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Q-workshop presents the most unique metal dice set on Earth— an all new and very special accessory for your Pathfinder game sessions!
Q-workshop presents the most unique metal dice set on Earth— an all new and very special accessory for your Pathfinder game sessions!
Q-workshop presents the most unique metal dice set on Earth— an all new and very special accessory for your Pathfinder game sessions!
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    1. Erik Diego Soares on


      Can I polish the dice with Brasso?

    2. Missing avatar

      Diego Garcia Madrid on

      I'm a little bit worried...24th December and no news about the dice nor tracking info. Who should I talk to?

    3. Missing avatar

      Robert Lowrey on

      Im also still waiting. Was told two weeks as of Nov 7th.
      No tracking info in my in box.
      Were there some of us "missed" again?

    4. Jay Kuo on

      Once the pledge manager is closed does that mean its ready to ship?

    5. Ben on

      Well, I was in the delayed batch and mine just arrived today. Never saw tracking info, but that may have been eaten by a spam filter or something.

    6. Missing avatar

      Diego Garcia Madrid on

      Sorry for the delay...I've had serious health problems and I was absolutely unable to pay attention to my Kickstarter account. I saw today that I didn't pay the shipping costs (I've just done now), but I'm afraid that it's too late. Will I receive the dice or is it something lost?
      Thank you and my sincere apologies.

    7. kris kline on

      I AM STILL AWAITING MINE! When will they get here?

    8. Robyn Nixon

      So when will the final shipments be sent?
      Still have not seen dice.

    9. Missing avatar


      @Corodix - Copper can become much darker when it is tarnished. Generally speaking, washing copper with a mild detergent may work. If not, then something stronger like a mild vinegar solution with salt, tomato juice/paste, or diluted lemon juice may help. I don't have this problem with my copper dice and so haven't actually tried any of the above out on the dice specifically. This is just general advice for getting copper shiny again. Please let the rest of us how you make out.

    10. Missing avatar

      Corodix on

      Some of my more used copper dice have become very dark and have completely lost their shine. This is especially a problem for me d20 and d8, which have both become difficult to read. It's less of a problem for the d6s, but it's slowly getting worse with those as well. I haven't used the d12 at all and it's still nice and shiny. The difference between the d20/d8 and the d12 is like night and day. All of them felt a little bit sticky when I first got them, so I'm wondering if that's the issue (stuff sticking to them making them darker).

      I'm currently no longer using the copper d20 and d8 due to how hard they are now to read. Is there any way to clean the copper dice? I tried cleaning the d20 a few weeks ago which didn't help much and also damaged the paintjob slightly, so I've held off from doing that for any of the other dice before I do even more damage.

    11. Christopher W Rueber

      Now there's a Kickstarter store, and I still don't have my dice? This is leaving an awfully bad taste in my mouth.

    12. TheSurlyMexican (Miremarsh Mexican)

      I know this has been answered once before, but how do clean my copper dice?

    13. Julian on

      Like many others, I'm in the "shipping label problem" crowd. I was assured in late August that everything would be taken care of and that my dice would ship - haven't received anything yet over 2 months later. I've reached out to Q-Workshop directly and suggest others do the same.

    14. Ben on

      I sent them a message asking, sounds like they are hoping to get the stragglers sent out at the end of the month. Although if you didn't get your dice and don't know why, you should probably message them yourself, they seem more responsive there than in the comments.

    15. Missing avatar

      david clunie on

      @Allan MacKenzie-Graham No worries. Its all good. I love dice (except wooden ones). Overall I hope the people who haven't gotten theirs yet get them soon, they are fun to play with that's for sure and they are weighty! take care.

    16. Michael on

      We've still got about 100 people whose rewards have not been shipped. It was sent out 9-22-2016, I think is beyond the time for an update on this. I think those of us in this group have waited more than long enough.

    17. Missing avatar

      Allan MacKenzie-Graham

      @david clunie Fair enough. I guess the take home message is not as durable as other metal dice, but much prettier (at least in my opinion). You commented on the box in your review, so I guess we now know why it is there... Also, I'm sorry if I came off as strident in my post. I appreciate that you took the time to post your opinion.

