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€51 612
sur €45,000engagés sur un objectif de €45,000
Financement annulé
Le financement de ce projet a été annulé par son créateur le 6 févr. 2019.
Dernière mise à jour : 21 mai 2019

Skytear (Canceled)

A card-driven game inspired by MOBA video games, featuring more than 50 detailed miniatures.

Skytear (Canceled)

A card-driven game inspired by MOBA video games, featuring more than 50 detailed miniatures.

€51 612
sur €45,000engagés sur un objectif de €45,000
Financement annulé
Le financement de ce projet a été annulé par son créateur le 6 févr. 2019.
Dernière mise à jour : 21 mai 2019

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Skytear is a card-driven miniatures game, inspired by MOBA video games.

Draft a team of legendary heroes from four asymmetric factions and push toward enemy temples together with your minions.
Play your cards wisely to achieve one out of three randomly picked win conditions… and may the power of Skytear be with you!

Section 1 — Pledge Levels
Section 1 — Pledge Levels

You will be able to specify your 2 factions inside the pledge manager platform, once the Kickstarter campaign ends.

With the 2-Factions pledge, you get ALL the cards of the game, to make every match different and maximize deckbuilding options.

And in the future, either inside the pledge manager or at your local game store, you will always be able to get more factions.

Painted Miniatures Examples

Miniatures will be pre-assembled and of the faction's color. You will be able to easily paint them to whatever color scheme you prefer. We also plan to create a community art section on our website to get you inspired and allow you to share your creations.

To get this gallery started, we hired professional painters to paint the prototypes. Please note that these miniatures were 30mm scale; since then we’ve increased the scale to 45mm so they will be stronger and even more fun to paint!

These miniatures of Liothan are painted by the awesome Vincenzo Celeste of Miniature's Den. On his Twitch channel, you can see the recording of how he painted them. You can hire him to paint yours as well, just get in touch at

These miniatures of Kurumo are painted by the incredible Alessandro Meschieri, who did an amazing job with these two assassins. Two more miniatures should be ready soon, stay tuned!

Miniatures' Material

We will most likely use PVC 100. The number states the hardness of the plastic: the higher the number, the harder the material is, but the more details are possible as well. PVC 100 strikes a great balance between showing details and still allowing some flexibility in arms, weapons etc. which helps resist breakage. 

The tooling masters you see painted below were made from resin: this is more brittle, less flexible, and harder, but therefore able to show more details. Resin is easier to use for samples and small runs: that's why Panda GM (our manufacturer) used it.

45mm EPIC Miniatures' Scale

We decided to use this unusually big scale after playing the game with prototypes of different sizes.The eight oversized heroes really dominate the board and just feel like the right scale to us. :)

Section 2 — Stretch Goals
Section 2 — Stretch Goals

Social Stretch Goal

If we manage to get 500 or more fans on our BoardGameGeek page, we will create a new graphic design that varies from faction to faction for Power Cards and Hero Pads.

So, to give you an idea:

  • Red cards will have glowing lava around the frame
  • Blue will have ice crystals
  • Green frames will be full of creepers
  • Yellow will have sand all over it :)
Other than this, if you like to help us grow the other social media channels, these are the links:

Section 3 — Gameplay
Section 3 — Gameplay

Get the rulebook here

We will translate it to Italian, French, Spanish, German, and Polish.

To also print the translated hero pads and cards, we will need to reach 100 copies per country. We will update this section as soon as extra languages are unlocked.

Try the Print & Play Demo

Download the PDF of the Print & Play copy of Skytear
Over there you will find:

  • A folder with ALL the contents of the ALL-IN pledge, if you want to go crazy and try the full game immediately :)
  • A folder with just the intro-game setup, that is way faster to print and actually get started and try it with pre-made decks

Try it on Tabletop Simulator

We made a free add-on of Skytear available on Tabletop Simulator.
Play Skytear on Tabletop Simulator here.

Watch it Played

Videos of the key part of the gameplay (and a full match!) are coming soon...

