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LoPy is a MicroPython triple-network dev platform which doubles up as a LoRa Nano gateway. Arduino IDE compatible.
LoPy is a MicroPython triple-network dev platform which doubles up as a LoRa Nano gateway. Arduino IDE compatible.
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    1. Pycom 4-time creator on

      @ Chris Q: Hey, no problem!
      We always welcome feedback.
      Best regards
      The Pycom Team

    2. Missing avatar

      Chris Q on

      @Pycom sounds fair.
      I didn't see past my own intended usage, obviously people will use it for more than that.

    3. Pycom 4-time creator on

      @ChrisQ: Thank you for your comment. We intend that all Pycom platforms will be for everyone, hobbyist as well as professional developers. Our aim is to remain neutral leaving you folks to decide what you want to develop.
      The Binomium Platform is only the first of many middleware platforms we hope to be able to integrate to, so that people can get to manage and visualise their data from the moment they successfully connect their Pycom boards and of course, everyone is free to chose their own data management platform.
      We got all excited because typically middleware platform integration costs for developers or enterprises can run into tens of thousands of pounds and so please forgive us for being super happy to be able to offer it for free. Binomium and Bluemix may not be everyone's cup of tea but it gives LoPy users the opportunity to play with a ready made platform that even has a LoRa integration and we think that's great.
      Please let us also reassure you that there's absolutely no money whatsoever changing hands between us and Binomium and Bluemix IBM.
      We always welcome feedback so of there are other middleware platforms you think we should consider we'd be more than happy to engage with you and have a chat about them.

      Kind regards
      The Pycom Team

    4. Missing avatar

      Chris Q on

      I hope IBM are paying you for this and not the other way around.

      It has the feel of preinstalled laptop software or those ads stuck into magazines. You know, things that no one asked for, and few will ever use.

      I guess I'm surprised by your, imo, over-the-top announcement of something like this. If you really are that excited about this, then I guess I misunderstood what the focus of the project was. It seemed more like a IoT platform for hobbyists than something submitting to an industry giants proprietary cloud.

    5. Pycom 4-time creator on

      @ thank you for your comment. It is perhaps worth pointing out that it is just an offer. There is no pressure at all to take it. The service will be a free for several months and perhaps longer if we can get agreement. And, of course, we'll make sure all terms are completely clear before people use it.

      Best wishes
      The Pycom Team

    6. Missing avatar on

      Good that you are happy with this, but this not free, its only for a short period, so only for making money for your partner. Also not in line with free Lora

    7. Pycom 4-time creator on

      @Tycho Schenkeveld: Hi Tycho, absolutely we will make sure users can access other LoRa networks e.g. TTN, Proximus etc... This agreement focuses mainly on the middleware application so that you all get to play meaningfully with your data. Best wishes The Pycom Team

    8. Missing avatar

      Tycho Schenkeveld on

      Ah I see this is more server side than network related.. Interesting!

    9. Missing avatar

      Tycho Schenkeveld on

      I hope it'll still work with other platforms though right?

      Like The Things Network?