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pledged of €200,000pledged of €200,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Nov 12 2018
Last updated November 14, 2018

Pylife (Canceled)

The World's most connected device. Wear it or build it into a project. You stay connected even when there is no cellular network

Pylife (Canceled)

The World's most connected device. Wear it or build it into a project. You stay connected even when there is no cellular network

pledged of €200,000pledged of €200,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Nov 12 2018
Last updated November 14, 2018

What is a prototype?

A prototype is a preliminary model of something. Projects that offer physical products need to show backers documentation of a working prototype. This gallery features photos, videos, and other visual documentation that will give backers a sense of what’s been accomplished so far and what’s left to do. Though the development process can vary for each project, these are the stages we typically see:

Proof of Concept

Explorations that test ideas and functionality.

Functional Prototype

Demonstrates the functionality of the final product, but looks different.

Appearance Prototype

Looks like the final product, but is not functional.

Design Prototype

Appearance and function match the final product, but is made with different manufacturing methods.

Production Prototype

Appearance, function, and manufacturing methods match the final product.

Project supporting material callout image

Prototype Gallery

These photos and videos provide a detailed look at this project’s development.


As a result of many requests from existing and potential backers, we’re cancelling the “Pylife” Campaign and re-launching it on Kickstarter with a new revenue goal. The new campaign name is going to be ‘Pylife and PyGo’.  

Any questions in the meantime, please feel free to contact us on [email protected].


...what if you could have a connected wearable device that works out of the box and yet is versatile enough for developers to develop further? Meet PyGo our new multi-network device that connects even in rural areas where there's no cellular networks.

We're so happy you made it.

Pylife is about connecting everyone and everything you care about, to one single app. Through our super versatile PyGo devices, which connect to our Pylife mobile app, you can see everything in one place. PyGos can use a choice of up to 5 different networks, so nothing is ever out of range or touch.

With Pylife, you can monitor and communicate with everything around you. This includes loved ones, pets, your home, the garden and even the shed! You can also connect with your local community, so everyone is on the same page. After all, it’s the little things that make life easier.

Communication is a key part of how we live. You decide what you want Pylife to be. 

After all, it’s YOUR Pylife.

 This small device is the key to Pylife.

It enables communication between you and all of your precious people, pets and things. 

It was designed for Pycom by an award-winning London-based design house, and can work with your mobile or with other PyGo devices. One device fits all! 

There are two types of PyGo devices

  • PyGo1 - non cellular wearable device 
  • PyGo2 - just like PyGo1 but with cellular network access added 
  • Both devices have the same functionality and support the same features.

Both PyGo 1 and PyGo 2 are heavily discounted price here on Kickstarter.

PyGo Features

  • Compact size Compatible with all accessories 
  • OLED Display for messaging and alerts 
  • 4 Configurable Touch Screen Functions 
  • 2-5 days battery life and Wireless Charging.
  • Waterproof (IP67)  

The only difference is that PyGo2 can access mobile phone networks as well as WiFi, Bluetooth, PyMesh and GPS.

PyGo has been designed to sit unobtrusively on clothes, pet collars, as a necklace or attached to clothes or key rings.  

The 6 types of PyGo attachments include:  

  • A Sports Clip for attaching to clothes (Neon Orange, Red, Blue)   
  • A Child Clip for attaching to clothes (Neon Yellow, Blue) 
  • A Jewellery Clip for wearing as an accessory (Rose Gold and GunMetal)
  • A Carabiner for use with pet collars and as bag attachment (Silver) 
  • A Bicycle attachment for bikes (Orange and Blue)
  • A Keyfob for key rings or pet collars (White and Silver)

    Look at all the clips below and there are more in The Gallery.

The PyGos have been designed to sit firmly in each accessory and yet are easy to remove and place on the charger unit.

PyGo Dimensions

PyGo High Level Specifications

May be subject to change
May be subject to change

 PyGos are wirelessly charged with AriFuel by Qualcomm. The Single Unit and Multi-unit chargers are in prototype production at the moment. Below are images of the two to give you an idea of what they will look like.