4 Players Mode (2vs2)

In this mode, you play with the same rules as the 1vs1 game mode except you and your teammate only control two heroes each with 2 distinct decks of 20 Power cards. 

Be aware that you have your own hand of Power Cards that is NOT shared with your teammate, so be careful about what you ask him, as the opponents will (likely) be listening…
Section 4 — Reviews
Section 4 — Reviews

Some of these previews feature the previous version of the rules since, for logistical reasons, we had to submit the prototype back in December.

Since then, we have been constantly streamlining and refining the rules and we will continue to do this until the final release.

Please note, these edits are marginal gameplay improvements that build upon a SOLID foundation that has remained unchanged for many months. Therefore, these previews are an excellent indication of the general gameplay of the finished product.

[English] Man VS Meeple


[Polish] Game Troll TV

[Français] LudoVox

[Deutsch] Brettspielhero

[Español] La Mazmorra de Pacheco

[Español] Juego de Mesa 221B

[Italiano] Geek Pizza (Matteo Mariella)

Clicca per leggere l'anteprima di Geek Pizza
Clicca per leggere l'anteprima di Geek Pizza

[Italiano] Al 4+ 

In arrivo Lunedì! :)

[Italiano] DunwichBuyersClub

[English] Life of a Board Gamer

[English] Board Game Revolution

[English] Dice Tower

More previews are on their way...!

Section 5 — Extras
Section 5 — Extras

To order any of the extra items below you have to increase your Kickstarter pledge by the same amount listed below.

Then, after the campaign ends, you will be able to use this credit and specify the add-ons you are interested in inside the Crowd Ox pledge manager.

All these extras are cosmetic add-ons, they are not impacting the gameplay.

This is an alternative miniature for Akimo, it shows what happens when Akimo’s Katana takes control of him (you REALLY don't want to be around when this happens).

This is an alternate miniature of Gulbjarn morphed into full bear form.

This hardcover book will feature all the art and lore from the Skytear universe. It will also contain the extended version of the rules, with plenty of examples and edge case clarifications (these same rules will also be available for free online).

This case with its Skytear custom foam will safely fit everything you need to play Skytear with your favorite faction: 6 heroes, 8 minions, 70 sleeved cards, and some tokens.

It measures 280 x 210 x 80 mm and is constructed from heavy-duty waterproof fabric. It is fully lined and has internal reinforcements to protect your miniatures and is zipped along 3 sides.

Please note: the picture above is using smaller scale miniatures (early prototypes) before we made the decision to increase the scale to 45mm. The actual design of the foam insert will change in order to fit (less) bigger miniatures.

If you are buying the 2-factions pledge (170 cards) or All-In Pledge (250 cards) you will need a total of respectively 2 and 3 packs.
Sleeved cards will fit into the game box and carry case.

Please note: Since this campaign is in EUR, we approximated the USD amount above using the exchange rate at the moment of writing. Final amounts in the pledge manager might be slightly higher or lower.

Section 6 — Shipping
Section 6 — Shipping

Shipping costs will be charged after the campaign ends through a pledge manager platform called Crowd Ox.
Crowd Ox will send you many email reminders asking you to fill the post-campaign survey with your shipping address and any extras you might have selected.

Below you can see an estimate of the shipping costs for each region and pledge level.

Some extras like the Skytear case and the hardcover artbook might slightly increase the shipping costs.

Customs and Duty-Free Shipping

We will prepay all VAT, taxes, and duty for backers receiving their pledge in USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, and Europe.

If your shipping address outside of the zones mentioned above, check your country's rules and regulations as paying customs taxes will be your responsibility.

Please note that we cannot ship to PO Boxes because the risk of bounce back is too high. If the game fails to arrive because you gave us the wrong address, you will have to pay all the costs associated with re-shipping the game. To help you avoid mistakes though, the pledge manager will double check your address against a 3rd party address verification service (both domestic and international)  

Section 7 — Heroes & Lore
Section 7 — Heroes & Lore

Skytear is the essence used by the Gods to create the world of Olan-Taa. The inhabitants, over time, learned how to tame this energy and channel it inside runes to leverage its magic potential and build their societies.

