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Thematic deck builder with brutal resource management, card drafting, set collection, engine building, modular setup & wild components!
Thematic deck builder with brutal resource management, card drafting, set collection, engine building, modular setup & wild components!
Thematic deck builder with brutal resource management, card drafting, set collection, engine building, modular setup & wild components!
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    1. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Butcher 1 day ago

      After finally having read through all the new PDFs and rulebook I now see a delta version of the PDF from 3.8 to 3.11 would not really work. Is it a possibility in the future for something like that to happen from this version on if no more major structure changes happen? Or would it be better to wait to print everything again until a more final version is released?

      Thanks again for all your hard work on this. Cannot wait to see the other new cards when they are released :).

    2. phil watson 2 days ago

      I see you are going to be at the UK Games Expo, what are you going to have on your stall ?

    3. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Butcher on May 15

      Outstanding work on this project thus far!! Cannot wait to see the final product. I wanted to ask however, I thought I remembered seeing somewhere that as PNP versions would be released with updates, the updates would be accessible in a delta only version, so just the changes since the last version, as someone who already printed and made the first release 3.8 i believe was the number, is it possible to get a pdf of the changes so I do not have to re-print all the cards that I already have?

      Thanks again for this great game, looking forward to solo rules when they come out too!

    4. Quality Beast Creator
      on May 14

      @Bonzo: Hey there, thanks for asking! We've just returned from Japan where we were visiting the Tokyo Game Market for the first time. We are preparing the next update for you this week, as we promised in our last update.

      News about the pledge manager is the same as we said before: we are reaching out to the retailers you all provided to try and offer store pick-ups, we are reassessing our timeline so we know is SPIEL pick-up is possible, and lastly we are testing the manufacturing samples (primarily the play mat) since that would effect items in the PM. Once these things are tied up we have nothing blocking us from opening the pledge manager!

    5. Bonzo on May 14

      any news about the pledge manager ?

    6. Dawn Carter
      on May 6

      @johnP. Thank you! That's what I thought. Played it yesterday for the first time! So fun! I can't wait for the finished game.

    7. K4REL on May 6

      Thanks for the field research pierre :-)

    8. Pierre G.
      on May 5

      The mat we could see was in fabric, the art looked awesome on it and ft perfectly in the coffee place thematic of the game. Dilkrom told us that they still look to improve the material of the mat. The prototype they had was a bit thin and maybe easy to fold on the table, good point is that it can fit easy in a box and one more time exactly on point with the thematic of the game.

    9. John Perry on May 5

      @Dawn Carter - it would be two sugars. If you have the icon in your Pantry for a desired item, it will cost you one resource per icon on the customer. If you do not have the icon in your pantry, then it would be two resources per, in this case 4.

    10. K4REL on May 5

      Cool, how is the mat? I am considering that

    11. Pierre G.
      on May 5

      Yeah dilkrom was there and he is really nice, he showed some component like the game mat and prototype coffee bean milk and sugar tokens. Everything looked really good. One of my friend now want to buy the game with me during the PM. Sadly we could not play the game but we could try Tower of sun an interesting future project.

    12. K4REL on May 5

      Good to know! I am really looking forward to this!

    13. Pierre G.
      on May 5

      Seen some of the components at the Tokyo game market today. It looks fantastic! The team is also really really nice! Looking more and more forward to get the game!!

    14. Dawn Carter
      on May 5

      I printed the PnP today! Read all the rules, found errors, but it looks like they are already be addressed. A question came up tho... If you have a resource in your pantry, say pie. And a customer requires two pies, do you get to pay a total of 2 sugar, or would you need to pay three sugar until you got another pie pantry resource? My guess is that I you would pay 2 sugar, but I thought I would ask.

    15. Angela M. on April 29

      Jep, @Saul, I'm all dressed up by Mario. Really proud to wear it, too :)

    16. Saul on April 29

      @Angela M.: Is that personalised customer art I see? Super cool! 😀

    17. Stefan Tymoshyshyn on April 29

      Thanks for reassuring me about the solo. Didn't realise it had it's own scenario book. Really looking forward to it now.

