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StarLife is a computer game inspired by Master of Orion 2. With evolution elements besides the turn-based space strategy aspects. Read more

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This project's funding goal was not reached on August 25, 2011.

StarLife is a computer game inspired by Master of Orion 2. With evolution elements besides the turn-based space strategy aspects.

About this project

Edit2: Tactical Space Combat

Hi, here's a video of the tactical combat that I'm developing, the graphics will change later, sorry about the lag, the game itself is not lagged at all.

Edit: Game Features

Hi, I'm editing the project page to explain some of the game features.

When start the game you will be given two options: Evolution and Spacefaring

Spacefaring will play like Master of Orion 2, you will start at a colony that is your home planet, you will be able to build on your colony and explore and colonize other planets.

You will have a research tree and you meet other species as you explorer where you will be given diplomacy options.

Evolution will play like Spore, or just the idea, the mechanics will be quite different. In this part of the game you must evolve your species so that it is molded the way you want it to be. 

Your species will evolve until it acquires intelligence, after that you will be able to research until you are able to travel to space which would end this part of the game giving you the option to play Spacefaring using the race you just evolved.

You will also be able to quick create a race just like Master of Orion 2 if you want, just select what you want and it will create the species for you.

Edit: What if this Kickstater project is not successful?

 Do not worry, the game will still be delivered all the same, the goal of this project is to gather enough money to pay for the graphics, sound and music.

Not succeeding means I will have to either fund it myself, do it myself or find someone willing to join the team who is able to make one of these. If you're interested just send me a message.

In any case I just wanted you to know that this project is very much alive and will stay like this regardless of anything that may happen, cheers!

Edit: In development

Currently I'm developing the tactical combat, the graphics won't be impressive but I want to build it to the point where it can be widely tested.

I will post a video as soon as I can!


Remember those feelings when you played those old computer games? I feel that there's something missing on nowadays games. Specially those that are Space Strategy games.

StarLife is a 4x Turn-Based Space Strategy Indie Game.

What does it means?

4x stands for "explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate". If we take a quick look in history you will easily recognize the genre.

From wikipedia: "Following the success of Civilization and Master of Orion, other developers began releasing their own 4X games. In 1994, Stardock launched its first version of the Galactic Civilizations series for OS/2, and the long-standing Space Empires series began as sharewareAscendancy and Stars! were released in 1995, and both continued the genre's emphasis on strategic depth and empire management. Meanwhile, the Civilization and Master of Orion franchises expanded their market with versions for the Macintosh. Sid Meier's team also produced Colonization in 1994 and Civilization II in 1996, while Simtex released Master of Orion in 1993, Master of Magic in 1994 and Master of Orion II in 1996."

As you can see Master of Orion 2 was launched in 1996 and I strongly feel that no other game has surpassed it yet, even though there are games launched recently within this genre I still think there's something missing. They excel at one or two aspects while most of the others are not polished enough.

What's the plan?

Master of Orion 2 had it's own flaws too and the goal of this project is to closely reproduce the mechanics of it until the point where we can start improving what needs to be improved.

The main twist I want to implement is based on the custom race creation of Master of Orion 2, I would take hours testing new races, I was simply amazed by how many combinations could be made and how different those combinations would play later in the original game.

What if instead of creating a new race by just selecting a few options we could play the race creation? It would start as a single cell life form and evolve it's way into a sentient being until it reached the space era to be able to colonize other planets.

The race created would be saved as a template that you would be able to choose whenever you wanted to play the second part of the game that would be mostly like Master of Orion 2.

What's our goal?

We plan to be able to deliver a solid version of the game in one year, it will still be beta because we will polish it until we feel it's ready for launch, but the best part is that you will have the chance to help us polish it from the very beginning so the game won't be just about ourselves, it will be about you as well.

How great would it be to have a race from the game designed by you, or a technology. Do you have great ideas you want to share? We would love to hear it, we don't want to be a closed company that just want to sell our games regardless of what the customer will think of the product later.

What you think matters, to be able to create this game with the community is what inspires us most, to be able to sit down and discuss what's the best approach to a problem, to be able to discard a feature after it's already made because we just found out it would be better to do it differently, this flexibility is what our company is all about.

Who are you?

And by our company I mean just me, since I'm an indie developer and I'm working alone. But with Kickstarter I don't have to develop it by myself, we can do it together and shape it however we want it.

My personal goal here is not the game itself but to find people with the same interests as me and maybe even form a group later to make other games.

How is the money going to be spent?

We will use it to pay for graphics, concept art, backgrounds and music. This will be done mostly in the final phase of the game, but some of the concept art I have already commissioned from Aimee Seaver, you can check her portfolio here.

She has been a great friend, she gave me lots of suggestions and even help me in the game design. Here's a list of what has been commissioned:

  • A grass field with a deep blue sky;
  • A mountain range with a lake in front of it;
  • A moon-like scene on a purple sky;
  • A desert with an oasis; (DONE)
  • A beach with an ocean at night;
  • A forest with the silhouette of a strange creature;
  • A moon and a planet with the viewer right above the moon;
  • A planet with a the sun right behind it starting to appear;
  • A galaxy full of stars and a bright blue/purple color like a nebulae;
  • A colony ship passing in front of a planet. (DONE)

Some of the prizes are related to these concept art, as the project closes to it's goal Aimee will finish the other pieces, I would like to say a great Thank You to you Aimee!

