (and one more hint: don't leave your mail-adress in open public....)

    33. Missing avatar

      Faye Charls on February 16

      I've problem with the payment, not due to me. How can I contact you or what can I do. I don't want to lose my pledge.
      My email:
      Thank you in advance!

    34. ShizzK on February 16

      I still wait more detail in retail pledge.

    35. Angela M. on February 16

      Yes, @Max, you can upgrade in PM

    36. Missing avatar

      Max Lathrop on February 16

      Hey will I have an opportunity to upgrade my pledge in the pledge manager like some projects allow?

    37. Isthar on February 16

      @Sabine You're welcome! :)

    38. Sabine on February 16

      @Ishtar thanks for the idea... yeah after looking through the addons again and shipping I thought also maybe shipping then is 4 or 1€ left 😉. thanks all for your feedback.

    39. Win Phan on February 16

      @Ben It was new year's eve yesterday and I was busy cooking for last night's party while walking back and forth to look at the pledges and too slow to upgrade to Matcha from Ben's :(
      @Angela It was alright! In my head I was planning to have 2 reviews mentioning each other, but one can be fine since I planned this as a present for my boyfriend anyway :)

    40. Ben on February 16

      I don't know if a mcfly and developer -guy would have been good for the game design/optics :P
      Thought you catched my mocha Win Phan :/

    41. Matteo M on February 16

      I need some info for retailers, You've a message ;)

    42. Angela M. on February 16

      @Win Phan, don't be too sad - you did get an excellent pledge after all (congrats, if I missed to say that in all the excitement yesterday!).
      But certainly I would have loved to have you in the highly exclusive Matcha Mocha-Club. So sad, now after Ben dropped it, I don't know who's having the other ones.

    43. Win Phan on February 16

      @Angela: I'm having buyer's regret and experiencing withdrawal from not grabbing the Matcha pledge in the last 30 min of the KS for that extra bad review XD

    44. Isthar on February 16

      @Sabine, that extra money you pledged could be used to pay shipping cost in PM. It will appear as a remain in PM until you decide what to do with that money, so you can leave it there to pay shipping cost. Maybe you still have a small amount left after paying shipping cost, but it wouldn't be much.

    45. Angela M. on February 16

      @Sabine, I believe that is not possible. Qualitybeast might be able to refund you a Little, but parts of the money has already been taken by KS by then, so it certainly will be the full amount.
      You'll be much better off, if you direct the additional money to shipping instead, and maybe another additional item.

    46. Olivier Peter on February 16

      @Sabine I don't think it is possible :( but you will have the choice to choose what add-on you want with the extra money you pledged ;).

    47. Sabine on February 16

      hei is it possible to change the amount later in the pledge manager downwards? :( I baked for double espresso and I falsely put also 14€ for the expansion -which already is in the double espresso... I think it was late and I had no coffee 😂. Thx

    48. Francis RAKOTOARISON on February 16

      Does you translate too the print and play (in french !) ??

    49. Olivier Peter on February 16

      @QB great job for this amazing campaign. I have never seen a creator so much listen to his backers, it's quite refreshing. Keep it up for your next campaign ;)

    50. Missing avatar

      Pere Jaume Cano on February 16

      where s the pnp?

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