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This film chronicles Nintendo's glorious past, and follows one guy for 30 days on the road as he tries to collect over 700 NES games.
The Ultimate 8-bit Road Trip is now on DVD and Blu Ray at! PLUS see the follow up series, "Nintendo Quest: Power Tour!"
The Ultimate 8-bit Road Trip is now on DVD and Blu Ray at! PLUS see the follow up series, "Nintendo Quest: Power Tour!"
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New Gaming Documentary on BOX ART!!!

Hello Nintendo Quest'ers!
Just wanted to let you know that I've finally launched my video game documentary follow up to, "Nintendo Quest," called, "Box Art - A Gaming Documentary," on Kickstarter, of course.

As the title suggests, we plan to delve into discovering, meeting, and chatting with the artists from all eras of gaming to learn the story behind the cover. We have over 100 participants on board and stretch goals that could make this a very comprehensive FIVE DISC SET!!! Please check out the campaign and spread the word.

Game on,


Hey Nintendo Quest'ers!

Just wanted to let you know you can see the follow up series to the film YOU brought to life over at!

Nintendo Quest: Power Tour follows Jay and I as we tour our film, "Nintendo Quest," across North America and meet dozens of awesome gamers in the process. Of course, a road trip with us two wouldn't be complete without some game hunting, sarcastic banter, and more surprises! See new shops, meet key members of the gaming community, and revisit with “Nintendo Quest” personalities as the tour takes the us from LA to Vegas, through Texas, our home town and ends in Portland, OR.

There are also EXTREMELY LIMITED DVDs and BLU RAYs that contain a BONUS 9th Episode not available ANYWHERE ELSE!

We're also in the process of prepping another mini-adventure tentatively entitled, "GamerCast: 4 Days in Vegas!" It will feature Jay, Glenn, and myself examining the gaming scene in Southern Nevada, as well as our regular hi-jinx that you're used to hearing on GamerCast.

Teaser Poster for 4 Days in Vegas!
Teaser Poster for 4 Days in Vegas!

 Lastly, I have another documentary that hits Kickstarter in about 3 weeks called "Box Art - A Gaming Documentary." As the title suggests, we'll be looking at the history of our favorite cover art and box art, the people who illustrated it, their process and how the medium and role of box art has changed over time. It's gonna be awesome and I'll send another reminder out after we launch.

Thanks again, and GAME ON!


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Hello NES Clubbers!

Just wanted to share an update on everything with everyone.

First, if you love 80s action figures, cartoons, and specifically He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, PLEASE take a look at my next documentary, "Power of Grayskull." You're gonna love it!

CLICK HERE to see our exciting Kickstarter Campaign: ********************************************************************************

Second, we're often asked if folks will have another chance to secure a copy of the game. The answer is that we hope to run another small Kickstarter for them AND include some new fun things for folks who already expect to receive the game.

Also want to thank everyone who's supported, watched, and shared the Power Tour Episodes. We never expected to commence full production on a web-series but your support made it possible. If you haven't seen it yet, PLEASE CHECK IT OUT!!!

Our recent episodes of GamerCast have also discussed the opportunities to make a sequel for Nintendo Quest too. We do have some ideas in the works, but first, Jay needs some time to save some cash, and we need to keep pushing Nintendo Quest so it can become profitable. But we're hopeful for both and could announce something maybe in a year or so - again, we want to complete the game and all other distribution requirements before we divulge anything concrete.

Hope all is well and GAME ON!

-- Rob



The first of eight episodes of the Nintendo Quest: Power Tour web series dropped earlier this week. This episode features lots of game hunting, sarcasm, special guests and of course the world premiere of "Nintendo Quest" in Beverly Hills, CA.


New episodes every month!


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