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A story of love, the will to survive and the finding of one's self worth through death and uncertainty in this fabrication of the real.

A story of love, the will to survive and the finding of one's self worth through death and uncertainty in this fabrication of the real.

A story of love, the will to survive and the finding of one's self worth through death and uncertainty in this fabrication of the real. Read More
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In this complicated tale of disillusionment, we follow a group of young adults as they face their pasts, present and the uncertainty of a future, while attempting to salvage the shattered pieces the broken relationships they have formed.

There are actually two stories to this film:

1- The mental breakdown  of main characters as the try to escape a Russian bombardment of Peoria Illinois

2- The political, philosophical, religious analysis of the strange and skewed events that plagued the earth in the past that led to such an event to take place.

WHAT IS GUF?????!!!!!!!!

Through my high school and college education, I have studied a multitude of religious beliefs.

Religion can become pretty controversial in film. Which is why i decided to work an observation of the whole into the philosophy of the film. 

One of the more interesting ideologies is the CHAMBER/HALL OF GUF.

In Jewish Mysticism is Great Hall is where all human souls (if worthy) gather before being reborn as a new human. But, if the Hall is ever emptied, either one of two things will happen. That the Messiah will come to save the world, or that only one child will be born on the earth that day. He/She will be the anti-Christ and proceed to destroy the world. VERY INTERESTING STUFF!

So, I decided to take it a step further! 

This belief implies that each and every person is important and has a unique role which only them and their unique soul can fulfill. Even a new born baby brings said Messiah or antichrist simply by being born. What if someone wanted to take this belief and run with it? What if THAT PERSON assumed that some roles are more important than others? Imagine if someone were to play their role by manipulating the roles of those around them. Quite possibly, the roles of complete strangers. One could change the outcomes of people's lives, what they could become. Not only that, but events, entire situations could be uses to their advantage. (I KNOW, I KNOW I SAID THE WORD "ROLE" OVER 100 TIMES)

This is not predominantly a religious film. This is the backbone for the 5 film plots.

It is a key feature that assists the main theme SELF WORTH.

I chose this for a theme, because....Well, who has not ever battled with their own self worth? Everyone you know pursues validation from at least one or more people . "Do you see me?" "Do you Hear me?" "Does what I say matter?"

Throughout the film, the tone will turn from lighthearted to dark as situation in Peoria progressively grows worse. causing the characters to question the choices they've made and their worth towards the ones they love. It is up to them to battle these mental obstacles alongside the physical ones to live on. 

But is this a coincidence, that they were all friends to begin with? Or is this just apart of a twisted performance, brought on by an antagonist who molds people's lives to fit his resolution of the world?


Throughout the progression of the 5 films, I am planning on incorporating MANY past events. Some of which will be slightly skewed to fit the weirdness of this somewhat alternate reality.

Some Events and Locations Covered:
9-11, Tunguska Event, Battle of Los Angeles( the real thing, not the bad film),Lake Vostok and Halo over Moscow


As you can imagine, making a film is rather expensive. From the beginning of the pre-production process, to the end of post -production process, the cost can grow to the upper parts of six figures. And that's what this is, a six figure film.

The $100,000 will be used for:

1- Much needed additional video/sound equipment.

2- Location permits, licencing and liability insurance.

3- Props/ wardrobe/make-up

4- Travel expenses

5- Practice scenes

6- Special effects

7- Hiring of select crew members.


Crowdsourcing is a distributed problem-solving and production process that involves outsourcing  tasks to a network of people, also known as the crowd. This process can occur both online and offline.

And so thanks to Social Networks Such as Facebook, Linkedin and Google+, I am able to communicate, make connections and branch out to different businesses in order to fill in the gaps of my own experience.

Here is a list of a few of the perspective resources that will further the completion of the film ...I will put up a full list shortly.

Pipedreams3D _ Bradley University _ Circus13 Production _ Screenwriters of Central Illinois _ Water Street Media Works _ Peoria Civic Center _ Advanced Audio and Video _ Military Trucks Inc. _ Sunbelt Rentals _ Country Club of Peoria_ along with a large assortment of freelance graphic artist, location scouts, producer, cinematographers, grips and so on.


Cannes Film Festival 

Sundance Film Festival



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