    18. K4REL on April 29

      (and I am sorry for the typos, I blame my phone! )

    19. K4REL on April 29

      Cool! A am sure, you guys are doing the best you can, as fast as you can!
      On quick other question. Is it right that the upgrade cards in the new PnP have no art? Are just coffee stains?

    20. dilkROM Collaborator
      on April 29

      @K4REL: Awesome, I'll be looking at it in the near future, haven't carved out time yet to glance t the activity there since the release – moved immediately onto other pending tasks, like the much requested solo mode and of course prepping more customer groups to come! :)

    21. K4REL on April 29

      Thanks, that clarifies it more. I did mention it in the file!

    22. dilkROM Collaborator
      on April 29

      @Angela M.: Oh, agreed! Mario is out of control. I still can't believe the amount of illustrations he can get done in a single day while maintaining a level of high quality.

    23. Quality Beast Creator
      on April 29

      @Mohegan: No sweat. Stefan and dilkROM (the two who are going through the retailers now) will definitely make sure to take a look back into the responses to get your input. :)

    24. Quality Beast Creator
      on April 29

      @Stefan Tymoshyshyn: This is because the solo mode has it's own scenario book. You may have missed this detail during the campaign, but all solo rules and details will be in a separate book. This book is being written now. We wanted to make sure the new rulebook was released first, so that while preparing the solo book we could get the feedback and insight from our backers on the rulebook.

      Solo mode is certainly not being dropped! You don't have to worry about that. ;)

      As for the video, we announced this in partnership with a really wonderful streamer. Since the announcement she has had some scheduling difficulties that have further postponed the creation and release of the video. It was our hope (and still is) that her schedule would improve. We'll give it a few more weeks and if there's still no green light then we will go ahead and do the video ourselves, with Quality Beast team members only.

    25. dilkROM Collaborator
      on April 29

      @K4REL: Thanks for reading the new rulebook. It's best if you ask questions directly there, so the whole team and especially our rulebook editor and see them, respond to them, and perhaps even incorporate them into changes to help make the rulebook more clear.

      To answer though, you never activate more then 3 icons. The idea is that you choose 3 but in some cases, based on what cards you took, it might not be the best scenario that you activate 3 (for example, if you were already overrun by customers and your cards were giving you more hype). We've intended this as a part of the design. Therefore it's important to activate 3 if you can. Hope this helps!

    26. Quality Beast Creator
      on April 29

      @Pierre G.: Awesome, we'd be delighted to see you there! Look for us at booth A40! :)

    27. Angela M. on April 29

      Loving to see all the new art on the customer groups. And there's still so many to come!

    28. Mohegan on April 29

      I'm sorry to say that I missed the initial store pick-up survey. I've just sent in the name of my FLGS, and I apologize the inconvenience this may have caused. Regardless if it's too late for to be chosen for pick-up, I just want to say keep up the good work. The game looks amazing, and I can't wait to share it with my friends!

    29. Stefan Tymoshyshyn on April 29

      @Quality Beast
      The new rulebook doesn’t seem to mention components or indeed anything relating to the solo mode. Also a video was promised weeks ago showing the solo mode in play but has yet to materialise. I hope that solo mode has not been dropped from the game.

    30. K4REL on April 29

      @quality beast
      Thanks for the update. I have a question about 'actions' after reading (the first part) of the new rulebook:
      "you must activate the base effect and 3 different icons (if possible) that you’ve added to that row with Upgrades"
      I can only see what happens if you have less than three upgrades. But what if you have more? Do you have to activate 'at least 3 different actions' or 'at most 3 different actions'?

    31. Pierre G.
      on April 28

      Guess I will see you guys at the Tokyo Game Market :)

    32. Quality Beast Creator
      on April 28

      @Pablomy: You're more than welcome!

      @Everyone: We've just pushed out a new update announcing the release of the updated rulebook, print and play, and Tabletop Simulator mod. Please enjoy the content as a celebration of International Tabletop Day this weekend! <3

    33. Missing avatar

      Pablomy on April 24

      @QB thx for the Update, this does clarify things

    34. Quality Beast Creator
      on April 23

      @Matteo M: We've answered some questions about the pledge manager in the comments and in messages but you're right we haven't sent any updates for a few weeks. As we've explained we are pushing very hard to get the new rulebook, mod and PnP out. This is most important because before we begin translation we want to show the new text and rules to our backers.