The Single Unit charger plugs into a wall mains
The Single Unit charger plugs into a wall mains
PyGo Multi Unit Charger with Magnetic attachment
PyGo Multi Unit Charger with Magnetic attachment
Multi Unit Charger Design Prototype
Multi Unit Charger Design Prototype

 ...and then of course the enterprise cradle

PyGos and Enterprise Cradle kit with antennas
PyGos and Enterprise Cradle kit with antennas

We have created a digital dashboard for iPhones and Android phones that people can use to stay connected with all their loved ones, friends and things using our PyGo devices!

 project video thumbnail
Replay with sound
Play with

Pylife offers an extremely versatile experience in giving users the freedom to create their own use unique ‘Pyosphere’. With endless possibilities, we can’t even imagine how all the users will use Pylife.

Pylife App Features include the ability to

- Link PyGos to your phone
- Link PyGos your user account
- Create Channels/write and create messages just like on other messaging platforms like Whatsapp or Messenger
- Subscribe to channels/ stay up-to-date with different message streams
- Invite others to your Channels and get your friends to keep in touch
- Connect devices to each other or to the PyMesh Select exactly what you want your PyGo to do e.g. (monitoring, communicating, tracking…etc)
- Show and communicate the location of PyGo devices Send a message to the community in the event you need help
- Manage connectivity options
 ...And so much more...

...just a few of the many Pylife App screens
...just a few of the many Pylife App screens

 As you can see below, this is a mobile App that does a variety of things. The Pylife app has messaging, mapping and visualisation features, all in a bid to connect a community of people.

Pylife Mobile Application Feature overview

While we have created several connected applications like a Dog minder, child/adult minder and an app to connect with a group of buddies you can also program your PyGo straight from the Pylife App as illustrated below.

Please note the following requirements for the Pylife App to run on your Mobile Phone:

  • A smartphone with Bluetooth (BLE) 4.0 or higher OS: 
  • iOS 10 or higher or Android 6.0 or higher 

Please note some functionality of the iOS and Android version with Pylife may vary.

When the PyGo devices are ready to ship the Pylife App will be available to download via the Apple App Store and the Google Android store.

What can you do with Pylife? Well, we think the possibilities are endless, and the choice is yours. Each device can be swapped to a different loved one or thing easily. All it takes is a short set up via a set of automated set up screens that can be completed in 5 minutes. Then you are free to get on with your day, knowing everything is looked after.

Here are ideas: 

- Keep tabs on your dog. Lost him on a new walking route? No problem, as the PyGo devices work to locate and communicate with or without a mobile network.

- Monitor an elderly relative from the comfort of your mobile phone, giving you peace of mind that they are well. 

PyGo with Alert function configured
PyGo with Alert function configured

- Check in with your children. Get a notification if they have left the playground or house, or another area that you have marked. Particularly useful if they are on their way back from school!

Heading to the Park
Heading to the Park

 ...or send them out to play and geo-fence the area they are in. Then, receive alerts if they go outside that area or if they press the PyGo.

- Never lose your keys, your bag, or your fidgety toddler again! Drop a PyGo device in a pocket, and you’ll be able to locate them at the touch of a button!

- Go biking with your mates and stay in touch with them while you're racing ahead. Nobody needs to be lost for long or left alone.

PyGo with Bike Clip and Navigation
PyGo with Bike Clip and Navigation
Prototype on a bike
Prototype on a bike

 Our Pylife Channels mean that keeping up-to-date with people and pets is made easy.

Keeping in touch when outside of regular network cover is easy
Keeping in touch when outside of regular network cover is easy
  • Connectivity is key to making Pylife work. That's why we've added 5 different networks to the PyGo devices. We don't think any other wearable device gives you as much flexibility and opportunity to connect.

    All the networks supported with Pylife devices
    All the networks supported with Pylife devices
    • WiFi is available on most mobile phones and it's typically how you connect to the internet at home and in public locations where it's offered.