What make this project unique?

I think that making games is great, there's never too much games, but what makes this game unique is that we're not trying to make a bestseller, we're not trying to turn into a big company later, the real reason is to be able to make great game based on what's proven to work.

I waited too much time hoping one day someone would make a great game like Master of Orion 2 was, but the time has come to take it under our arms, that's why I became a developer! That's my dream since I was a kid and that's what I will do.

Thank you for your time and for reading all of it!


  • You don't have to be very specific about them, you can give a general idea and we will design it based on your idea and then check with you if you agree with it. Or you can use another game as a reference and we will check it and design accordingly.

    Last updated:
  • You could for example be interested in modding the game Artificial Intelligence, we would then design a tool for you that would facilitate this kind of modding. We won't be able to do everything, but I'm sure we can reach a compromise to deliver a great modding tool while still being reasonable about it's complexity.

    Last updated:
  • Everybody will have access to modding tools, this prize will give you access to a custom mod tool designed for you, you will tell us how you want it to work.

    Last updated:
  • You get to design one cheat code whatever the amount you donated.
    If you donated $5 or more just send us a note saying you're interested in this prize and we will add you to the cheat code list.

    Last updated:
  • If you donated $10 or more just send us a note saying you're interested in this prize and we will add you to the leader list.

    Last updated:
  • Whatever you want, you choose what you want and Aimee will draw it for you and send the signed printed illustration. If you want to check Aimee's work here's the link:

    Last updated:
  • Look at the "How is the money going to be spent?" text.
    There you have a list, as those images get finished we will update them here.
    You don't have to choose it right away.

    Last updated:
  • You will have access to the source code, this is great if you want to create your own mod tools or if you are a game developer and want some ideas for your own game.
    You may not sell it, you can copy pieces of the code and use it on your own project even if it is a commercial one.
    Remember that you won't own the code neither the images, sounds or musics. It will still be Purple Orange Games' property. Feel free to contact us about this.

    Last updated:
  • Of course, just send us your ideas, if it's great and fills in on our game we will gladly use it and credit you for giving us your idea.
    We actually prefer that you do so because this is a great opportunity for you to influence the game. Even after the project finishes you will still be able to do so too.

    Last updated:
  • Of course, just send us your idea and we will check it out!

    Last updated:
  • In one to two years. If by that time the game is still in beta version, those who have pre-ordered will be given access to the beta.

    Last updated:
  • At max 6 months as it's still in it's initial development stage.
    But those who have beta access may have access to secondary applications used to develop the game.
    Like right now I'm developing an application that is just about the tactical combat of spaceships. When it's ready I will transfer it to the game.

    Last updated:
  • Send us your question, we will answer you and it may end up here!

    Last updated:
  • Since the game is being developed using Qt all three are possible.
    I'm developing it first using Windows but it will be a breeze to make Linux and Mac Os X versions.
    I have a Macbook but it stopped working, maybe I could use part of the money to fix it so I could make and test the mac version myself, if there is enough demand.

    Last updated:


  • You selected
    $1 reward

    2 backers

    Design a cheat code (will work only on single player), like invincible ships or infinite money, you choose and we will develop it.

  • You selected
    $5 reward

    1 backer

    Your name or nickname will be used in the game, as a Leader that can be hired and assigned to a ship or colony.

  • You selected
    $10 reward

    5 backers

    Digital Download of the game when it’s launched.

  • You selected
    $15 reward

    6 backers

    Digital Download and access to the beta version.

  • You selected
    $25 reward

    6 backers

    Digital Download, access to the beta version and your name in the credits!

  • You selected
    $40 reward

    1 backer

    The same as the $25 prize plus you will be able to design one trait, one technology or one race for the game.

  • You selected
    $50 reward

    1 backer

    The same as the $25 prize plus a Signed print out illustration from the project.
    (We have two pictures right now, but eight more are already planned to be made)
    If you live outside US please add $10 for shipping expenses.

  • You selected
    $80 reward

    0 backers

    The same as the $25 prize plus we will design for you a custom mod tool, so you will be able to tweak the game as you want, you’re free to distribute it if you want.

  • You selected
    $100 reward

    1 backer Limited (4 left of 5)

    The same as the $25 prize plus a Signed print out illustration of whatever you want.
    (Further details with Aimee)
    If you live outside US please add $10 for shipping expenses.

  • You selected
    $250 reward

    0 backers

    The same as the $25 prize plus you will have access to the source code to use it as a reference for your own game or to develop mod tools, you may not distribute it.

  • You selected
    $500 reward

    0 backers

    The same as the $25 prize
    plus you will be able to design one trait, one technology or one race for the game
    plus a signed print out illustration from the project
    plus a custom mod tool designed for you
    plus access to the source code as indicated in the $250 reward
    plus your name in the credits as "Executive Producer"
    and my eternal gratitude!

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