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Slim & Secure Wallet With Elastic Strap, Premium Durable Leather, RFID Blocking, Convenient pull-out strap, Designed for Functionality
Slim & Secure Wallet With Elastic Strap, Premium Durable Leather, RFID Blocking, Convenient pull-out strap, Designed for Functionality
Slim & Secure Wallet With Elastic Strap, Premium Durable Leather, RFID Blocking, Convenient pull-out strap, Designed for Functionality
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    1. Qlink Designs Creator on

      @aaron @Alexander @nikhil We are here to help, please send us an email to

    2. Aaron Gross on

      I'm having same issue as Nikhil and Alexander. Only on one side of the top, peeling away and I can see internal layers.

    3. Missing avatar

      Alexander on

      Hello, interestingly, I believe I am having the same issue at Nikhil. The leather around the edge of the wallet, right at the top left curve, is peeling off. I like this wallet and have been treating it well but it looks like the leather around the top edge of the RFID pocket separates after only light use. I rarely have more than 3 cards in that pocket and never more than 5 so I wouldn't expect it to be failing already...

      I believe this is not an issue on the right side of the wallet because the leather on that edge splits much lower to allow for the keychain loop. I would be happy to send you a photo if that would be helpful for improving your manufacturing strategy, I believe it would likely be a minor change.

    4. Missing avatar

      Nikhil Bhatia on

      My wallet is already breaking apart. The leather on the top is peeling off so I can see the internal layers. Can you help with this?

    5. Missing avatar

      Rik Albers

      Recieved my 2th one today. Thanks!

    6. Qlink Designs Creator on

      @Aditya: We tried sending package through postal couple of times and your country has poor postal service and we are not able to find any info about the package. Check your message.

    7. Missing avatar

      Rik Albers

      Thank you! I have ordered a New one

    8. Qlink Designs Creator on

      As a initial backer, we have exciting offer 20% discount for any purchase at our website, use the coupon code tDKS15NBT in checkout page. Please do share with your friends and family. This offer is valid for till May 31st 2018.

    9. Missing avatar

      Rik Albers

      #9 sorry

    10. Missing avatar

      Rik Albers

      I love my STRAPO! I want to order more but Could I get some KS discount? I am backer #3

    11. Aditya Goel on

      Hi, this is the third time I'm raising this issue. I had backed this project with the 2 Strapo wallet package & I have received only 1. It has been 4 months & I haven't heard from any of you. Is this the kind of service you offer? Please refund me the amount of a single wallet if your company is incapable of shipping another one!

    12. Missing avatar

      Arun P on

      Review after using strapo for 2+ months.

      I used to have multiple bulky wallets before Strapo. This is true to its name - minimalist. I can fit 4-5 cards, few notes and some coins. The front pocket which is non-RFID works great. I use this pocket regularly for my metro card and it worked more than 90% of the time.
      I got two Strapos. The thing used to pull cards from the main pocket is tight in one of the wallets. As you add coins and notes to the side pocket it expands a bit and it does not go back to the original state.

      This is the first product I got from Kickstarter. I would rate this a 4.5/5 . A definite but if you want a truly minimalist wallet.

    13. Qlink Designs Creator on

      Issue is resolved now. You can place order now on for new wallets

    14. Qlink Designs Creator on

      Our developers are checking on this issue and will be fixed shortly.

    15. Bharat Jethwani on

      @SnarlyCheese Hi.
      I have the same problem. And I was trying it on Firefox. But try it on Google Chrome as it works perfectly on that browser.

    16. Missing avatar

      SnarlyCheese on

      I can't order another one. Yalls website seems to be messed up, I click the link and select the wallet section and I can't get no further than that. The picture of the wallet doesn't come up and thus won't let me select the color option for it.

    17. Qlink Designs Creator on

      @Richard: Your survey is in incomplete status. Check your message for more info.

    18. Qlink Designs Creator on

      @shawn: Please check your message.

    19. Qlink Designs Creator on

      @Tamarah: Your package tracking shows as delivered on March 31st.

    20. Richard Ortiz on

      Any up-dates on a delivery schedule?

    21. Missing avatar

      Tamarah Cox-Yu on

      I still have not received my wallet yet. I just moved so now I have a new address. I would like my wallet ASAP or to,be refunded in full please.

    22. Shawn O'Brien on

      I came to this project page to see where I could buy another wallet and was surprised to see people claiming to have issues with their wallet falling apart. My experience with the wallet has been completely opposite of this. I've been carrying it daily in my front pocket since the day I received it and it still looks great. Leather has formed to the outside cards somewhat but otherwise the wallet is functioning and looking great.

      @creator if you guys have a link to where I can buy another please send it over. I'd appreciate it!

    23. Palindrome Bob-XSF-I'm in AGL589-BG5.22

      How odd, USPS claims the package left Brussels January 12th (but is still In-Transit) and my local post company says the package is still en route to Belgium, and that since January 9th. And yet, there's a qlink-wallet and keychain nearby. Haven't a clue when it got here though.

