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The perfect 2-in-1 backpack for one-bag travel.
The perfect 2-in-1 backpack for one-bag travel.
The perfect 2-in-1 backpack for one-bag travel.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Syed Raza 1 day ago

      Ahh .. Thanks for the clarification. Also got the new email. Can’t wait for the bag :)

    2. px 2-time creator on December 7

      Hey Syed,

      It works. I think the problem was the way the headline was presented in the email - made it seem you chose blue, even though you chose black :)

    3. Missing avatar

      Syed Raza on December 4

      Think there’s something wrong with the form. Tried opening it before and it wasn’t working. But now I’ve chosen ‘black’ twice but keep getting an email that I chose blue.

    4. Jonathan Peter on December 2

      Thank you for the video! Looking forward to the final version of the organizational pockets :) also secretly hoping for a packing video once everything is finalized hehe

    5. Jonathan Peter on November 30

      Thank you very much! I was hoping for there to be something like a tablet sleeve in the laptop compartment but thats alright I guess!

      Looking forward to the video :)

    6. px 2-time creator on November 30

      In the final version, the front organizational pockets will get a slight face-lift. As of right now, the picture in the campaign shows everything pretty well.

      The laptop compartment doesn't have any additional pockets. Although, it's divided into two sections - a laptop sleeve and a space between the main compartment's wall and the sleeve itself, which you can use for a magazine or something similar.

      For the packing part, I will try to post a video before the campaign ends on Saturday!

    7. Jonathan Peter on November 30

      Thanks! I just wanted to see how many things one could fit in the bag from start to finish, I was mostly interested in the front organizational pockets and if the laptop compartment had any additional pockets as well.


    8. px 2-time creator on November 30

      Hey Jonathan!

      The video shows all the pockets, albeit in a quick fashion. Is there a particular one you'd like to know more about?

      No stretch goals per se. Although, if enough people sign up for the survey this Friday, we will introduce a blue version as well. :)

    9. Jonathan Peter on November 30

      Hey guys

      Just joined in! Had a question though, can you put together a packing video of sorts that goes slowly through the various pockets and slots?

      Would be great if others can see the insides and stuff :P
      Also any possible stretch goals in sight? :)

    10. px 2-time creator on November 28

      Hey Joshua!

      Yes, you can partially open it that way. :)

      In regards to the navy version as long as we get 30-50 people who want it - why not! I will post a survey by the end of the week to see if there's interest.

    11. Joshua Corin on November 28

      Hey Guys,

      Is it possible to access the large main compartment from the top when the bag is standing up and the side flaps are still closed? If you didn't want to lie it down and open it up fully?

      I'd love a navy version of this is there is interest from others - perhaps a survey could be done?

    12. px 2-time creator on November 20

      Hey James!

      Thanks for stopping by Suburban!

      We plan to leave the strap thickness as it is. Most puffy straps out there tend to be less stable and, hence, less comfortable. I know, it sounds counter intuitive, but that's our experience. That being said, if the real-world feedback we get from you guys disproves our assumption, then we will definitely look at ways to improve and reiterate the straps. But we need people to actually use it in a normal travel scenario first.

      We wanted to begin making these bags at the end of this month, but we ran into a supply delay with YKK, which postpones production till January. You will definitely get it by the promised date, but until production begins, it's hard to say when exactly.

    13. Missing avatar

      James on November 20

      Hi Creator,

      I paid a visit to the suburban in Hong Kong last week and the backpack looks really good to me. You guys did a great job. And i just have two questions to ask. First, i found that the straps are still a bit too thin for me, i know that you did mentioned that the straps are already being modified. However, i think it would be better if it can be thicker to provide a more durable and comfortable for daily use, or do you have any concern to make it this way ? Second, i know it's too soon to ask, but i still wonder if we can get the backpack earlier since the design is almost finalised and i just can't wait to get the backpack. Thanks

    14. px 2-time creator on November 17

      Hi Ken,

      We are long past the issues that the very first Invisible Backpack had. The straps on this carry-on have improved form and thickness so it shouldn't be an issue anymore.

    15. px 2-time creator on November 17

      Hi James!

      Thanks for being a part of this.

    16. Missing avatar

      Ken on November 17

      I previously owned the first Invisible Backpack and loved the design and quality (though the straps tad bit thin for me). Has the straps been improved since the first gen one?

    17. Missing avatar

      James Hatch on November 17

      Having helped (in a small way - by commenting on choices and options during the design process) you get this to the launch stage I wanted to say that I am eagerly anticipating the release. I'm an avid one-bagger and think this is probably the best bag for that type of travel. Right now I'm alternating between a Minaal Daily and a Bihn Western Flyer. Both are similar to each other & your new one. But, you've addressed the issues I have with both of those bags! Thanks for listening to all of us who collaborated with you. Waiting for April with a lot of anticipation.

