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Legends tell of heroes, villains, and quests that save the world from darkness. The streets tell a different story. For PC, Mac & Linux
Legends tell of heroes, villains, and quests that save the world from darkness. The streets tell a different story. For PC, Mac & Linux
Legends tell of heroes, villains, and quests that save the world from darkness. The streets tell a different story. For PC, Mac & Linux
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No Rest for Unrest; Launch is June 13!


We've got an exciting couple of months ahead of us. "Exciting." I mean this in the same sense that the last few months of any game project are "exciting." We've got things under control--really, we do--but man, this is gonna be one heck of a ride.

That ride comes to an end on June 13th, 2014, when Unrest will be launched to a seraphic fanfare and a blast of fireworks that splits the firmament. Reviewers will weep tears of joy; alpha copies of Mass Effect 4 will crackle and burst into color-coded fragments; word-of-mouth sales will reach such meteoric heights that we run out of digital copies of the game and have to dash off to print more internet. All this--and more--is what will happen according to our business plan. For PC, Mac, and Linux!

Oh yeah--that simultaneous Mac and Linux day one release is a go. Here are screenshots.

Now I know nearly all of you reading this have pre-purchased yourselves a copy of the game, but for those that haven't--and are fond of a certain water-vapor-based games distribution system--we'll have some news for you soon. Real soon. Winking. Winking harder. Not sure if you've noticed the winking, so leaning over and--oh, you got it, good. Good.

Speaking of Steam (with a coy manner suddenly rendered fully pointless), it's worth mentioning that Arvind's old game Will Fight for Food is 96% Greenlit. It differs from Unrest in a lot of respects, as it was made by a different team with different design goals--and also, it's about a homeless luchador beating up cosplayers--but getting that game on Steam is still a solid step forward for the current team/project. We got this far on our development budget, so at this point any revenue from Will Fight for Food will go straight towards publicity for Unrest. Which goes, in turn, towards making sure the team has a future in doing this kind of stuff.

A vote costs you nothing--just head on over to the page and give it a nudge, and we're that much closer to spreading the Unrest gospel!

Final bit of info before I get back to editing scripts: we're gonna be cooking up one of our famous hot pepper jambalaya pre-release Livestreams on Sunday at 3:00 PM GMT! Specifically, we'll be showing off some of the levels outside our palace.

"So since the game launches in two months, everything should look pretty slick and perfectly put together, right?"

Yes! And no. The individual sets and sprites should look good--but I wouldn't expect a level of scene-messed-uppery entirely inconsistent with previous streams. That part has never had anything to do with how "together" the game is. It's more that there's not a lot of point fussing with things that are very easy to sort out in a 2D game, like layering and getting the sprites locked to their frame, until you're sure you've got all the scripted events where you want them. Up until, like, three weeks before release, we'll be at the stage where we might move the actors around or drum up the odd unique sprite or two. It's one of the advantages of having a lightweight engine. So if you see a bug, don't panic. Honest--we killed the pernicious bugs a long, long time ago. Our engine's pretty tight right now. The only crashes we're getting are related to our new point-and-click pathfinding system, and that's pretty much sorted out.

I'll have a longer and more emotional speech about this game's wrap-up stage once we've got more work done. In the meantime--see you guys on Sunday!

Ruts out.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Ken Burwood on May 2, 2014

      As always, great update, and I love your sense of humour!

      I'm in software development also... But what's this pre-release excitement that you speak of? The last couple months are always so tranquil... Like one giant zen-moment 0;)

    2. Pyrodactyl Games 2-time creator on May 2, 2014

      @Andrea: We'll probably use the Steam community forums for bug reporting.

    3. Andy Linea of Sin - DOoD on May 2, 2014

      This is great news! I'm really excited to try the game, and it is pure luck that I will have a week before they release Divinity Original Sin.

      Do you have a forum where we can report bugs?

    4. Ian on May 1, 2014

      You'll be releasing Unrest on my birthday. This is the greatest news I've heard all day!

    5. Dave, Shadowrunner on May 1, 2014

      Awesome! And luckily one week before the launch of Divinity Original Sin. Yikes. I have a feeling a lot of KS RPGs I backed are going to be released this summer. Good thing I have some vacation time to use.