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Legends tell of heroes, villains, and quests that save the world from darkness. The streets tell a different story. For PC, Mac & Linux
Legends tell of heroes, villains, and quests that save the world from darkness. The streets tell a different story. For PC, Mac & Linux
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    1. Missing avatar

      Sedric Mobara on

      Yeah, I'll put in a vote for 1024x768. Unless you're planning to make it Windows 9x compatible, it's hard to imagine anyone doing 640x480. But! Let me be the first to go farther than Mr. Countryman's comments below by saying, if you DID make it compatible to that low of a resolution, I would DEFINITELY try to play it on my 8-year-old Sharp-brand WinXP-Service-Pack-1-era laptop, just so I could say that I did!
      So. If you were looking for someone in this space to dare you to do something silly, something that you really were secretly desirous of, but simply couldn't justify on your own without the encouragement of some random onlooker, then here I am.

      Otherwise I'm sure 1080x768 will be fine.

    2. ☜☆RSF☆☞ on

      Definitely won't be using any res that low. :D

    3. Missing avatar

      ProtonAx on

      My laptop is 1920x1080 and my primary desktop is 2560x1600, so I don't intend to run Unrest at low resolutions. When video cards become powerful enough I eventually plan on moving up to 3840x2160, so I am more concerned about higher resolution support.

    4. Missing avatar

      Godewijn on

      No interest in playing on lower resolution than the one you mentioned.

    5. Andy Linea of Sin - DOoD on

      yepp, I think there are many user who would prefer 1024x768...

    6. Missing avatar

      Thomas on

      I've got a netbook, it runs at 1024x600......

    7. Missing avatar

      Gregory Johnson on

      I mostly use 1280x1024, but sometimes 1024x768. So yes, 1024 is less than 1280.

    8. Missing avatar

      Joel Lesman on

      I do not plan on playing the game at a resolution lower than 1280x720.

      ...Did I do good job?

    9. Missing avatar

      mark231 on

      While I'll be playing on 2560x1600, I think a useful set of minimums would be 4:3 - 1024x768, 16:9 - 1280 x720 (levaing out 16:10 -1280x800 and 5:4 - 1280x1024, as both are larger).
      So the compound minimum would be 1024x720.
      The Steam hardware Survey would seem to support this view (And you could make a backer survey if you want to know that distribution).

      However, reading that you are supporting all aspect rations, I think you are asking a non-question. "Just" make sure that you have a "low-res" version that looks acceptable at the minimum resolutions, one that looks good on full HD, and maybe one hires for 1440p and more.

      Make sure you let the player set the font size independent of the resolution, otherwise you'll make problem on high-DPI displays (MacBook Pro, a growing number of small laptops).

      Test with absurdly large fonts to catch the cases where the description text or even the list of answers needs more than one screen of space, and handle that systematically.

    10. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      I vote for 1920x1080. :)

    11. Christopher David Hopkins on

      So this will make me the unpopular poor kid of the group, but to be honest, my laptop is pretty dated, so I wouldn't mind some lower resolutions. I much prefer smooth performance to shiny graphics and have been known to even play games on 600-480, but that's only in extreme cases. If you can stomach the 1024-800ish range, I'd love you forever.

    12. Missing avatar

      Ken Burwood on

      I won't be running it on any resolutions that low. I'm on 1900x1200.

    13. Jason Abela on

      Same as others, no need for lower, but please ensure 1440/1600p is supported.

    14. S.D. on

      No requirement for me below 1366x768. I'm more concerned about support for 2560x1600 (which my next monitor will probably use).

    15. Steven Grimm on

      I don't have a need for resolutions under 1280x720. More concerned about support for much higher resolutions, e.g., the high-DPI displays on newer Mac laptops.

    16. Pyrodactyl Games 2-time creator on

      @Daryl, ThomasN, other 4:3 and 5:4 supporters: Don't worry, we do support all aspect ratios. The only thing we want to know is if the resolution X and Y values are lower than 1280 and 720 respectively. We love all aspect ratios equally!

    17. Kentauroi on

      The monitors I'd be playing it on are all either 1600x1200 or 1920x1080, so I don't see myself using any resolution below those.

    18. Daryl Putman on

      Yes, don't forget 4:3 and 5:4. I stick to them; they're much nicer aspect ratios than widescreen. I'd do a 1:1 if they existed!

    19. Barac Baker Wiley

      1024x600 would be useful for netbooks, if it's a game that would otherwise run on a netbook. Other than that, I don't have any personal need for lower than 1920x1080.

    20. ThomasN on

      Please remember the 4:3 people (yes, I belong to a dying race) like 1600x1200.
      Thanks for showing us the game sausage plan. Makes me feel much more confident than for other projects.

    21. Missing avatar

      Jim Gagne on

      Where do you want us to leave the Reader Participation comment? I'll post it here. Actually, I haven't had a low-resolution radar screen or Apple ][ monitor since the 1980s. Not even a LITTLE interested in low resolution; I'm all 1920 x 1200.

    22. Kermit O on

      You and your jokes. Resolutions below 1280 x 720. As if.