Below you can discover the 24 heroes of Skytear with the four deities they fight for.

Read these heroes’ backstories on our website
Read these heroes’ backstories on our website

Devotees to Kurumo, Crafter of War, are known for the valor and courage they demonstrate in battle.

They dwell in the Kingdom of Kaeno, the Eternal Flame, a landscape of basalt and ash surrounded by lava rivers and active volcanoes.

Its inhabitants have learned to live in harmony with their hostile environment, exploiting its resources to build a proud, honor-based, martial society.

Read the faction full background.

A warrior of noble origins, Akimo is the owner of the katana wielded by the Venerable Shogun in times of war, imbued with the Shogun’s divine magic power.

Once unsheathed, the power of the God takes possession of his body, turning him into a semi-divine creature with unrivalled destructive power.

Read Akimo full backstory.

Read these heroes’ backstories on our website
Read these heroes’ backstories on our website

 The desert archipelago of Utsesh dwells beyond the cloud blanket that overhangs the fragmented world of Olan-Taa. Mainly composed of arid and lifeless sand wastelands, the islands of the realm are dominated by sumptuous buildings with elegant and imposing architecture.

Here, the devotees of Nupten - Ruler of Mind and Knowledge - embrace magic arts above other creatures' abilities and develop a complex, caste-based, society independent from natural resources.

The only energy the people of Utsesh need is Skytear in its purest form, and their desperate search for new sources inevitably leads them to challenge other Realms’ inhabitants to get the best supplies.

Read the full background of Nupten faction.

Setheru is one of the few still living heirs of the ancient people of Nuptians - the first sentient creatures of Olan-Taa, now almost extinct, yet still treated with fear and respect by Utsesh citizens.

His obsession with gaining absolute control of Skytear led him to become a savant of magic, and makes him the perfect strategist and coordinator for the domination of Olan-Taa.

Read Setheru's backstory on our website.

Read their backstories on our website
Read their backstories on our website

Olan-Taa. A world of myriad islands, beautiful and silent. Beneath the islands, however, a maze of twisting tunnels holds the realm of Xotlan.

The Skytear energy coursing through these tunnels overcomes the normal rules of both light and gravity.

The people of Xotlan worship Taulot, Keeper of the Underworld, who rewards their worship with swirling tattoos imbued with Skytear energies.

Read the full background of Taulot faction.

Ruler of the Realm of Xotlan, Cotlic divulges and enforces Taulot’s will through strict and merciless leadership.

His choice to centralize all political, administrative, and military power on himself, without being surrounded by advisors or officers, increases his authority and valor even further.

These duties often take him away from the Temple of Carchlan where he dwells and brings him directly into the core of the most important and delicate operations.

Read their backstories on our website
Read their backstories on our website

From their silent snow-covered land, Liothan’s followers flourish in the frozen tundra because of their affinity with nature and its changing forces.

Fused with animals or empowered by magical energies, they are steady and resolute in their search of the Skytear, the only source which can bring the lost splendor and vitality back to the Realm of Grialth, the Silent Life.

Read the full background of Liothan faction.

Liothan's favourite creation, Freyhel acts as the God's herald and mediator among the Realm of Grialth - solving disputes, rewarding devotees, and punishing traitors in his will.

She has the power to create life or make it wither, ensuring she has total control over other living creatures and placing her constantly in the center of her Lord’s sight.

Read Freyhel's backstory on our website.

The Background of The Outsider

When released in high quantities, Skytear energies tend to regroup and create tangible forms as time passes. These forms are bound to their place of origin and shape themselves into sentient beings, wild and extremely aggressive: Outsiders. They can take on different features; as they’re generated by entropy, no single Outsider is exactly like the others.

The first Outsider to appear on the world of Olan Taa almost caused its destruction. Freed by Nupten servitors during one of the first Skytear manipulation experiments, it reached colossal dimensions very quickly. Its death, brought by joint forces from the Realms, generated an explosion that left permanent marks on the planet and almost caused the total extinction of all living beings.

