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Legends tell of heroes, villains, and quests that save the world from darkness. The streets tell a different story. For PC, Mac & Linux
Legends tell of heroes, villains, and quests that save the world from darkness. The streets tell a different story. For PC, Mac & Linux
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    1. Pyrodactyl Games 2-time creator on

      "The Real Arvind" would love to, but he's currently en route to bureaucratic hell. The rest of the team is carrying on in his absence.

    2. S.D. on

      Backers liked the idea. Supported it too much. Game got bigger. Bigger game takes longer. Anyone surprised by this should spend further time in contemplation.

      Also... won't the real Arvind please stand up?

    3. Pyrodactyl Games 2-time creator on

      James: It is indeed!

    4. James Walker on

      Is the game going to be at Rezzed?

    5. Daniel Heffner on

      Boo, Nils! The glibness is what I love about Rutskarn! Don't ever stop the glibness!

      Seriously, I actually only came here to comment on how much I love the tone/content of these updates. So much fun.

      I do also appreciate the fairly regular, informative updates and the fact that there is a live stream regularly available, though my schedule has prevented me from watching it so far. You guys are my favorite game developers. Keep up the great work!

    6. Missing avatar


      Was there an estimated time of release? I can't remember.

      I prefer a delayed game within reason, rather than a half baked one.

    7. Missing avatar

      Svetlin Balcanski on

      Unrest was not the first kickstarter game to be delayed. Most backers understand those delays.

    8. Pyrodactyl Games 2-time creator on

      Hi Nils,

      We have been streaming developer builds of the progress we are making monthly, in which you can see the development and progress we are making:…

      I have to be out of town for Visa purposes for this weekend, which is why this month's stream has been delayed a week. That is completely unavoidable, because the UK embassy is not in the same city as I live, and I have to be there when they call me or I'll not get my Visa corrected.

      As for the release date, we have notified the backers of the initial delay (from Feb '14 to May '14) multiple times during these past months, which in my opinion is reasonable because of the large amount of stretch goals. If you are still unsure, you can email me at and I'll provide you with a playable build with all the progress we've made so far.

      If you have any more queries, let me know and I will do my best to address them.


    9. Nils Gorseth on

      Sorry, but this is starting to smell. I'n not sure anyone is fond of your thinly veiled glib verbose camouflage of why it is that you developers have nothing close to a finished product. And you're obscuring (with glibness) both the reason for lack of progress and also a prognosis for progress. I want my $200.00 and my free toy back! DELIVER!! Or...D E L I V E R. be professionals.