    24. Brian Wong on

      Finally got hold of the wallets after 2 months of delay, and a 2nd shipment, due to the incompetency of my local postal company. Wallets' quality looks OK, with some minor loose threads. Not too sure how long would it last. Hope it would last longer than the other users who commented below.

      Special thanks to @Saumiya, the customer support, which had done a very good job in handling my case!

    25. Missing avatar

      Mirwing on

      Receive my wallet over past few days (after 2 months or more of delay cause of my local postal company - Chile) everything arrive fine, I love the concept and easy of use.


    26. Qlink Designs Creator on

      @Tamarah: You need to answer the survey to process our shipment. We have resend you srvey link email now. Please complete them and we will process your shipment ASAP.

    27. Missing avatar

      Tamarah Cox-Yu on

      I still have yet to recieve the wallet I ordered for my husband. Can you please tell me when I will get it? Otherwise please refund my money. I see so many people have had theirs for awhile already. If you can not get it to me before March 233rd please refund my money. We just sold of house and that is the day we move. Do not have a forwarding address yet.

    28. Qlink Designs Creator on

      For all queries please send us an email to

    29. Ryan Russell on

      After maybe 6 weeks of use, the wallet is coming apart. Most of the edge around the card slot has worn off, exposing the insides; the elastic is so loose I have to have precisely the right amount of cards or they fall out. Seams have started coming apart near the top. Elastic pull tab has lost most elasticness. Very sad, as this seemed like a good idea and it did work well while it lasted.

    30. Alex Garv on

      Same here, after 3-4 weeks of in-pocket usage everything comes apart, but I like the concept and actually found there are many mature models out there ;) the elastic is so lose now it needs exactly the same amount of cards or they just fall out, seams are opening, there's kind of a paper layer inside and the little ledge is in the process of falling off as well.

    31. Qlink Designs Creator on

      For all queries please send us an email to

    32. Anastasia Skinner

      The wallet is no more fell apart and oddly as it is so did the keychain, probably not the best investment but did show me I liked more minimalistic wallets so that’s what I looked for in the new one I just bought.

    33. Qlink Designs Creator on

      @Luis: Please send us the picture of the wallet to

    34. Missing avatar

      Luis Pena on

      Hello, I have some unfortunate news. I got my wallet and loved it initially. However, after about a month of use, the seems are coming apart! :( Its near where the cards go into the protective slot on the side of the elastic band. With the seems undone, you can clearly see inside the paper placed in between the leather and the shiny sheet (RFID blocker?) inside. Please help me out with my issue.

    35. Missing avatar

      Sylvia Ko on

      Hi, my USPS tracking shows my package last location is in transit since 14th January, more than a month has passed and I have yet to receive it. Appreciate if you could help me check from your side. Thanks.

    36. Qlink Designs Creator on

      @Robert: We are glad to know you liked our wallet. Enjoy using it.

    37. Robert McGinn on

      Hey guys, just wanted to say well done on the wallet, I love mine!! From Dublin, ireland.

    38. Qlink Designs Creator on

      @Tomas: Please send us the picture of wallet to

    39. Missing avatar

      Tomas on

      Hi. I have been using mine wallet for a while now, unfortunately the top(leather) of the elastic pull went off. Sounds similar to some of the other issues/comments below.

    40. Qlink Designs Creator on

      @Joannes: Please check your message

    41. Missing avatar

      Joannes Buckens on

      Hi could I get a shipping update please? I recieved an email that said that my reward has been shipped but when I follow the link to the ups tracking page the status is ‘December 9, 2017
      Pre-Shipment Info Sent to USPS, USPS Awaiting Item’ ? Thank you!

    42. Qlink Designs Creator on

      @Aditya: Your 2nd wallet is already shipped. Please check your message for more info.

    43. Aditya Goel on

      I'd opted for the $49 - 2 wallet pledge. I received 1 wallet in the last week of Dec. but didn't get the other. Wrote to Qlink on the 25th of Jan. They said they'll get back to me. Still waiting...

    44. Qlink Designs Creator on

      @chuck: You need to answer the survey in order to process your shipment. We send an email with survey link to your associate email id now. Please complete ASAP so we can process your shipment.

    45. Missing avatar

      chuck jacoby on

      Please see my order information below I have yet to receive my strapo.

      You're backer 839.
      You have successfully pledged $24.00 to STRAPO Expandable Minimalist Wallet. This project is now one step closer to becoming a reality.
      Confirmation number:

      Chuck jacoby

    46. Qlink Designs Creator on

      @cdole: Please send us the picture of the wallet to

    47. Missing avatar

      cdole on

      I have been using the wallet for a few months and love it so far but the leather pull tab pulled off after about the tenth time using it. I rarely need to pull out those cards but it got some use over the weekend with a hotel card.

    48. Missing avatar

      EIL on

      Got mine. Happy with it overall but wish the elastic strap on the back was significantly tighter, especially at the top opening.

    49. Qlink Designs Creator on

      @Scott: Send us the picture of the wallet to

    50. Missing avatar

      Scott Smith on

      I love the wallet but, the leather tab on the wallet is coming off. What can be done? Message me, I have a picture.

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