During daily battles in the Olan Taa skies, Outsiders are often born from the clashes between floating islands. Thankfully, the limited Skytear quantities released keep those Outsiders to a manageable size. Furthermore, because of the Heroes’ Skytear manipulation mastery, the Outsiders can be easily weakened and sometimes bent to the Heroes’ will, exploited as unwilling allies.

Section 8 — Community
Section 8 — Community

8000 people and counting...

Last September, we shared the Print & Play and online prototype of Skytear for the first time.

Since then, more than 8000 people signed up to playtest Skytear on our website. Of course, many of these people didn’t even have a look at the prototype, that’s normal. But what is more important is that a few hundreds of them playtested it and shared their feedback with us. As a result, the game has improved week over week for months.

We look forward to hearing your feedback as well and do a last round of improvements before the mass-production starts.

The best place to influence the development is the Discord server we have been using for all these months. If you want to help us level up, you can join the conversation here:

The Ambassador Program

In September of last year, we also launched an Ambassador program to form a group of people committed to helping us level up Skytear. To some of them, we shipped a high-quality prototype so that they could make demonstrations at their local friendly gaming stores.

Other ambassadors were tremendously helpful in playtesting daily, sharing great ideas or even translating our monthly newsletter to their native languages.

One of our US ambassadors that volunteered to demo Skytear
One of our US ambassadors that volunteered to demo Skytear

Monthly Newsletter? Check!

For about 6 months now, we sent out a monthly newsletter with all the news from the Skytear development. Yes, even the first month when we had only 50 people on the list... you rock guys! :)

Of course, the plan is to continue this habit even after the Kickstarter. We believe one email per month is the right balance for most people. But if you want more frequent updates, you can always join our Facebook group:

New Heroes Twice a Year

To shake up the meta and make deckbuilding more interesting, we want to release one core set and one expansion per year. Gameplay-wise, we want to stick to only four factions, to give you more and more options when drafting heroes and building decks.

Now, before you worry for nothing, two important points on new contents:

  • They will be 100% compatible with the previous ones, and totally optional.
  • They will NOT be OP and mandatory to be competitive! We know some companies like to do that… but we just think it’s NOT a healthy idea for the organized play scene.

Designed for Tournaments

Every time we faced a game design decision we asked ourselves: "is this going to limit the organized play scene?".

If the answer was yes, we would look for another way. That's the reason why we:

  • ... kept the game within one hour of length
  • ... made sure your brain does not explode after 7 consecutive matches (tested!)
  • ... shrank the game footprint to a 70x70 centimeters table (about 30x30 inches)
  • ...removed as many tokens as possible

Support for Organized Play

These are three tools we are developing to support the organized play scene:

  • An intuitive deck builder usable from mobile and desktop, that we can balance after the release after hearing your feedback. This will avoid the risk of a stale metagame, as we will tweak the cost in points of the cards “under the hood”.
  • A store locator and centralized calendar for events
  • A players directory with a ranked ladder based on tournament results

Speaking of tournaments, we will actively support your friendly local game store by sharing tournament kits with exclusive contents not available for sale.

For example, many of the alternate skins we plan to develop with the stretch goals will be available inside tournament kits (there you go, one more reason to back the Kickstarter now :).

Retailers: we want you!

Dear FLGS, we are happy you are interested in stocking Skytear :)

To learn more about our offer and order retail copies, please fill this form and we will follow up with you within a few days.

Section 9 — About Us
Section 9 — About Us

We are 6 long-time players of cards and miniatures games. We are all from Modena, Italy. We all share this dream of making the ultimate competitive miniatures game.

The company leadership is by two brothers: Riccardo and Giacomo Neri. They granted themselves the luxury of slowing down on their existing careers to work on this dream, almost full-time, for a year. Company leadership is a fancy word for saying… they did whatever was needed to move the project forward: game design, manufacturing relationship, marketing, graphic design, art direction, and even bookkeeping sometimes.