    18. Missing avatar

      Todd on

      I never got mine

    19. Missing avatar

      david clunie on

      @Allan MacKenzie-Graham, you mean store them with themselves in the dice bag provided? Fathom the idea! Well technically I store them with the goblin dice as well, which the goblin dice despite being in a bag with metal dice still look good! Anywho, I take very good care of my dice (if you've read my article you'd have seen the d20 from the 70s box set still in excellent condition despite having been played with the most out of all my dice! Also, which is why in my honest review I also included the many other All Metal Sets, for comparision, and even included pics of my friends dice, all of which have been stored in the same types of bags conditions and do not show this kind of wear (which again was two sessions and a months time) I'm just letting people know the expectation to have vs what is shown and implied on the kickstarter (which yes i know those are visualizations, though that main pic still doesn't indicate as such even here on the messages section) Plus its just not storing the dice in a bag and them getting banged around, its the wear and tear from use as well, shaking the d10's to generate 1-100 or rolling your d20 and a d6 or d8 together for to hit and dmg they tend to clank around and hit each other. Plus its an alloy, not straight tin, which, i'm assuming the other 17% included was for hardening, which obviously isn't the case. Lastly as I mentioned the dice are "ok" but I wouldn't buy them again for the price indicated here. (btw qworkshop sell dwarven dice for about $50 in metal, and can be found cheaper 36.99 on amazon.)

    20. Missing avatar

      Allan MacKenzie-Graham

      @david clunie Why would you store them in a bag with other metal dice? Tin is not a hard metal (Mohs 1.5-1.8), it is even softer than gold (Mohs 2.5-3)( steel is 5-8.5). Of course they look beat up. You can't blame Q-workshop if you don't properly care for your dice.

    21. Missing avatar

      david clunie on

      Honest Review of The Paizo/The Pathfinder Q-Workshop All Metal Kickstarter Dice.

    22. Missing avatar

      Nick on

      Hey, haven't received my dice either, I'm pretty sure i filled out everything i needed to but is there a way for me to check?

    23. Christopher W Rueber

      It would be nice to hear how much longer that those of us that had problems with the initial ship-out are going to have to wait...

    24. Ben on

      Any idea how much longer those of us who had problems keeping us out of the initial ship-out still have to wait?

    25. E.j. Johnson on

      Haven't received my dice. Any help would be great!

    26. Q-workshop 3-time creator on

      Hi guys! Sorry, I've been ill for a week. Back now and responding to e-mails. Sorry for not advising you! Cheers, Agnieszka

    27. Missing avatar

      Jimmy on

      no tracking information. no response to emails. whats going on?

    28. Logan Seavers on

      Why is no one responding to my emails? It has been almost 3 weeks with no word or tracking info. What is going on?!

    29. Josh (no not that Josh)

      Kevin: I got a response back within a week or so from

      hope you get a resolution

    30. Kevin Wixson on

      Hey Q-workshop: left email and dm with no response! We need to get this pledge manager thing sorted so I can get my dice. Please get back to me.

    31. Missing avatar

      Paul S. Gazo on

      Quick observation: polish your dice.

      You don't need to use any chemicals, just use an old rag and wipe at the surfaces for a while. I did this on a batch during a play session (call it a dozen dice and four hours), and the results were quite nice.

      The "wash" that is applied to get the dark black in the cracks leaves a light coating on the metal surfaces. When you rub that off, there's an obvious improvement in appearance. They're not quite as bright as the original CGI renders, but I can absolutely tell a polished from unpolished die.

    32. Kobold King on

      Sweet i would have NEVER thought of that. Thanks a bunch.

    33. Robert Dadman Kepner on

      So if I got this built right, I received 8 peg/pins, but only need to use 2?

      My son and I built it together, and he's 3 so he loved just dropping dice in the tower for 15 minutes lol

    34. Josh (no not that Josh)

      @Kobold I didn't cut it, I took a Wood/Sheetrock 5/8" drill bit, looks sort of like a paddle, and by hand made the holes for the extra dice in the foam. Took the foam out of course, but the paddle bit was just the right size. Took some patience as foam does not like to be cut lol

    35. TaleSpinner on

      I got mine. They are fantastic. I also love the dice tower. I had totally forgotten about it and it was a fun little surprise. I have to say that the thing I like best is the way the dice are packaged. The individual die slots in the foam and nice box really sets this off as a premium product. Fun to use and to bring to the game with me. Thanks!

    36. Robyn Nixon

      No dice, no tracking numbers.
      Nothing received.

    37. Dane on

      @David Clunie Very helpful post. Followed the instructions and had no issues putting my dice tower together. Thank you sir.