    18. px 2-time creator on November 14

      Hey Robert! Let's tackle those questions:
      1. Short – Invisible Carry-on requires larger and longer zippers, which means we need to give them as much room as possible to work properly. The side flaps were a way to make them less noticeable.
      Long - There are three ways of hiding a zipper - (1) use a small concealable zipper, (2) hide it under some excess material, (3) place openings in a place you don't see them. The Carry-on is different from our other everyday backpacks in that it requires longer zippers and bigger zipper heads due to its construction and the way it will be used. With longer and bigger zippers comes the question of usability. If we would place concealable zippers, they would most likely break. If we place excess material to cover them up, you would curse every time you’d need to access a bigger compartment. Placing zippers somewhere you don’t see them might be an option. But if you want separate and quick access to, for example, your laptop, it limits our options greatly. The side flaps came from this very problem of having zippers mess with the aesthetics of the bag. They don’t cover them up completely, but do create a much more fluid object.
      2. They’re perfectly fine for normal use. Reversed zippers are just like waterproof zippers without the coating. And yes, I know the coating part sounds important, but you will notice the benefits (easier pulling) much more than the drawback (less water resistance). To be honest, there are more important aspects to water resistance than zippers (like the main material, construction, and conditions).
      3. The inner liner you see in the picture is a treated grey/blue polyester material. The same we currently use in all our bags.
      4. The back was changed to provide more padding and more structure. It is divided into two sections with a flexible plastic part in the middle. Don’t worry, you won’t feel it.

    19. Missing avatar

      Robert Tomas Vince on November 13

      Hi all,

      It looks like a great bag! I have always been interested in your work and your bags so I am excited for this project. I read the posts on the Project: Carry-On from your website and the research and different categories. I had a few questions.

      - Your other bags have had great was of hiding the zippers and zipper path and having a clean "invisible" or (ability to hide these pockets and things). The Carry On has a great clean front and back look, but there are so many zippers and zipper paths (for the laptop, main, expandable, front) it just seems like a lot to look at on the sides. Were there any other considerations for all these zipper paths or just that it still has that clean look? Is there another way to hide the zipper paths or covers? Can only the zippers from the main compartment hide behind the external strap? Is there another way to hide or block the zippers?

      - You mentioned in the previous comment that they are non-waterproof reversed YKK zippers instead of weatherproof. How do these zippers and zipper paths keep from water penetration? With it being most of the bag on 3 sides.

      -What is the material inside the front access pocket for pens and notebooks storage made out of? The grayish colored material

      - How is the back paneling system or padding different than your other invisible backpacks? I noticed it had two vertical padding.

      Thank you for your time!

    20. px 2-time creator on November 7

      Hey Onno!

      Good questions!

      1. No bottle holder. Due to the expandable nature of the bag we couldn’t add a separate pocket. Options? Well, the front compartment is deep and a quick way to store and access your bottle.
      2. Lockable? Yes and no. The zippers themselves don't have this option. But if you have a lock, you can use it on the zipper pullers.
      3. Passport pocket is not RFID protected. But you can store an RFID protected wallet there if you choose to.
      4. No dedicated cable routing hole. But for battery emergencies, you can store the battery in the front compartment and just pull the cable to the front. Not as glamorous, but it does the job. :)
      5. Expanded - 33L
      6. They are non-waterproof reversed YKK zippers. Weatherproof zippers are harder to pull on. They work fine on smaller backpacks, but when a bag is bigger and requires longer zippers, it can get annoying and uncomfortable. Rain is not a problem to the ones we use, but I will agree, they don’t look as cool. �

      I think that’s everything. I will add an FAQ section to the campaign. If anyone thinks of any other questions we should add, let us know!

    21. Onno Krause-Leipoldt on November 6

      Two more questions:
      How many liters can the bag hold when expanded (couldn’t find that in the info text and
      Are the zippers YKK and water proof?

    22. Onno Krause-Leipoldt on November 6

      Is the passport pocket rfid protected?
      Is there some kind of cable routing hole so I can keep a powerbank inside the bag but charge my phone whilst I walk?

      Sorry for all the questions, but I have bought and tried so many onebagtravelbags and I still have not found the perfect one for me!

    23. Onno Krause-Leipoldt on November 6

      Does it have some kind of bottle / umbrella / tripod-holder somewhere.
      Can the zippers be locked together?