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After being swindled and left for dead, a thief named Dex makes a deal with the Devil and sets out for vengeance, and to get his loot back. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on December 2, 2010.

After being swindled and left for dead, a thief named Dex makes a deal with the Devil and sets out for vengeance, and to get his loot back.

About this project

HOLD ON! BEFORE YOU CLICK on the above clip, please watch it here in HD!

These are scenes 1 & 2, shot in Portland, OR, in April of 2010. Be aware that these scenes contain depictions of violence.

My name is Shilpa Sunthankar, writer/ director/ co-producer of THE COMPANY OF THIEVES. I’m excited to tell you about this project, because it is gorgeous. It’s not an egotistical statement: it has as much to do with a great crew as it does me. Look at the clip yourself: you can always tell me what you think.

The film needs help. We’ve got the people, it’s been beautifully shot, but now we need funds to finish it: we’ve got to get the sound engineered, we need to have a composer create something dazzling, we need to have color correction done, then finally, we need to make DVDs and get it out into festivals so it can be seen. It’s our baby, and it’s finally growing up.

I didn’t post a “talking head” video of me describing this film, I think the film sells itself better than I could. Everyone’s best work really shows, and I hope you think so too. Please be a part of it! Look to the right, peruse the many gifts we are offering, and make a contribution to help the film be completed.

Even for the price of your morning cup of coffee, you can help to get it out into the world. We will love giving you wonderful things in return, as well as our heartfelt gratitude and that warm-fuzzy feeling you will experience after clicking “confirm”.

And yes! Please pass this on to anyone else you think will be interested!


Writer/ Director/ Co-producer: Shilpa Sunthankar
Producer: Stephanie Tichenor
Director of Photography: Shawn Sundby
Featured Cast: Hank Harris, Samrat Chakrabarti, Andrew Harris
Editor: Jed Burger
Sound Engineer: Ethan Derner
Compositor: Adam C. Sager
Music: "Cold Bed" by World of Skin, used with permission from M. Gira of Young God Records
Shot on the Red One camera


THE COMPANY OF THIEVES is about a thief named Dex, who tries swindling his partner, Sanjeev, out of their spoils; only Sanjeev finds out and leaves Dex for dead. So, Dex makes a deal with the Devil and goes on a long vengeance mission to find Sanjeev, kill him and get his loot back.

Actually, the idea for THE COMPANY OF THIEVES came out of another project altogether— my feature-in-development SEETA’S DEMON; I had gathered a few brilliant people who were interested in working on it, and we all agreed it would be a great idea to put together an entirely independent short film to showcase our skills. I had a couple ideas in mind already, THIEVES being one of them.

I’m very inspired by westerns, particularly the story of a man’s hard task surpassing the vast American landscape with an ultimate goal; and that goal is rarely cut-and-dry, it’s always morally ambiguous. I furthered that concept in THIEVES by literally having the hero make a deal with the Devil and, additionally, ignore possible signs that could be interpreted as coming from God. The result is a story about a man and his relationship with right and wrong, his persistence in following a bad direction, no matter what signs he’s given, what other options he has in his life. And don’t we all do similar things, even if they’re not so critical?

The team ended up liking the new script and I set to putting the production together. Thus began the journey of creating the story of a thief who deals away his soul and sets out for vengeance against his own partner.

To hear more on the film as it finishes, please make a pledge, and you'll get exclusive updates and gifts for your generous contribution!

To read more on my work, how the film was made, and the awesome people who worked on it, check out my website:

Here's me on IMDb:

And feel free to check out the feature-in-development SEETA’S DEMON here:

Last note on the rewards: since a lot of them are dependent on the film being finished, that is most likely when they will be distributed. *Simple invitation to the premiere doesn't necessarily guarantee seating.

Thank you for your interest in the project. Again, please pass this page on to anyone else you think will be interested!


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