    • Cellular connectivity is the connection to a mobile network put in place by mobile network operators (carriers in the USA)
    • Bluetooth is also available on most mobile phones today. It tends to be used to connect accessories like speakers and headsets.
    • LoRa is a Low Power WAN network type used for the Internet of Things. It is widely used to connect Things to the internet. Connecting to community 
    • GPS is a location based system that enables location tracking
    ...using the full extent of the networks available via the Pymesh
    ...using the full extent of the networks available via the Pymesh

    Pymesh effectively turns your Mobile phone in to a LoRaWAN messenger. Here's a little demo of the PyGos sending messages over the Pymesh between two mobile phones.

     project video thumbnail
    Replay with sound
    Play with

    In addition to the networks we're creating with our own devices, the PyGos will also be able to auto-connect to the ThingsNetworks all over the world.

    Click on the image to read more about the ThingsNetwork
    Click on the image to read more about the ThingsNetwork

    There are many ways to connect with the PyGos and Mobile Phones. We have drawn up a few illustrations to show you some of the ways possible.

    A Pyosphere of users in the Pymesh network
    A Pyosphere of users in the Pymesh network

    And now, to the important bit which explains what you can do to support this project and how to get your hands on the first few devices shipping out.

    Notes on the Pymesh Range

    (Apologies, we're getting technical for a few seconds) 

    With Pylife you can connect up to 200 devices in a private mesh. However, it is important to know that whilst this is possible technically, the reality is that everything depends on the physical circumstances in which the devices are located. Networks and devices use small radio chips to communicate. The radio signal strength is what makes a signal travel further as well as radio power, signal strength, interference, and spectrum occupation. Therefore, realistically expect private meshes of 50 to 200 units.

    In any event, it is possible to split large mesh networks into several smaller ones. These meshes can relay messages between them. It is possible to hop between 32 to 64 devices within a PyMesh transfer. Adding well known traditional networks to the mix (cellular and WiFi), the number of hops becomes endless. Hence, the actual size of a meshed network is 'endless'.

    At Pycom we have been building electronics for the past 3 years, enabling people to transmit data from one node to another. We have measured distances of 22km in ‘line of sight’ with our existing LoRa Mesh technology. 

    The actual distance may be reduced depending on terrain and buildings. It may be as low as, for example, 500m in concrete blocks of flats. 

    Unfortunately, we cannot break the laws of physics, just like we cannot transmit through water. However, in cities, as a general guide, you should expect a good 5km range between devices and in the country-side it may be 12km range. 

    We are only starting to scratch the surface of the endless possibilities that Pylife brings.

    Pycom, the mother brand for Pylife, came about because the founding team wanted to help developers and small enterprises get their connected ideas to market faster and more efficiently. Now they have set their minds on helping consumers, exactly like themselves, living busy lives, where being connected can help.

    We consider ourselves ethical developers. We work hard not to over-promise nor to disappoint with the final products. Which is why we've completed 3 successful Kickstarter campaigns in the past.

    It’s the Pylife. Here are a few words from Pycom's founders Fred and Bettina.

     project video thumbnail
    Replay with sound
    Play with

    We have managed to squeeze the prices here on Kickstarter and in particular for the EARLY BIRD PACKAGES. Below is an overview of the pledges you can make here on Kickstarter. 

    Please note, the pledges may not be in the same order as below on the Kickstarter system.

    IMPORTANT: This campaign is run in EUR currency. All exchange rates from EUR to USD are approximate and will depend on the exchange rate set by Papal and / or  your bank at the point of payment.

    You can pledge for additional items:
    - Add an additional €34 per additional PyGo1
    - Add an additional €65 per additional PyGo2
    - Add an additional €5 for each additional accessory (we'll query later for your choice of accessory). These will retail at €10 after Kickstarter.
    - Add an additional €12 for each single-unit charger. These will retail at €16 after Kickstarter.
    - Add an additional €16 for each multi-unit charger. These will retail at €25 after Kickstarter.

    Similar to what you experience on your mobile phone, monthly charges will apply to enable cellular services on PyGo2. These are described below in the SMALL PRINT.

    The amount of stretching we can do depends on the amount of funding we achieve here on Kickstarter for the simple reason that we need to hire additional staff to get more done in the timeframe between now and April 2019.

    You may be wondering why we haven’t started shipping yet, since the products look ready. Well, the simple answer is that they’re not quite ready yet. We still have some work to do to get everything production ready.

    We want you to have the best possible start to your Pylife, and we don’t want to rush products out that are not up to our expectations.


