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PvP Geeks wants some feedback on this project. What do you like? What could be better? Anything missing?

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    1. Riccardo Neri Collaborator 1 day ago

      Hey @Josepheus,
      Thanks a lot for your feedback, very appreciated!
      We'll make an update during the campaign to explain the reasons behind the graphic design decisions...stay around and give it a look, maybe you might find it smart as well!
      We are also committed to translating all expansions in the same languages of the ones we will unlock here or we might unlock after with the help of distributors and publishers.
      Speaking of expansions, that's our plan now. Let's see how things go and how fast we can invade the gamers' world and decide based on community feedback how quick we shall push new expansions :)

    2. Missing avatar

      1 day ago

      (1a) Have to agree with Dustin and many others about card design. While the icon layout on the new cards looks to be a lot cleaner, the graphic design (card borders, background and text colour for text boxes) is far less appealing to me. (The design looks old-fashioned and stale. Reminds me of card games from the 90s. Even the box design with its white border is a step down for me. And apparently so was the deluxe box design for many people here.) I understand that you wanted to bring cost down (the argument about readability is not one I would accept as it would have been very possible to add the new icon setup to the old graphic design to improve readability of gameplay-essentials) and I understand that reducing the cost was probably quite necessary, but as a supporter of your first try, the decrease in graphic design quality/appeal (and the decrease in character count per faction) have made me less likely to pledge.
      (1b) I will try to expand on this point. Apparently the cost of translations increases with the old graphic design. I am a German backer, and I certainly appreciate the option to get a game in my native language. Looking at this campaign, this may not happen, as the language has to be unlocked first. And even if it is, what guarantee do I have that all future expansians (of which you apparently are planning a lot) will also be translated? I have been burned on that before, by companies promising to support a language version until the very end, only to decide that, no, actually they don't anymore, because it was not worth the cost. So I can see many people actually opting for the English version anyway. And with the game being so much of a niche product I wonder if it would not have been better to focus on making one version the best it can be, instead of focusing on a lot of translations that certainly increase production costs overall by quite a lot and apparently forced a change in aesthetics many are unhappy with. After backing many campaigns and hearing many experienced creators state that translations are only financially viable at several hundred, maybe even a thousand copies printed, I wonder if you may have chosen a wrong path to follow here.
      (2) On a different note, while the mix-and-match factions offer more variety, imho this definitely makes coloured snap bases for the minis essential (i.e. not a stretch goal that may or may not be achieved, and certainly not an addon adding hidden costs you sacrificed so much (maybe too much?) to bring down). In a game with more than 2 players, I cannot imagine being able to identify each mini and its owner (!) at a glance otherwise.
      (3) I am also very sceptical about your expansion plans. Definitely in the less-is-more-camp here. When the game is amazing, maybe one year after its release, when you have established a large international fan base (which is not easy in this competitive market) a second season or one/two new factions is a good idea, but pushing out product several times a year is generally not something I like or look for in my games. Seems a little over-ambitious for such a new player. (Which I am not saying as a personal attack, but to explain my reasoning, because over-ambitious first projects by new creators are a bit of a red flag on KS.)

    3. Riccardo Neri Collaborator 1 day ago

      Hi @Dustin,
      Thanks for your feedback...and sorry to hear that!
      There are thousands of iterations behind this choice and - besides lowering the translations price - this new graphic was really appreciated by many. On top of it, gameplay wise is so much more clear and neat to read and play with.

    4. Dustin Crenshaw 1 day ago

      Throw me in the camp that the card graphic design is a MASSIVE step down. Went from a professional look to a cheap look that will make many skip right over it.

    5. Giacomo Neri Collaborator on

      Hi @Austin
      Thanks for sharing your feedback
      the very first prototypes were 28-32mm but felt too small for the board, hard to paint, and some details were lost too... so we decided to adopt this slightly bigger scale
      just keep in mind we account also for bases height (4mm) when measuring.…
      here you can get a quoted minion and hero for reference, we will add a section about mini scales too

    6. Missing avatar

      Austin Batchelor on

      I was pretty certain I was gonna back but then I saw the hero miniatures where 38mm. I’d back if the minis where 28-32 mm scale. Then they could be used with other miniatures for RPG. At the scale they are now I think a lot of people are gonna pass on it. Maybe you could have two options one with smaller sized minis and one with the original size.

