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Bring your family and friends closer together with this hilariously fun, crazy intense, rule changing card game! Read more

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This project was successfully funded on October 15, 2013.

Bring your family and friends closer together with this hilariously fun, crazy intense, rule changing card game!

About this project

UNRULY is a side-splittingly funny party card game for all ages, where the object is fairly simple, but the rules are constantly changing, and the laughter is infectious!

In theory, winning the game should be easy.  You just have to play a complete sequence of 3 Thing Cards, but getting there can be… well… a little… complicated. 

There are several obstacles that can, and will, get in your way. 

  • The rules change with every player’s turn - rules ranging from silly to downright hilarious!  Breaking a rule comes with a Penalty.  You may lose just one card, or you may lose everything and have to start from scratch. 
  • There are Event Cards like "Switch places with another player" or "Take a Hike" where everyone leaves their cards and moves over one place. These are great for messing with the other players.
  • Haven't you ever wanted to bust your friend for texting while you're playing a game?  Or call your buddy out for telling you how to play your turn?  That's why we made the Unruly Cards.  They can be played at any time when a player catches another person doing something annoying or, well, Unruly! 

You’re kept on your toes 100% of the time.  You always have something to do, even when it’s not your turn. Your plans and progress can change with the drop of a card or an errant scratch of your head. 

Competition can be fierce, yet you’ll laugh so hard that everyone will feel like a winner!

Average Game Duration:  15-45 minutes
Age Range:  8 and up

Back in 2006, we were playing your run-of-the-mill card game and thought, "Wouldn't it be cool if there was a game that seemed simple, but had rules that constantly changed?  What if there were cards designed just to mess with the other players?  How fun would it be if there were cards to catch other people doing rude, obnoxious, everyday things, like interrupting?"

We couldn't find such a game, so we decided to make our own.  And so UNRULY was born.

Unruly has been through more than 7 years of designing, creating, printing, cutting, rounding each corner (by hand!), play testing, editing, re-naming and redesigning.

Now that all of the design work is complete, all that’s left to do is the mass-production printing and getting it into your hands.

We have 12 more games in various stages of completion that we are so excited to share with you.  Unruly is just the beginning for us!

Up until now, all copies of UNRULY have been created either via home printing & cutting, or fairly pricey Print-on-Demand services.  This is not cost-effective for us or you.

Your generous donations will help pay for production and shipping costs to mass-produce UNRULY.  All decks will include:

  • 108 full-color playing cards,
  • a full-color Rule Sheet, and
  • a beautiful box to keep it all in.

Being able to publish through a mass-production printing company will allow us to lower the cost per deck to a price that is reasonable for everyone.

The only thing we need now is you.


We are Putnam Gizmo, an independent tabletop game design company from Phoenix, Arizona.  We bring people closer together through fun, smiles and laughter.  We’re two life-long buddies who value friendships and family above all else.  Our mission is to make the world a happier place.

It’s not all about winning (though that’s fun, too!).  Looking back at all the times playing our games, people rarely remember who won.  But everyone remembers laughing and having a great time with people they care about.

Putnam Gizmo games are about the journey, not the destination!  You’re gonna have fun.  We promise...

Ask and ye shall receive!  Due to popular demand, we've created some add-ons.  All of our backers above the $20 tier can easily add the following extras on to their rewards. 

To take advantage of these exclusive add-ons, simply add the additional dollar amount to your pledge (above your reward tier) when you check out.  

If you're already a backer, you can click on the blue "Manage Your Pledge" button and adjust the dollar amount. You'll have to enter the total amount of your pledge, not just the amount you're adding on. 

For example, if you previously pledged at the $50 level, and wish to add another retail deck for $15, you would enter $65.00 in the "Pledge Amount" box, and re-select the $50 reward tier.  (International backers, add $10 for shipping.) 

At the close of the campaign, we will contact you so you can specify which add-ons you would like.


If we surpass our goal and make it to $14,000, we can also print UNRULY 2, an entirely unique sequel/expansion game.  It is a complete game with a whole new set of Rules, Events and Unruly Cards which can be played either by itself or combined with the original UNRULY for bigger games and twice the fun!

If we meet our stretch goal, all backers at the $20 level (or higher) will also receive a ‘retail copy’ of UNRULY 2 in February 2014, in addition to the other rewards.

Let the world know about UNRULY and stay up-to-date with the progress of our KickStarter project and other Putnam Gizmo games by…

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Your support means the world to us.  We know we have a great game that will make you laugh and have a great time.  If you back us, you'll be a part of making the world a bit happier! 

We also want to thank everyone that has play-tested with us, motivated us and believed in us for the past seven years.  We wouldn't be here without you!

Thank you!!

Risks and challenges

UNRULY is now complete and fully playable.

The biggest challenge we now face is the same as other tabletop game projects - potential delays that might arise during the printing and shipping stages.

We will continuously update you on our progress.

As soon as we're funded and the decks get to us, our minions will work tirelessly to get them shipped to you.

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    THE AWESOME LEVEL (I'm getting a deck!) -

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    THE SUPER AWESOME LEVEL (Gimme the Exclusive!) -

    Along with your copy of UNRULY, you’ll receive the KickStarter-Exclusive Expansion Cards - 20 blank cards with room for you to create your own Rules, Events and Unruly Cards!

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    We'll send you an Advance Copy of UNRULY… a beautiful, fully playable, locally printed, limited-run copy as soon as the project is funded. You'll get it in time for the holidays! You will also get the retail version in February. Plus, you’ll get the extra 20 special KickStarter-only Expansion Cards.

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    THE SUPER-MEGA-ULTRA AWESOME LEVEL (I'm in the game!!) -

    In addition to sending you a limited-edition UNRULY Advance copy in time for the holidays, we'll include one Personalized Rule Card with your name on it, requiring your friends to state how awesome you are at the end of every turn! And you’ll get the retail copy and Expansion Cards shipped in February.

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    THE SQUEEE LEVEL (Woot! There's a Sequel!) - Of course we’ll send you all of the awesome rewards listed above. But wait! There’s more! We will also send you (right away!) an Advanced, limited-edition copy of UNRULY 2 - the sequel with all new Rules, Events and Unruly Cards that can be played on its own, or combined with the original game for larger group mayhem!

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