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LoPy is a MicroPython triple-network dev platform which doubles up as a LoRa Nano gateway. Arduino IDE compatible.
LoPy is a MicroPython triple-network dev platform which doubles up as a LoRa Nano gateway. Arduino IDE compatible.
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Posted by Pycom (Creator)

Dear Awesome Backers,

I am mindful that we need to bring you up-to-date on developments and so here goes with a comprehensive update. Please note though that you should all be heading towards the forum (if you have not done so already) as much of the activity is taking place there

1. Open Source: We WILL be releasing the source code for all our modules under a GPL V3 Licence. We expect to do so no later than 11th November.

2. Pin-Out diagram: Daniel is working on releasing that later today on the Forum and website.

3. Firmware updates completed last week: On Friday 28th October we released the following updates: I2C, LoRa improvements and fixed the bug that was causing firmware update issues. This is an important fix which requires you to download the App (OS X, Windows and Linux) we created You will find it under the firmware update section. This update must be completed by all users. Subsequent firmware updates will be done via the Pymakr IDE.

4. Firmware updates up-coming: We have some good news to share. Espressif are busy rectifying many of the issues we highlighted and will send us (7th November) a beta version of the IDF with Bluetooth and WiFi coexistency together with a complete Bluetooth Low energy API. This will allow us to deliver on the 11th of November a new software version with BLE support and a Python API to allow the creation of custom profiles and services. Scanning for the presence of nearby BLE devices will also be possible. On the 30th of November we will receive the first official non-beta release of the ESP32 IDF. Bluetooth and WiFi coexistency will be optimized here and most of the peripheral drivers along with the ULP co-processor features will be included.. With the 30th November delivery we will be able to provide, 2 weeks later, our first non-beta release of the LoPy and WiPy 2.0 firmware. Besides having support for all the features covered by the IDF, the firmware will benefit from several memory and performance optimizations. So far the current release plan is as follows: ◦ Friday 4th of November will have multi-threading support, ADC, SD card, and Timers with PWM. We will also release the Pymate IOS app on App store. The Pymate is already completed however we have delayed launch to ensure the Timers functionality was released. ◦ Friday 11th of November will bring the much awaited BLE support and memory improvements. We will also launch at that point the Pymate Android version of the app. After that we will continue releasing new software every friday with improvements and bug fixes. New features will be added dependent on what the IDF brings. ◦ Friday 9th of December will have the first stable release of the LoPy/WiPy 2.0 firmware. No more API changes will be introduced after that.

5. Pymakr: New release of the IDE is scheduled later today which will see some bug fixes reported namely: ◦ Fixed the sync feature in combination with latest lopy and wipy2.0 firmware ◦ Small layout fixes ◦ Preventing multiple errors in the update plugin ◦ Added Project configuration screen to the expert version for setting default project directory ◦ Fixed a bug where REPL threw an error when using backspace and arrows combination

6. Documentation: We are working hard to get the whole "Getting started Pages" beefed-up. I want to see a mixture of videos and documentation to support every level of programmer. Its coming!

7. The Things Network: We have been working with the TTN team to make the API more user friendly and fixed a few issues that were giving trouble to some users when connecting to the TTN back end. We are working on a joint GETTING STARTED guide that walks you step by step to get a succesful LoRaWAN connection (via OTAA and ABP) between TTN and the LoPy. This guide will be published on Friday together with our release as it requires the API changes that we have introduced.

8. Shipment of Pledges: It looks like only a few backers are still to receive their pledge. I would request those needing Tracking details do so now by emailing

All new updates are now done on the Pycom Forum so see you there! THANK YOU again for all your support!

Best wishes, 

Fred and the amazing Pycom Team


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      Roch Auburtin on

      Thanks for this update, I received the Lopy Kit this week and, everything is working fine so far. I had some small issues (for instance, Pymark sync) but nothing I can't handle. I will try this update as soon as I have some time.