    7. Riccardo Neri Collaborator on

      Hi @Diebel
      We are doing both the 10 minutes tutorial/walkthrough and the 40-50 minutes full game recorded! They will be available soon.

      Meanwhile, you can check the rulebook and try the online version :-)

      Thanks for your patience!

    8. Raymond Diebel on

      Show me the game
      ...this feedback bit hurts more than it helps.

    9. Riccardo Neri Collaborator on

      Hey @Jarek

      Yes, there will be pledge manager where you can enter with 1$ pledge.
      However, We are going to be there only for 15-20 days because production is going to start at the end of June!

    10. Jarek85 on

      Hello im glad to see you again

      One question after campaign is there will be plede manager after KS if yes, is 1$ pledge, will open this PM?

    11. Riccardo Neri Collaborator on

      Thanks a lot! <3
      We have did everything we could to reduce the price point as much as possible.
      With sourcebook, do you mean extended background or RPG rules?

      Grazie! Stiamo facendo rileggere e correggere ad un madrelingua!

      We are trying to do our best to reduce the guesses and do something accurate :)

    12. Zachary Smith on

      C'erano alcuni piccoli errori d'inglese, consiglio di avere qualcuno di madre lingua che vi fa un 'proof read'

    13. Shawn M. on

      Oh man, this is so much better pricing than the last Kickstarter. Looking forward to it! Could we get a tabletop RPG Sourcebook to go with these miniatures? They're just soooo shuai.

    14. Eric Engstrom

      Happy to see [TABLE COMING SOON] under shipping, because even if the estimate is a range, it's better than just guessing in the dark. Good luck. :)

    15. Eric Engstrom

      Happy to see [TABLE COMING SOON] under shipping, because even if the estimate is a range, it's better than just guessing in the dark. Good luck. :)

    16. Riccardo Neri Collaborator on

      Hi @Ross

      Scale of the hero miniatures is 38 mm
      Scale of the minion miniatures is 25 mm

      We'll add to the pledges' description to be more clear :)

    17. Ross Wright on

      I see the scale of the boss type monster is 90mm, what is the scale for the heroes and minions?

    18. Giacomo Neri Collaborator on

      hi @Bax
      yes we are working with the manufacturer to have colored snap bases, we will add them either as extra or possibly even as one of the first stretch goals (we have semi-conical bases like Games Worshop miniatures, and because of that we have to create special molds to have snap bases that fit)

      on top of this... during playtest and demo sessions it was never an issue as miniatures are really different from one another and look exactly like their illustrations in the hero cards

    19. Bax

      I see the miniatures are now all of the same colour. Will there be miniature bases in different colours so the players can easily recognized which team/player the miniature belongs to (possibly at least as an optional addon)?

    20. Giacomo Neri Collaborator on

      a heartful thank you for the detailed feedback. I see you joined us on Discord already so I will answer to all your points there so it's even more interactive :)

    21. Giacomo Neri Collaborator on

      @Richard El-chamaa
      The season I box is including starter box contents and it is showing only the ADDED contents.. that is why we showed only 4 minions. We will look into a way to make this clearer though

      In the starter box, players can draft their heroes yes (even though for the first time game we suggest to draft factions instead, to keep things easier while you learn the rules)

      Thx for the feedback/question :-)

    22. Richard El-chamaa

      For the season 1 box, the image shows only 4x each minion (which i am assuming there will be 8 per faction) and only 3 of the 5 heroes are shown in the season 1 box

      Will players choose which hero they can have in the starter box?

    23. Richard El-chamaa

      For the season 1 box, the image shows only 4x each minion (which i am assuming there will be 8 per faction) and only 3 of the 5 heroes are shown in the season 1 box

      Will players choose which hero they can have in the starter box?

