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After the explosion of your planet, travel through the universe aboard your starship to find a new place to call your home <3
After the explosion of your planet, travel through the universe aboard your starship to find a new place to call your home <3
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Demo update (Keyboard, Mac and Linux!) + Asteroids

Posted by q-bit games (Creator)

Hello everyone! Today's update will bring joy to a lot of you - we're finally able to release the playable demo to other platforms, and also gives you the possibility to play with your keyboard. We also have a word from our developer Roméo about procedural generation. ALSO HOLOBUNNIES IS FUNDED OK LET'S DO THIS.

Play with your keyboard on PC/Mac/Linux!

So we worked ridiculously hard on this and we finally have it - you're now able to play the demo on Windows, Mac and Linux with a controller OR your keyboard. REJOICE!

Download the Windows demo

Download the Mac demo

Download the Linux demo

If you're playing with a keyboard, here's what you need to know:

  • Arrows / WASD: Move
  • Z / Num Pad 2: Jump 
  • X / Num Pad 1: Jetpack 
  • C / Num Pad 5: Shoot 
  • V / Num Pad 4: Action 
  • B / Num Pad 3: Talk
  • N / Num Pad 6: Ability

If you're playing with a controller, here are the controls:

Y is the ability button!?
Y is the ability button!?

Asteroids? Procedural Generation? Tell me more!

We briefly mentioned procedural generation in the campaign's feature section, but we wanted to expand a bit upon that. What follows is a bit of a technical stuff but we hope it'll give a good insight on what we will be doing regarding procedural levels!

One of the games we really like is Spelunky. We scrubbed through the source code of the original Spelunky and blog posts to see how it worked. To us, it seemed like a good base to start off of. To sum it up quickly, it traces a path in a grid and fills the path with premade templates, changing them up with random tiles and obstacles. These templates on the path have a guaranteed entrance and exit, making sure you can get to the end. It then fills the rest of the grid with other templates. That way, we can place the important treasure at the end, and sprinkle other items in the other rooms if need be.

This mix of level design and randomness really works for us. We started prototyping around that idea and found out that it worked, but that it really didn't give an asteroid-like structure. We're still trying to come up with ways to "open up" the generated levels, but it's going well. This is one thing will be iterated a lot going forward and we're excited - we hope you are too!

Campaign update

As you probably know by now, Holobunnies is officially happening, we got funded! Thanks again to all of you. We still have two weeks of campaign left so we have plenty of time to hit some stretch goals, and gain votes on Greenlight! HYPE! 

Next update we'll give you more information about Nate the Holomonkey. He's such an adorable one!

- q-bit games & Sleepy Sheepy

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    1. q-bit games 2-time creator on

      *whispers* We heard that they're used to put a temporary end to a sleeping curse, maybe someone is afflicted by one in the cave?

    2. Juniper on

      Getting the satchel full of dust is surprisingly, and refreshingly tough. Not that I have any idea what to do with it.

    3. Paul Hamilton on

      Lol, the face behind the joypad almost creeped me! :D