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Real barbeque made simple. Monitor and control your BBQ from anywhere. The Qbox will alert you & keep your food warm until you get home

The Qbox Kitchen

A comedy series where the Qbox founders provide examples of the great food and freedom that will come with their new product. Don't judge the acting skills and check back often for updated episodes! 

Episode 4: Wicked Smoked Tomatoes 


What is it?

The Qbox is a Wi-Fi connected barbecue smoker, which means you can monitor and control it from anywhere with the Qbox app.

Typically barbecue smoking takes a lot of time and hassle, so as fans of good food and new technology, we are creating a way to make the same great food without having to babysit a grill or smoker all day.

How Does it Work?

The Qbox app will let you remotely monitor your food’s progress. Use the auto presets for your food type or use it like a pro and manually adjust the temp.

Chart out the progress of your food temp over time. Use it to try outsmarting the stall (temperature plateau) and keep your food nice and moist. Or use it to enhance your credibility as a barbecue geek.


Powered by Spark

The Qbox is Powered by Spark, meaning it will take just seconds to connect the Qbox to your Wi-Fi network via your iOS or Android device. 
Once connected, the Qbox communicates through the open, but secure REST API service (this helps prevent someone from hacking your bacon project). The App and secure cloud service are completely free to use for the life of the Qbox. In fact, since we’re using an open API, you can even author your very own control schemes.

Our Prototype

We have integrated the Spark Core into the Qbox Module that allows Qbox users to control and monitor smoke sessions from anywhere with a signal. It will also display LED temperature and status indicators directly on top of the Qbox. This is where the magic resides.

We are taking a traditional electric smoker box and adding the Internet. While the magic is in the Qbox Module, the design focus of the box itself has been to ensure it is both durable and insulated enough to maintain a consistent temperature in all outdoor environments.

The Food

We are thrilled with the results from our smoke session experimentation thus far. The Qbox is great for smoking many traditional BBQ favorites like ribs, brisket, pork shoulder, chicken, salmon and turkey. It is so simple to use you can even experiment with vegetables, almonds and salt!

Some of the food we made during our video shoot
Some of the food we made during our video shoot

Tech Overview

Tech Specs*

Our plan & why we need funding

We have used our network of engineers, designers, and suppliers in the United States, Germany, and China to create the infrastructure needed to bring the Qbox to market. We are proud of where we stand today but we need Kickstarter’s help to proceed with building out the app, tooling, certification, and initial order fulfillment.

Tooling and Testing-We plan to start the tooling process (this takes around 50 days) after a successful campaign. We will then send pre-production samples to 3rd party labs for certification and safety testing. This is another long process and our hope is we can start our first mass production run in time to make shipments by July 2014.

Application-We plan to execute the final engineering of the Qbox App in parallel to tooling and testing/certifications. We have identified smart and qualified partners that will be able to build out an App that will not only suit the current needs of Qbox users but also evolve with the Community as we collectively move forward.

Our Progress

The idea for the Qbox was born after years of tending grills and constantly watching temperatures. We knew there had to be a better way to make great barbecue without the traditional time commitment. We are excited to initiate our Kickstarter campaign and will provide updates along the way.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

As with any new product there will inevitably be challenges as we prepare for final production. We are "adding the Internet" to a BBQ smoker and are confident in the technology and manufacturing partners we have but also understand there are always unknown variables that will arise with new bringing new technology to market.

We are partnering with cutting edge software technology partners which is great because it will provide the most feature rich product, but it will also pose potential hurdles that will arise during the development like any new technology. Creating the right formula for the Qbox App will be a work in progress and we will need to continually evolve the App over time as we increase dialogue with the Qbox community.

Both tooling and testing are elements of this process that will require significant time and funding. Fortunately, we have the past experience to understand not only how to plan for these but also how to execute them properly.

Warehousing and logistics will also pose a challenge due to the size and weight of the Qbox. We have the ability to do some of this ourselves but will likely be partnering with some of our friends in the distribution industry to leave this up to professionals who can keep costs down for all of us.

We plan to keep our Qbox community informed of progress (both good and bad) as we proceed forward after the campaign. We expect to have significant collaboration with our backers and anticipate an open dialogue along the way so everyone will be involved in bringing Qbox to market!


  • We would love to ship to our European friends, however due to the difference in power supply and additional testing/certification requirements needed we will need to hit a stretch goal in order to be fully compliant.

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