    24. Missing avatar

      Uroš on

      Oh, and the same goes for the smaller miniatures. As long as they are driving down the production costs, I'm all for it. They are still bigger than most miniatures I'm used to.

      However, if a lot of people request it, you can add it as an addon instead. If it doesn't mess with your production a lot.

    25. Missing avatar

      Uroš on

      Love what's been done both with the visual aspects and with some of the revised rules, this project now looks a lot more polished, AND it's cheaper on top.

      I can see a lot of the people have an issue with the new card design for some reason, but not myself. The new design is clean, conveys information better, and makes the card art stand out more, so I'm perfectly satisfied with it. Even more so if it reduces the price of production due to the black print.

      I'm a bit worried about the future plans however, 2 additions (1 expansion and 1 core set) per year might be a bit much. I would be fine with 1 addition yearly to the game, with more polish, thought and playtesting going into it.
      Since you already likely have plans for the immediate future, the first year having 2 additions can work (As I recall the original KS had 24 heroes, so you likely moved these to the expansion), but after the first year I believe expanding once per year with little content is better in the long run.

      And as people already mentioned, get active on your social media! You need more ways to reach the overlapping board games and MOBA audience, and that's not an easy one.

    26. Giacomo Neri Collaborator on

      @Duc Phan
      thx for the feedback!
      1) Point noted and you are not the only one thinking that... we are looking into changing it! :)
      2) Me too. See the answer below to @McStreamy for reasons behind the change (we'll likely do a FAQ...)
      3) Not yet, only if people ask we consider it, you can email me at for details/info if you have a group already

    27. Giacomo Neri Collaborator on

      the previous cards were nicer for me as well but had too many issues. Both in terms of usability that we found during playtest/demo sessions but also having white texts over black was much more expensive to print translated cards. Since our priority is a big global community, lower price point, and usability... we decided to go take this approach
      Thanks anyway for considering us and sharing your feedback!

    28. Missing avatar

      McStreamy on

      The cards may convey information better but they look like old magic the gathering cards. I'd like to think we've moved past such old design. I don't back games I don't find visually appealing and while the game board looks much better I think the cards would be a showstopper for me.

    29. Missing avatar

      Duc Phan on

      1. The season 1 box is so plain
      2. I prefer the previous design of the cards (in the cancelled ks)
      3. Is group pledge still available?

    30. Missing avatar

      Duc Phan on

      1. The season 1 box is so plain
      2. I prefer the previous design of the cards (in the cancelled ks)

    31. Josh on

      I like that it's extremely stream lined, a starter pack and an all in pledge with towers as an add on. Neat easy and to the point, I'm curious of it is going to grow prior to launch and what the plan for stretch goals is

    32. Missing avatar

      Kalavera on

      hmmm, the feedback was interrupted in the middle... So let's continue
      7.) Text: "Draft from 20 Heroes- Experiment always...." My wild guess tells me you wanted to say "experience" instead of experiment
      8.) Text: "Play from 2 to 8 Players - 30 minutes ... 16 heroes..." Suggestion: " Play intense 30 - 45 min 1vs1 fights or epic battles for hours with up to 16 heroes. Basically, I wanted to point out that a range for the time might be given instead of saying "play 30 minutes or epic 16 hero battles"

    33. Giacomo Neri Collaborator on

      thank you @Shaun ❤️

    34. Giacomo Neri Collaborator on

      thx for following us! you are 100% right, we are going to re-activate those channels starting tomorrow... we attended many in-person conventions in italy, plus the preparation of the KS campaign and pre-production drained all our energies so far... but now we'll be focused on those channels (and on making an up to date gameplay video too :)

    35. Giacomo Neri Collaborator on

      @Jonathan Louie
      Thanks for backing us on the previous campaign! :)
      We are talking with the manufacturer about colored snap bases, the issue is that the standard ones aren't working because we have particular conical bases (like Games Workshop) and therefore we would need custom molds for them. It's very likely we'll add them as stretch... with this said in all our playtesting sessions players did not find it difficult to recognize heroes because they are REALLY different one from another.. and they are in the same exact pose as in the hero card illustration

      Message received for KS box... if we keep hearing this we will likely retire it for good and come up with an alternative (maybe the alternative KS exclusive outsider... if we manage to unlock the first stretch?)

      for the mini rewards of last campaign. the early bird has been replaced and for the ones who brought 5 friends, we will give a 8€ discount on shipping inside the pledge manager. we will write to all of them before the start of the campaign

      thanks again for your support!

