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Delphinium Cheese Co. will produce and deliver (by bicycle) small-batch artisan cheeses made from local organic milk to subscribers in the East Bay

I've been making cheese at home for about a year now, and everyone who tries it keeps asking when I will make more to share. Well, I'm finally ready to scale up the production and start distributing locally, as a cheese-of-the-month subscription.

This Kickstarter funding drive will help turn what is now just a hobby into a viable business, and get me an audience that will push me to keep innovating, improving, and making cheese. By starting small, I can refine and experiment quickly and build on small successes, allowing me to concentrate on the cheese making, and growing the project organically.

What's the big deal? I can get cheese at the store!

Sure, but this will be no ordinary cheese. I want to make the best cheese possible, period. I will use only the highest quality pasture-fed organic milk from local dairy farms. All local, all organic, and at reasonable prices! You could get high quality stuff like this at the store, but it's gonna cost you, and it was probably shipped from halfway around the world.

How do I get a hold of some of this cheese?

You can subscribe to the delivery service! Monthly deliveries will be by Xtracycle-equipped bicycle to subscribers in the East Bay communities of El Cerrito, Berkeley, Albany, and North/West/Downtown Oakland. If you're not in those areas, but you're close, I might be able to work you into the delivery route. Please check with me.

However, If you don't live anywhere near the East Bay, I'm afraid I can't offer shipping for the cheese. The idea behind this project (well, other than making awesome cheese) is to reduce our food-miles and environmental impact, and shipping just doesn't fit with that model. Sorry.

What does the delivery include?

Each delivery will include recipes, pairing suggestions, and some history and and info about that month's cheese. In addition, the entire production process and aging history will be available on the Delphinium Cheese Blog so you can see what went into the cheese you are eating, and even reproduce it exactly if you want to. Open source food!

The deliveries will start with fresh cheeses like neufchatel, fresh mozzarella, 3 to 6 week aged cheeses like feta, haloumi, manchego curado, and farmhouse cheddar. Later in the year the cheeses which need to age 6 months or more will be ready - gouda, extra sharp cheddar, manchego viejo, blues, and eventually, bries and dry jack.

So what will happen with the money?

Subscribing to the cheese-of-the-month deliveries will help raise capital to:

• Pay for a "cow-share" (partial ownership of a dairy cow) to ensure that the milk used will be only the absolute highest quality pasture-fed locally-produced organic milk.

• Allow the purchase of equipment to make the larger batches of cheese: 60 quart stock pots, hot plates for heating the curds, enzymes and cultures, and cheese presses

• Pay for rental of a commercial kitchen to make the cheese

• Get large commercial refrigerators to use as "cheese caves" to age the wheels

What do the rewards look like?

I'm glad you asked!

Here's the Brie & Jack & Chevre & Stilton & Gouda & Manchego tee, printed on American Apparel organic cotton garments. It comes with all subscriptions, or just by itself at the $25 level:

A customized 12" wheel of hard cheese - approximately 15 lbs. Your artwork or commemorative text will be CNC engraved on a hardwood following block for the cheese press, then embossed onto the rind of the cheese! Available at the $500 pledge level:

Thanks for your support. I look forward to sharing my passion for cheesemaking with you!


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    "Brie & Jack & Chevre & Stilton & Gouda & Manchego" tee. Represent! Show the world how much you love cheese.

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    a one-time delivery of 2 lbs of cheese (four different 8 oz wedges), plus a "Brie & Jack & Chevre & Stilton & Gouda & Manchego" tee.

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    1 lb of cheese, delivered the first friday of each month for six months, plus a "Brie & Jack & Chevre & Stilton & Gouda & Manchego" tee

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    1 lb of cheese, delivered the first friday of each month for a year. comparable subscriptions cost over $500 from other cheese makers! Includes a "Brie & Jack & Chevre & Stilton & Gouda & Manchego" tee.

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    2 lbs of cheese (2 types), delivered the first week of each month for a year, plus a "Brie & Jack & Chevre & Stilton & Gouda & Manchego" tee.

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    An entire 12" wheel of hard cheese (approx. 12-15 lbs depending on variety), created just for your special event. Here's the kicker: The rind of the wheel will be custom-embossed with your commemorative artwork or text! Help with design/layout is available if needed. Many varieties of cheese are available, but please allow at least 4 to 6 months lead time to allow for proper aging. Local SF Bay Area delivery only. Includes a 6 month subscription to the deliveries, and a tee.

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