    Cellular Network Access  
    PyGo2 devices use the new cellular IoT networks running on 4G systems referred to as CAT-NB1 and CAT-M1. These networks are reserved for Things (as in the Internet of Things) and are not fully deployed in all countries. In some countries they are still in the process of rolling out. As such they are not guaranteed everywhere. Many of these networks are still centred around major cities and less frequently found in rural areas. Other networks on the PyGo devices need to make up for this initial deficiency.

    We know already that the following countries will have the cellular IoT networks up and running by the time we ship your pledges:

    Australia - Canada - Czech Republic - Denmark - Finland - Germany - Greece - Hungary - Ireland - Italy - The Netherlands - New Zealand - Norway - Poland - Romania - South Africa - Spain - Sweden - UK - USA

    More countries are switching on all the time and it is likely that the list above will grow significantly by the time the PyGo devices ship to you next year. 

    The PyGo 2 devices are all enabled for this type of cellular access and Pycom can enable network access as and when the network becomes available on Vodafone or Verizon. Other network providers may become available in later product batches.

    Pycom intends to work with several cellular network providers including Vodafone and Verizon. There may be others as we progress our venture into Pylife.

    However, the speed with which these networks roll out and where exactly they cover is beyond Pycom’s control and it is therefore impossible for Pycom to guarantee the cellular network access.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: In the eventuality that you have pledged for a PyGo2 (cellular) and it subsequently is evident that there will be no cellular coverage in your particular country, then Pycom will offer you a FULL refund or the possibility to switch to a PyGo1 unit.

    Automatic TheThingsNetwork Access  While all the PyGo devices are enabled for auto-connect to a TTN network, the network is run on a voluntary basis and therefore it is not guaranteed. Pycom has no control over network availability, configuration changes or indeed changes to the network. However, we will use best endeavours to ensure that the auto-connect feature is running correctly and assist any customers who have challenges when a network is known to be available.


    While we anticipate quick take up and rapid proliferation of the PyMesh. However, at the onset, the PyMesh may be somewhat limited but it will become stronger as more users join the community. To begin with, it will be limited to the people who have PyGo devices and who set them to ‘opt-in’ to a conscious PyMesh (when with buddies) or an anonymous PyMesh (when they do not want to be identified but will allow other peoples’ data to hop through their device(s).    


    This is very much the first of its kind solution. As such, and while we will be extensively testing all types of scenarios in several countries, it is not possible to test for every single eventuality. As such, we anticipate some level of firmware adjustment over the course of the first 3-6 months after shipping the products. This is normal for newly released products and should not impact on proper functioning of the solution nor on statutory rights.      


    Cellular Network Charges for PyGo 2 If the PyGo 2 device is enabled on the available cellular network, there will be a €3 per month charge to cover the costs of this. Pycom will contact all PyGo 2 backers to organise this monthly recurring charge. Minimum contract period 6 months.   


    We have recommended many every-day use cases for Pylife to help people live better lives. However, circumstances may occur where there is no connectivity or where the applications fails to deliver alerts poor terrain, low battery, adverse weather conditions etc... There are many moving parts to the solution and many partners involved in making the solution work. So whilst we do our best to test/optimise these devices, you should always rely on your common sense and not put yourself in danger by relying 100% on these devices for your only means of communication. It is the responsibility of the owner to check and verify that the Pylife Applications have been set up according to use case and that is it working as intended.    


    All PyGo devices come with a 1-year statutory warranty. 

    We're super grateful to everybody helped us get this far. We have an DEDICATED PYCOM, a SUPER RESPONSIVE community of developers and some REALLY AWESOME partners to all of whom we are mind-numbingly thankful.

    Our promise to our 240k-strong developer community has always been to create an eco-system for all connectable things that removes barriers and reduces time to market for your connected ideas.  

    If you’re already part of our community you’ll know that we spent the last few years on a developer-centric full stack IoT platform of hardware and software that can scale up from one unit to millions.  

    Pylife is the amalgamation of all that Pycom technology, and even though we've presented it for consumers it also applies to enterprise.

    It extends to enterprise via both PyGos for which we'll open the APIs. They each contain the same friendly, multi-network hardware and MicroPython programming language you’ve seen on the existing Pycom hardware portfolio.  