    36. Missing avatar

      Kalavera on

      Like the last time to keep it efficient I will provide my answer as a list with points. That's what your German Terrain builder and supporter since day one.

      1.) 20 heroes promissed. I see 8 in the first box and 12 in the larger pledge.
      2.) Miniature Quality does not look the same as before. Was there a change? The Images need to show the quality respectively and as neat as possible.
      3.) All Images here lag a Little bit contrast. The colors look bright and bleached. Please check that
      4.) Painted miniature Images missing
      5.) Are there more strech goals than the currently shown ones?
      6.) The big first visual is great, but I can not make out all figures clearly. Maybe change the background if you find the time. They can be overlooked easily.

    37. Shaun Lawson on

      Look good can't wait to back

    38. Missing avatar

      Fabian on

      I've been checking this project since the previous campaign got cancelled, aswell as the official site (wich i suscribed), the youtube channel, and the facebook group. The game looks even more amazing than before. But i think you guys should focus a bit more on updating all the social media because it feels pretty abandoned. I am sure that the whole team is really busy with pre-production stuff, but i think it's a the perfect moment to advertise more the reboot for the KS campaign, make some noise!

    39. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Louie on

      Big fan of this game and I can't wait for the KS. I was a very early backer in the first campaign and I like what I'm seeing. I also love the tower upgrade add-on!

      In the first campaign, I really liked how each faction was a different color as it was very visually pleasing. I understand the mini's were changed to a default gray to save on costs. While I'm bummed they aren't colored anymore, I actually think it makes more sense especially if players are drafting teams with heroes of different factions. It would be too confusing for there to be colored mini's on the board from different teams. My only question with the gray colored mini's in the new version is whether there will be colored bases that teams/players can affix to the bottom of the mini so that everyone knows what team each hero is on.

      Also, I agree with Jeffrey that the KS exclusive season 1 box looks a bit plain compared to the base pledge box. I'm not sure people will be able to identify the game based on the top of the box, which just has the faction symbols.

      Lastly, in the first campaign, there were special mini's rewarded for backing early and referring the game to 5 emails, etc. Are those perks gone for this new campaign?

    40. Riccardo Neri Collaborator on

      The Starter has the same double-sided map of the season one pledge. The reason why it isn't shown in the pledge is because you won't be able to use the back of the map without expansion with few extra heroes (which you can find in season one pledge)

      Regarding the box feedback, do you mean pure graphics of the box? :)

    41. Riccardo Neri Collaborator on

      We'll add some text and explanations between pledges to clarify better.

      The GAMEPLAY is identical, the difference is the number of options' for heroes' draft and deckbuilding which are more limited in the Starter Pledge. Also, you can play up to 4 players with Starter while with season one up to 8 players.

      Season one pledge has 12 more heroes which are completely different gameplay wise with more than 100 cards that allow you for soooo many deckbuilding and drafting possibilities. Almost infinite combinations.

      Season one because it includes almost everything we have planned to include in the first season. We still have more heroes (and not only heroes...) between the stretch goal which belongs to season one...and we hope to unlock soon :)

      Only the box is Kickstarter exclusive. In retail, for the same content, there will be 5 different boxes containing each some of the heroes & cards.

      Yes, the STARTER BOX is EXACTLY what you will find in the retail shops starting from December. So, after that, in your shop, you can buy the small expansions to upgrade your starter slowly into a season one complete experience.

    42. Jeffrey Owen

      The starter pledge says it includes a double sided board, but the graphic displayed below it doesn't indicate that the board is indeed double sided. The started pledge box is in my opinion much more aesthetically pleasing than the 100 pound pledge. Otherwise, the page looks pretty good.

