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Puzzlebox Orbit is an educational toy that combines a brain-controlled helicopter with open hardware, software, and teaching material
Puzzlebox Orbit is an educational toy that combines a brain-controlled helicopter with open hardware, software, and teaching material
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Source Code, Forums, iOS, and Throttle Control

Happy Holidays from the team at Puzzlebox!

We have been staying busy to keep bringing you the best we have to offer.

First, we are happy to announce source code availability for both our Android and iOS apps. All code has been published under the GPL (version 2). You can browse code or download complete bundles matched to each software release:

Source Code Browser

Puzzlebox Orbit Downloads

Next, we have continued to extend our community resources by adding message forums to the Puzzlebox Orbit website. Feel free to sign up, ask questions, and share your experiences with other backers.

For Apple iOS users, we have added to our wiki a guide to building and using our software for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices:

iOS Instruction Manual

Over in our development tracker, we have began opening tickets to record user issues experienced with Android devices we haven't been able to test directly ourselves. Submitting new tickets and feature requests is a breeze after creating an account.

And finally, we are pleased to make available a developer preview release of the next version of our Android software, which includes the ability to set throttle control to custom levels. This should aid users who found their Orbit to fly too aggressively when fully charged. You can even use "Yaw" and "Pitch" controls to set your Orbit to spin or fly forward across the room. Due to variations in audio hardware, certain users have experienced difficultly communicating with the IR dongle. The new "Invert Control Signal" setting should address this and extend support to many additional Android devices.

The current interface is still quite basic and this version of the software has not been fully debugged, but with your help we hope in the next several days to get an official, stable update published to the Google Play store for all users to enjoy.

Developer Preview Release 1.1.1 for Android is available in our Downloads section.


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    1. Puzzlebox Creator on December 25, 2012


      Hao is now in Shenzhen and devoting his attention to working on the next prototype of the Puzzlebox Pyramid. If all goes well we will enter full production in late February. Up until now we have been focused on the mobile edition almost exclusively in preparation for the holiday season, as that's when we expected the least technical of our early adopters to start receiving Puzzlebox Orbits as gifts.



    2. Scott S. on December 25, 2012

      Any word on progress for the Puzzlebox Orbit with the Puzzlebox Pyramid? Just curious if you have done anything further with it yet...?