    38. Missing avatar

      david clunie on

      For those of who are having a bit of trouble putting together the Dice Tower I made a little tutorial and tips guide on my blog. Enjoy! :D #qworkshop #paizo #dicetower

    39. Missing avatar

      Allan Webb on

      Got my gold dice last week. Box was beat up (and I took pictures prior to opening, just in case), but everything inside was fine. The gold dice are amazing (and amazingly heavy). The case and foam insert is also great; I'll probably just carry these dice around in it permanently, since I'd rather not rattle them around against each other in a bag all the time.

      Gold, dude. Gold! So pretty...

    40. Kobold King on

      Josh no not that josh. How did you cut your insert? I am pretty anal about such things and wanted nice round holes and wondered if you had tips or tricks. Thanks

    41. Kobold King on

      I am having trouble defending my dice tower from Mrs. Kobold. Will they be something I can order down the road? I know there had been mention of a kickstarter shop with dice and mats but didnt know if that included the towers as well.

    42. Wayne Clemmer on

      Package was rather beaten up when I got it, but contents seemed unharmed. Goblin dice were quickly snatched up by my son but looked okay for what I got to see. Metal dice seemed good but I'll check for line flaws now that I see it's an issue. I'll probably fill in any I find myself. I assembled the tower as soon as I got it, and ended up breaking off one of the side slots on the end-piece of the drawbridge, but everything else fit. (Lost that piece so I can't glue it back on.) It's possible to figure out the tower by looking at the pictures, but yeah, instructions were a little sparse. I _like_ that laser-cut wood smell. :)

    43. Missing avatar

      Christopher Eich on

      Some questions, comments, and concerns:
      First, comment: I received everything as ordered, and the lion's head of the dice look fantastic. They roll nicely (though, I worry for the safety of the dice tower with the dense dice), and arrived precisely on time.
      Questions: What would be the best way to fill in the lines on the dice? They were all painted, of course, but the paint looks thinner in places, especially on the tin dice. In other place, the paint doesn't always completely connect the lines. Nothing that would affect gameplay or anything, but I'm a little OCD, and now that I've noticed, it's really hard to un-notice.
      Secondly, what finish used on the coppery dice? I only ask because one of the d10s is rather shinier on the even side and duller on the odd side.
      Last concern: My tin d20 has two faces that have small rough patches in the metal. Is it possible to buff something like that out?

      Overall, I'm quite pleased with the product, especially the gold and copper dice. When the metal dice hit retail, I'll absolutely recommend them to anyone interested.

    44. Alex Bianchi on

      Oh, and I figured they would let you keep the three d6. Excellent customer service all the way around.

    45. Alex Bianchi on

      @Christa Nelson - I apologize in advance since it has been so long, but I thought the green and black Goblin dice were the official stretch goal tied to the sets. Meaning you received a green/black set with each metal set you pledged. If you wanted a purple/green Goblin dice set that had to be added in the backerkit as an add-on at $15 per set. At least that's what I remember.

    46. Josh (no not that Josh)

      Got a response back about the missing d8! They are going to get one shipped out to me!

      Thanks for the quick response, can't wait to get my hands on the last piece of my set :D

    47. Christa Nelson

      I just have to comment that this kickstarter has been amazing! I commented on the 13th that I didn't receive the correct order (I had received 3 d6 instead of the whole set and the stretch goals). I then e-mailed them directly the next day. On the 15th I received an e-mail with the shipment information, and today I received a package. I very excitedly opened it to find everything - the beautiful silver dice, dice tower, goblin dice and the dice bag! Amazing customer service! I immediately put the dice tower together and I think I'll need a little glue to make sure it stays together. The only thing is I thought I had selected the purple goblin dice and I received the green set, but I'm okay with this. Especially since Q-workshop was wonderful enough to allow me to keep the 3 d6! Thank you so much!

    48. Kobold King on

      Okay my tower took some time to assemble but no problems, no filing, no breakage. And I must be wierd but I think it smells great. Thanks q workshop.

    49. Alex Bianchi on

      @Kobold King - That's great news. Glad the parcel found its rightful owner. Congratulations!

    50. Kobold King on

      Mine was found and they are awesome. I love them! So apparently when fedex says they delivered them to my mailbox (and swore a blue streak on the phone when questioned) what they really meant is they hid them in a random pile of junk and miscellaneous stuff in my neighbors carport. By blind luck they found them and brought them over because they remembered me asking if they might have been left on their porch. Fedex driver is a dork but all is good now.

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