    43. Riccardo Neri Collaborator on

      @Peter & @Milen
      Thanks a lot :-)

      @Dan S.
      Thanks for your feedback.
      We did this to reduce greatly the price of the complete game but also to have more consistency in proportions between heroes and minions on the board. Also, this makes a bit cleaner to play on the board having a little less crowd during the team fight :-)

      I had the same thought in the beginning! But another driver to reduce the costs was to print all text in BLACK rather than WHITE as they were...To allow easier translations!
      We have done so many tests to keep the original layouts' idea and black texts...but it was just not good as we wanted to be. So we decided to switch on a Modern layout to make the art pop at its best and, I think, after many games...this layout is much better :)

    44. Peter W. Szabo

      Looking forward to seeing this succeed. Best of luck! (I have advertised this on Romanian KS group. Cheers.)

    45. Greg on

      I'm unclear on the differences between the starter pack and the Season 1 Pledge. Are there any gameplay differences? Is it purely just aesthetics (paying for more minis and tokens) or are there more heroes in the Season 1 Pledge? Is it called the Season 1 Pledge because it has all the content you intend to release for Season 1, or will there be a future expansion pack for it? Is the entirety of the Season 1 Pledge an KS exclusive or just the box? Will there be a way to upgrade from the Starter Set to the Season 1 contents after the KS ends?

    46. Missing avatar

      McStreamy on

      I'm quite sad about the card design. The previous card design looked amazing, very colorful and vibrant. The current design looks incredibly generic and feels like a massive downgrade...

    47. Missing avatar

      Dan S.

      The biggest disappointment for me is the reduction in Hero size from 45mm to 38mm. I believe this was done to help reduce costs, but right now my favorite miniatures skirmish game to play is Judgement, and largely due to the epic, and detailed scale of the minis. I will try and scan through the rest of what you have here though and provide feedback later.

    48. Milen Iliev on

      It looks funny game, I'll be waiting to be released very soon. 😊👍🍺

    49. Milen Iliev on

      It looks funny game, I'll be waiting to be released very soon. 😊👍🍺

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PvP GeeksBy PvP Geeks
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PvP GeeksBy PvP Geeks
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pledged of €35,000pledged of €35,000 goal
16days to go

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This project is not live
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 Skytear is a card-driven miniatures game inspired by MOBA video games.

Important note about Kickstarter exclusives: if any extra stock is left from the production run we reserve the right to use some of the KS exclusives to create organised play kits for tournaments prizes and other promotional events.

Gameplay Videos

PLEASE NOTE: These previews are using an early prototype sent out for the previous Kickstarter campaign (this campaign is a reboot, see section below).

Some aspects of Skytear changed since last December when we sent out the prototypes for the previews below.

To get a third party general overview these are still valid, but to get deeper and evaluate all the nuances and details of Skytear, we suggest you watch the up to date gameplay video above.

Click the links below to watch the Preview video in your preferred language!

10000 people and counting...

Last September, we shared the Print & Play and online prototype of Skytear for the first time.

Since then, more than 10000 people signed up to playtest Skytear on our website. Of course, many of these people didn’t even have a look at the prototype, that’s normal. But what is more important is that a few hundred of them playtested it and shared their feedback with us. As a result, the game has improved week over week for months.

We look forward to hearing your feedback as well and do a last round of improvements before the mass-production starts.

The best place to influence the development is the Discord server we have been using for all these months. If you want to help us level up, you can join the conversation here: 

Over the last 12 months we also participated to many conventions. For example, the first picture below is from our Essen SPIEL 2018 booth.

All these playtest and demo sessions helped us make the game as intuitive as possible. Since the previous Kickstarter in February, we even invested in a new graphic design and illustration of the board, just to make the components as intuitive as possible.

The Ambassador Program

In September of last year, we also launched an Ambassador program to form a group of people committed to helping us level up Skytear. To some of them, we shipped a high-quality prototype so that they could make demonstrations at their local friendly gaming stores.