    We’re releasing the casing dimensions and some interface designs so you can create your own attachments and the APIs will be available. In addition, you can get into them via special connectors, and the Pylife App has space for applets so you can design and build a full end-to-end IoT solution.  

    Using PyGos for enterprise IoT applications makes particular sense for those IoT projects where RF and network certification is a stumbling block because of time or costs. 

    Download the first draft of the PyGo Specification Sheet Here


    Enterprise Cradle for PyGo (Micro USB version)
    Enterprise Cradle for PyGo (Micro USB version)

    We have crammed so much into the PyGos, that the antennas will be integrated not only in the module sides but also into the battery side. We've even exposed tiny pins to use the clips as further antennas. These pins will then connect the PyGos to the new Enterprise Cradle which allows you to run 2 external antennas via u.fl connectors (LoRa/Sigfox and LTE-M). The Enterprise cradle (see photo above) will also act as a wireless charging base (powered by your PCB).

    You can continue the same development tools you are enjoying right now as transferring the code will be done OTA (so no wires required).

    The Enterprise cradle will allow for a total of 8 universal inputs/outputs with digital/analogue capabilities so that you can connect different types of sensors and actuators from your own PCBs. Inside this cradle will be an ESP32 chip using BLE connectivity to the PyGo modules to transmit wirelessly your data.

    The cradle will have the following features:

    - ESP32 (240MHz core, WiFi + Bluetooth) powered running MicroPython fully programmable.
    - 3.5 to 5.5V power input @500mA.
    - AirFuel wireless charging transmitter for 1 Pygo.
    - 8 analog input (0-3.3V 12bit SAR ADC) and digital (3.3V logic) input/output pins.
    - USB-C connector for power and serial communication.
    - Pymakr ready.
    - Dimensions: 33mm/42.5mm x 41 mm x 18.7mm


    The PyMesh network is implemented over the 6LoWPAN IPv6-based Mesh Network, and it has the following features:
    - long range LoRa radio
    - a simple installation, startup and operation
    - each node is authenticated and all communication is encrypted
    - self-healing and no single point of failure
    - power efficient
    - scalability up to hundreds of devices (currently each node can have up to 16 neighbours, making a theoretical maximum size of 256 nodes)
    - internal IPv6 routing based on radio links quality
    - 6LoWPAN fragmentation of the UDP packets


    PyGos will be compatible with our well-known free open source Pymakr IDE APIs that you would know if you've been hacking on a FiPy or a LoPy4. It's there to help you hack in MicroPython, significantly shortening your development time. We reckon you can be up and running, sensing and gathering data within a couple of hours from receiving your pledge...which would be pretty cool, right?  


    If the whole mobile app thing is not your thing then use Pybytes to check your device and application data. Crafted by a group of Pycom back-end experts the Pybytes platform has everything you’ll need to gather, organise and display your data FREE OF CHARGE in the cloud. Regardless of whether you are a company, IoT system architect, or an ambitious tech hobbyist we’ll soon get you connected.


Risks and challenges

Pylife is built on mature technology created by Pycom. We have been developing both the hardware and the software for many months already, and at many stages have received feedback from our large developer community.

Some of you may be wondering why are we launching a new Kickstarter project having set Pycom up almost 3 years ago. The reason is very simple: we have an incredible opportunity to launch a super useful solution to consumers but we are unable to afford all the costs associated. In addition, the PyGo range ensures our dev community has a new and even better way of getting their connected ideas to market.

We have already shipped thousands of products through our parent brand Pycom, three of which were launched right here on Kickstarter (WiPy 2015, LoPy Feb 2016 and the FiPy in November 2016). We have grown our network of suppliers, manufacturing and other partners, all of whom have the same mind-set as us. That is to say, they are future focused, see innovation as vital to their business and take pride in the high quality of their products.

We are confident that we have addressed every important aspect of the project and we have worked very hard to make sure that we are in good shape to get Pylife to the world in April / May 2019 . Any technical risks we may have are very low at this stage since the hardware has been developed, and is going through testing. All critical software and mobile app development is complete and focus is also now on extended testing.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter
Questions about this project? Check out the FAQ

Funding period

- (32 days)

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