      The pledge manager itself is delayed for only two reasons: we are approaching stores for local pick-up options to save people shipping costs and we are thoroughly testing the play mat options as we promised. We cannot open the pledge manager until both topics are clear. We're pretty far along with both topics and beyond preparing an update about the above topics (rulebook, mod and PnP) we're also preparing one on these topics.

      Hopefully this helps to answer your wonders, it would be quite sad for us if you lost your interest. Feel free to message us further if you have any other specific questions!

    35. Matteo M on April 23

      Still no news about pledge manager. I pledged 1€, I don't know anymore If I want to continue with this project

    36. Quality Beast Creator
      on April 19

      @Hamlet Abedian: Leider noch nicht. Wir schicken dir aber sofort ein Update per Mail, sobald der Pledge Manager offen ist!

    37. Quality Beast Creator
      on April 19

      @Ryan: Nice to hear, and yes our linen would basically be the same, because as far as we know the manufacturer is the same. As noted, we'll be heavily testing the linen (it's already in the process of a "fold test" now).

    38. Quality Beast Creator
      on April 19

      @Nikie Keijsers & Danimal13: Elliot Thomas is correct that no pledge manager links were sent yet. Our only hold-up now is checking in with all the retailers that our lovely backers provided us with in the last survey to see who can offer store pick-up. We are also examining our timeline closely to see if Essen pick-up is safe to offer. And lastly, we are receiving samples now from the factory and are beginning to test things like the playmat. We're preparing an update regarding this but we want to have a verdict there *before* the PM is opened. So, this is a balancing act, as it means longer time to wait but we believe it's worth it if we're able to include any of those above-mentioned things.

    39. Quality Beast Creator
      on April 19

      @Win Phan: Awww, thank you so much. We are moving and hustling and pushing hard on the game. We know this is not always visible but we believe all of you will greatly benefit from the time and effort we're applying.

    40. Quality Beast Creator
      on April 19

      @Tee Wee Tynn (Jason): Thank you! We are aware. We are handling all retailer requests now. As noted below, our response time may be delayed more than usual. We'll be responding to all retailers next with actual QB invoices and once you receive it, you can pay, and your order is locked in and safe! :)

    41. Quality Beast Creator
      on April 19

      @Hans Fausto: Yup, Angela M. is correct. Just hang tight for the pledge manager!

    42. Quality Beast Creator
      on April 19

      @Chester: You know by now, but for the custom art we're communicating via messages. If anyone else has Q's about their contributions simply message us on KS. We are very limited as far as our resources go right now so if you feel like the waiting time for a response is longer than usual that is why. All effort poured into the game! :)

    43. Missing avatar

      heather on April 18

      but today we have one less day to wait than yesterday!!

    44. Missing avatar

      Elliot Thomas on April 18

      @danimall3 not yet

    45. Missing avatar

      on April 17

      Pledge manager links go out yet?

    46. Hamlet Abedian on April 15

      Vielleicht ist die Frage wiederholt, aberwitzig kann ich den Pledge Manager fertig machen, damit ich irgendwann mal meine Sachen bekommen kann.

    47. Tgpumpkin on April 11

      @Ryan Dragoon is a solid game :)

    48. Ryan on April 10

      I take back everything I said about a linen/tablecloth playmat not working with cards. This past weekend at Pax East I played (and purchased) Dragoon, which uses a linen board that I am in LOVE with. It makes the game more compact for storage and carrying around. However, there are no cards to layout on the linen in that game, so I didn't actually get to test how lifting cards off of it would feel, but I have a new opinion on linen playmats as a whole. I trust you guys will go through playtesting to find a suitable material.

    49. Missing avatar

      Nikie Keijsers on April 10

      Was just wondering if I missed the pledge manager. Glad to read it hasn't opened yet. (Mini donuts you shall be mine!)

    50. Win Phan on April 10

      Just wanna leave an encouraging message for @QB that you guys are so cool in receiving feedback and keeping backers in the loop despite tight schedule :)

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