Other ambassadors were tremendously helpful in playtesting daily, sharing great ideas or even translating our monthly newsletter to their native languages. 

One of our US ambassadors that volunteered to demo an EARLY version of Skytear
One of our US ambassadors that volunteered to demo an EARLY version of Skytear

Monthly Newsletter? Check!

For about 15 months now, we have been sending out a monthly newsletter with all the news from the Skytear development. Yes, even the first month when we had only 50 people on the list... you rock guys! :)

Of course, the plan is to continue this habit even after the Kickstarter. We believe one email per month is the right balance for most people. But if you want more frequent updates, you can always join our Facebook group:

New Content Twice a Year

To shake up the meta and make deck-building more interesting, we want to release at least two smaller expansions per year. Gameplay-wise, we want to stick to only four factions, to give you more and more options when drafting heroes and building decks.

Now, before you worry for nothing, three important points on new contents:

  • They will be MUCH SMALLER than what you see here! 
  • They will be 100% compatible with the previous ones, and totally optional.
  •  They will NOT be OP and mandatory to be competitive! We know some companies like to do that… but we just think it’s NOT a healthy idea for the organized play scene.

Designed for Tournaments

Every time we faced a game design decision we asked ourselves: "is this going to limit the organized play scene?".

If the answer was yes, we would look for another way. That's the reason why we:

  • ... kept the game on the small map within one hour of length
  • ... made sure your brain does not explode after 7 consecutive matches (tested!)
  • ... shrank the game footprint to a 80x80cm table (about 30x30 inches)
  • ...removed as many superfluous tokens and components as possible to maximize portability

Support for Organized Play

These are three tools we are developing to support the organized play scene:

  •  An intuitive deck builder usable from mobile and desktop, that we can balance after the release after hearing your feedback. This will avoid the risk of a stale metagame, as we will tweak the cost in points of the cards “under the hood”.
  •  A store locator and centralized calendar for events
  •  A players directory with a ranked ladder based on tournament results

Speaking of tournaments, we will actively support your friendly local game store by sharing tournament kits with exclusive contents not available for sale.

Retailers: we want you!

Dear FLGS, we are happy you are interested in stocking Skytear :)

To learn more about our offer and order retail copies, please fill this form and we will follow up with you within a few days

Shipping costs will be charged after the campaign ends through a pledge manager platform called Crowd Ox. 

Crowd Ox will send you many email reminders asking you to fill the post-campaign survey with your shipping address and any extras you might have selected.

Below you can see an estimate of the shipping costs for each region and pledge level.

Please note: if we unlock many stretch goals shipping prices might increase  to account for the additional weight/volume.

Customs and Duty-Free Shipping

We will prepay all VAT, taxes, and duty for backers receiving their pledge in USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, and Europe.

If your shipping address outside of the zones mentioned above, check your country's rules and regulations as paying customs taxes will be your responsibility.

Please note that we cannot ship to PO Boxes because the risk of bounce back is too high. If the game fails to arrive because you gave us the wrong address, you will have to pay all the costs associated with re-shipping the game. To help you avoid mistakes though, the pledge manager will double check your address against a 3rd party address verification service (both domestic and international).

We are a few long-time players of cards and miniatures games. We are all from Modena, Italy. We all share this dream of making the ultimate competitive miniatures game.

If everything goes well, we do not want to lose our focus on developing other games, but rather grow the Skytear universe for many years to come. 

The company leadership is by two brothers: Riccardo and Giacomo Neri. They granted themselves the luxury of slowing down on their existing careers to work on this dream, almost full-time, for 18 months. Company leadership is a fancy word for saying… they did whatever was needed to move the project forward: game design, manufacturing relationship, marketing, graphic design, art direction, and even bookkeeping sometimes.

Riccardo is the director of a 15-people company that designs and builds industrial scales. Yes, it’s a boring industry, but there are many useful skills that he brought over when leading the team. Giacomo is a professional in the internet marketing industry. He used his previous work experience to grow and nurture a community around the game before launching on Kickstarter (we hope he didn't annoy you too much with all that advertising on Facebook).