Riccardo is the director of a 15-people company that designs and builds industrial scales. Yes, it’s a boring industry, but there are many useful skills that he brought over when leading the team. Giacomo is a professional in the internet marketing industry. He used his previous work experience to grow and nurture a community around the game before launching on Kickstarter (we hope he didn't annoy you too much with all that advertising on Facebook).

The four other PvP Geeks on the team worked part-time instead. Riccardo Parmeggiani was in charge of writing the lore and directing artists. Andrea Barbari, Francesco Gioacchini, and Fabio D’astolfo were focused 100% on developing and balancing the game all the time.

If everything goes well, we do not want to lose our focus on developing other games, but rather grow the Skytear universe for many years to come.

Other credits:

Our journey with PvP Geeks started in January of 2018, and we are really proud of what we achieved in just 12 months.

Okay, to be fair, we invested about 6000 hours* and many of our savings into Skytear, so I think that explains why it took us a relatively short amount of months to get here, compared to other KS projects.
(*yes, we actually tracked them :))

Manufactured by Panda GM

We have chosen Panda Game Manufacturing to mass produce Skytear. They are not the least expensive option, but their quality is unsurpassed.

Panda GM has manufactured many games that funded through Kickstarter. Check the games on your shelf and look for a little panda head by the UPC. If you find it, it was manufactured by Panda!

You can see their shelfie here:
You can see their shelfie here:

We’ve been working with Panda for many months to ensure that we are ready for mass production.

We are confident that our project manager and the entire Panda team will help us through the process to make it as smooth as possible (by the way, Kathrin, our project manager at Panda, likes MOBA’s as well :).

Some pics from our booth at Essen SPIEL 2018
Some pics from our booth at Essen SPIEL 2018

Pre-production Started

Just in time for Essen SPIEL 2018, we prototyped the first 8 miniatures, the same you see painted above.

Since then, we already revised the sculpts to make them bigger and with more heroic proportions, so that they are more robust and fun to paint.

On top of prototyping the miniatures, we also performed some design verification of the print files, to make sure they meet all the standards thus reducing, even more, the risk of delays in the manufacturing process.

Game Art is 80% Ready

We believe we accounted enough time to finish the remaining assets in the timeline.

We also contracted five additional artists to work on the stretch goals and make sure having too many of them won’t delay the planned timeline.

We planned for the Worst Case

Our manufacturer provided a range for each step of the process. In our planning, we considered the longest estimate in the range every time.

On top of this, we added a 20% time buffer for unexpected delays (and yes, we accounted for the Chinese National holidays too :).

Risques et défis

Skytear is a huge project and there might be unexpected challenges. To help you pull the trigger, we are offering a money back guarantee until the day when we plan to place the final order with the manufacturer.

Until April 1st, 2019 you can email us at to request a refund. You will get a 90% refund of your pledge because 10% is lost on Kickstarter and payment processing fees and we can’t reimburse it.
Skytear is funded in EUR and all refunds will be issued in EUR using the same conversion rate used by Kickstarter.

En savoir plus sur la notion de responsabilité sur Kickstarter
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    Two Factions

    Shipping worldwide charged after the Kickstarter ends, see "Shipping" section.

    Comprend :
    • 12x Hero Miniatures
    • 16x Minion Miniatures
    • 1x Outsider Miniature
    • 240x Power Cards
    • 48 Tokens & Markers
    • All Stretch Goals of the Chosen Factions
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    Shipping worldwide charged after the Kickstarter ends, see "Shipping" section.

    Comprend :
    • 24x Hero Miniatures
    • 32x Minion Miniatures
    • 1x Outsider Miniature
    • 240x Power Cards
    • 68x Tokens & Markers
    • 1x Shattering Reality Promo Card
    • ALL Stretch Goals
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    309 contributeurs

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    Group Pledge

    Save 10% and get six copies of the All-In pledge.

    Game retailers from Europe will get VAT back in the pledge manager after providing a valid EU VAT number.

    Comprend :
    • 6x All-In Pledge Contents
    • 6x ALL Stretch Goals
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