LoPy – the LoRa, WiFi and Bluetooth IoT development platform

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    1. Claudio Duffini on

      When i saw "Dual processor (each core running @ 160 MHz)" my ears buzzed, and I said: "where did I just seen this ?" ESP32. Now it's confirmed.

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      Freek Dijkstra on

      A bit unrelated, but for those interested in MicroPython on the ESPRESSIF ESP8266 (as opposed to the ESP32), you still have 24 hour to back https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/214379695/micropython-on-the-esp8266-beautifully-easy-iot (by Damien George, the original author of MicroPython).

    3. Pycom 4-time creator on

      The ESP 32 being the flagship SoC we wonder why you would want the older WiFi only.

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      Freek Dijkstra on

      @Fred, Daniel and the Pycom Team: I'm not sure how related the API of the ESP8266 and ESP32 are, but does this mean that you are going to port MicroPython to the ESP32? And what kind of interaction do you expect with the ESP8266 project of Damien George? E.g. do you plan on open source your code for the ESP32?

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      Chris Thomson on

      ESP8266 solutions are significantly cheaper to buy - so if ESP8266 solves a particular problem its still a good choice.

    6. Anders Öster

      Thanks Pycom! Very happy for ESP32 :)

    7. Pycom 4-time creator on

      Hi Freek, Great point and thanks for voicing that. We are big believers in Open source and are on record to continue funding core modules of MicroPython to remain available on that basis. We will port MP onto the ESP 32 and still working out the details of what / how we make that available. Our support to free development for the community remains unchanged. We simply need work out the detail. Not trying to be evasive but we also have an enterprise business which will help fund this process... hope you understand and please be patient. Thanks Fred

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      Freek Dijkstra on

      Fred: thanks for the info. I fully understand your business concern. I guess it boils down to the question if PyCon strives to be a hardware, software or intergrator business, and thus which parts you like to retain confidential or open source: the hardware schematics, the software or both. Another approach is to release code after 6 months or a year, so you still have a competitve advantage.

      In the mean time, I'm happy to back both you guys as well as to give my Pledge to The God of MicroPython at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/214379695/micropython-on-the-esp8266-beautifully-easy-iot/. Given that WiPy, and Pycom would probably not have existed without him, he certainly deserves that.

    9. Pycom 4-time creator on

      Hi Freek,

      Many thanks. All great points (and all points we are considering). I totally agree with your position. It is absolutely the right position to take of supporting both campaigns. Damien deserves that support and we will continue to play a part there too.

      Best wishes Fred

    10. Mac Ha Nguyen on

      Great news, and as a supporter of MicroPython and all Damine's effort to make it run on as much devices as possible, as well as all 3 Pycom boards, I fully agree with all comments below, with one additional wish: to make MicroPython as seamlessly as possible on all supported platforms. And this includes not only core python, but all modules too... For this, I think, you guys should work very closely together to ensure one common repository of supported modules, so if, say I have an application with NeoPixels running on the original PyBoard, it should run without any modifications on the WiPy, LoPy as well as any ESP8266, or whatever else you guys decide to port MycroPython too!!
      And congratulations, we are reaching EUR 100,000!!

    11. Pycom 4-time creator on

      @Mac Ha Nguyen:

      We completely agree with you, and before shipping the WiPy we worked very hard together with Damien in order to define a common MicroPython API for all boards. This is the API used by the WiPy and also the LoPy. I do hope that the ESP8266 follows this same API as well, since that was the goal when we designed it.

      Please check here: https://github.com/micropython/micropython/wiki/Hardware-API and you'll see what I mean.


    12. Anders Öster

      Btw. does the choice of ESP32 affect delivery plans?

    13. Pycom 4-time creator on

      @Anders Öster: Not at all, delivery will take place in August just as planned.

      The Pycom Team

    14. Anders Öster