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$94,898 pledged of $230,000 goal
By QFO Labs
$94,898 pledged of $230,000 goal

Breaking News: QFO Labs Quad Fighter now available online and in-stores


Hey Kickstarter Supporters,

We kept to working and after many late nights and lots of hard work, we are proud to announce that we did it! Our new product, now called the Quad Fighter, is available online and in stores through Brookstone for only $99!

For more information check out our new and improved website at QFOLabs.com

Quad Fighter from QFO Labs
Quad Fighter from QFO Labs

Thanks for your continued interest and support,

Jim, John and Brad

P.S. If you act quickly you can take advantage of a Groupon that could save you $25.

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    1. QFO Labs Creator on December 11, 2013

      The most obvious difference is that you can buy ours now! I really can't make comparisons without seeing their final product. I can tell you that our frame is made from injection molded ABS plastic that can really take a lot of abuse without breaking. Our hand controller is the other real difference. The copter responds crisply and predictably to your commands and you can fly it with one hand. Which means your other hand is free to talk on your cell phone while your flying!

    2. Natanael_L on December 11, 2013

      Nice! I was hoping it would get somewhere!

      Just one question, though, how would it compare to the newer Kickstarter project Hex copter? Yours is obviously a bit more polished, but I'm thinking of specs and features, and the Hex is more open to modifications. I'm thinking of getting this one too, also considering it's the one I backed first over a year ago and that your controller seems to be very unique and easy to use. I'm not entirely sure yet, though.

    3. Daniel Lieber on December 11, 2013

      Congratulations! I'll check it out.