The four other PvP Geeks on the team worked part-time instead. Riccardo Parmeggiani was in charge of writing the lore and directing artists. Andrea Barbari, Francesco Gioacchini, and Fabio D’Astolfo were focused 100% on developing and balancing the game all the time.

 Thomas "TinnyF" started as a playtester, then became an ambassador from the UK and finally joined our team earlier this year. A native speaker studying Creative Writing at one of the UK’s top universities and an avid gamer in his spare time, Thomas helped with both the lore and the English translation of the game. With his love of fantasy fiction and passion for writing, we expect him to be creating more lore for the game both pre and post launch. 

Nicolas Aubry from Synergy Games, helped us to enter the French scene, localise the game, and also advised us on the Kickstarter campaign.

Other credits:

Our journey with PvP Geeks started in January of 2018, and we are really proud of what we achieved in just one year and a half. Okay, to be fair, we invested about 7000 hours* and almost all of our savings into Skytear, so I think that explains why it took us a relatively short amount of months to get here, compared to other KS projects.  (*yes, we actually tracked them :))

Manufactured by Panda GM

We have chosen Panda Game Manufacturing to mass produce Skytear. They are not the least expensive option, but their quality is unsurpassed.

Panda GM has manufactured many games that funded through Kickstarter. Check the games on your shelf and look for a little panda head by the UPC. If you find it, it was manufactured by Panda!  

You can see their shelfie here:
You can see their shelfie here:

We’ve been working with Panda for many months now to ensure that we are ready for mass production.

We are confident that our project manager and the entire Panda team will help us through the process to make it as smooth as possible (by the way, Kathrin, our project manager at Panda, likes MOBA’s as well :). 

Pre-production Completed

All the miniatures have been produced in the first sample - also known as tooling master. We have made a few adjustments on these and we are ready to produce the moulds...and begin the mass production! 

On top of prototyping the miniatures, we also performed some design verification of the print files, to make sure they meet all the standards thus reducing, even more, the risk of delays in the manufacturing process.

The game is tested and assets are ready

Each component of the game is 100% tested and ready.

 We planned for the Worst Case 

Our manufacturer provided a range for each step of the process. In our planning, we considered the longest estimate in the range every time.

On top of this, we added a 20% time buffer for unexpected delays.

Risks and challenges

Skytear is a huge project and there might be unexpected challenges. To help you pull the trigger, we are offering a money back guarantee until the day when we plan to place the final order with the manufacturer.

Until June 15, 2019 you can email us at to request a refund. You will get a 90% refund of your pledge because 10% is lost on Kickstarter and payment processing fees and we can’t reimburse it.

There is a limited time for refund because we are going into mass production few days after the KS campaign is finished!

Skytear is funded in EUR and all refunds will be issued in EUR using the same conversion rate used by Kickstarter.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Questions about this project? Check out the FAQ


  1. Select this reward

    Pledge €55 or more About $61

    Skytear Starter Box

    • 8x Unique Hero Miniatures (38mm)
    • 16x Minion Miniatures (25mm)
    • 1x Monster Miniature (90mm)
    • 84x Illustrated Cards
    • 47x Tokens
    • 1x Double Sided Board
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    Kickstarter is not a store.

    It's a way to bring creative projects to life.

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    Skytear All-in (Early Bird)

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    • 20x Unique Hero Miniatures (38mm)
    • 32x Minion Miniatures (25mm)
    • 1x Monster Miniature (90mm)
    • 1x Double Sided Board
    • 82x Tokens
    • 160x Illustrated Cards
    • ALL Stretch Goals
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    Kickstarter is not a store.

    It's a way to bring creative projects to life.

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    Skytear All-in

    • 20x Unique Hero Miniatures (38mm)
    • 32x Minion Miniatures (25mm)
    • 1x Monster Miniature (90mm)
    • 1x Double Sided Board
    • 82x Tokens
    • 160x Illustrated Cards
    • ALL Stretch Goals
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    Kickstarter is not a store.

    It's a way to bring creative projects to life.

    Learn more about accountability.