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We (soda) jerks take the best flavors that nature has to offer and use them to craft the most unique and delicious sodas on the planet.
At Pure Sodaworks, we handcraft the best sodas in the world with pure cane sugar and real ingredients like fruit, juice, herbs, and spices. Just give one a try and you'll agree: this is some Mighty Good Soda!
At Pure Sodaworks, we handcraft the best sodas in the world with pure cane sugar and real ingredients like fruit, juice, herbs, and spices. Just give one a try and you'll agree: this is some Mighty Good Soda!
201 backers pledged $23,111 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Pure Sodaworks Creator on

      Hey guys,

      We'll be posting a shipping update in the middle of this week. We have a big shipment of sodas going out to KS backers and want to get a status update out once that those are on their way. Stay tuned!

    2. Missing avatar

      Alan M. on

      I think the lack of responses and meaningful and accurate updates speak for themselves....

    3. Matthew De Fazio on

      I think it would be great if you could send out an update on the amount of soda you have shipped/yet to ship and a timeframe as well. Don't be afraid to give us an update we may not be willing to hear, it's much better than the worst case scenario anyone can come up with while using their imagination.

    4. Missing avatar

      Benn on

      It's been a year since the project was successful,and10 months since the estimated reward was to be sent out. and barely any updates as of where the products are or if they will ever be sent out.I am quite disappointed with my investment and will be very unlikely to fund anymore projects by you or support your company by purchases or word of mouth at the current moment.

      What do you have to say about this? I understand your company didn't get off the ground as easily as you would have wished, but this is quite disappointing. What other modifiers have their been? I feel quite unhappy that it seems like after all we have done we do not get the respect of being updated and informed.

    5. Pure Sodaworks Creator on

      Has your address changed since backing our project? Send your updated address to Thanks!

    6. Ben Morrell on

      Hello, I have been trying to find a way to contact you about my change in address and the link to write you doesn't seem to work and I can't seem to find an email address. I have moved and would love to still get the reward I signed up for. Thanks...

    7. Jayne Cagle on

      what a lovely display of patience : D Love y'all : D (no I'm not 'related'-I just believe this display of persistance and determination is awesome. Thank you Matt, Shawn and Tiffany !

    8. Jon on

      I'm in their neck of the woods and I stopped by the shop and the bottler has arrived. They needed to get a test run done, and send some off to Nashville to the Department of Health.

      I'll swing by their shop again on Tuesday (they are closed Sunday and Monday) and see if I am able to prod them into an update!

    9. Missing avatar

      Benn on

      Where are you at?

    10. RobertSpangey on

      Anybody here? Has the bottler shipped? Whats going on? Been almost a month and a half with no update.....

    11. Pure Sodaworks Creator on

      Hey guys! Sorry for the wait and thank you for your patience. An update is forthcoming VERY soon. We've been super busy here at the shop getting things set up. Stay tuned!

    12. Liam Connolly on

      What's the story? You guys buy the bottler yet? You doing any bottling? How about an update on what is going on?

    13. RobertSpangey on

      Hellooooooo in there. Anybody here? Wondering whats going on. Been almost a month and a half with no update......

    14. RobertSpangey on

      Any word? I'm stoked!

    15. Jon on

      Congrats! Looking forward to seeing you this weekend at the market :)

    16. Missing avatar

      John Anderson on

      Annndd... CONGRATS!!!!!!

    17. Missing avatar

      John Anderson on

      If you will bring your soda cart to our new office in Hixson for a "officewarming" party, I'll up my donation to $1,000. Please respond... quickly. :-)

    18. Stratton Tingle on

      Can't believe I waited until now to support. I been reppin' the tshirt all around town, though. <3

    19. Pure Sodaworks Creator on

      Thanks! Your pledge definitely counts even though we has passed our funding goal. In fact, if we reach $25,000, then everybody over the $25 level gets a bottle of our new Honey Lime soda!

    20. Pure Sodaworks Creator on

      Once we have our bottler up and running, we'll have all of our flavors available for sale online. We'll also be looking at distribution channels in the coming months. In the Chattanooga area, we have almost 30 restaurants who are interested in carrying our sodas. We're incredibly excited about getting our sodas available for purchase throughout the Southeastern US and eventually nationwide!

    21. Missing avatar

      Robyn "Bino" Cowan on

      So...I just made my pledge AFTER you met goal #1. :) Congrats guys! If anybody can make this idea take off, it's you. Glad I get to say I helped a little.

    22. RobertSpangey on

      So, after I you guys get funded and I get my reward, how will these be available for purchase? Distributor? Online?

    23. Pure Sodaworks Creator on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    24. Missing avatar

      John Anderson on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    25. Chris Manchik on

      Loved your soda when you were selling at the Chattanooga Farmer's market.

      I would love to see bottles of this sold locally, hopefully you'll make the deadline.

    26. Dana Rogers on

      Now what kind of seester would I be if'n I didn't wanna help my baby brudder succeed?

      Luv ya,
      Danish xoxo

      P.S. Shameless plug....... :-)

    27. Pure Sodaworks Creator on

      Hey there John,

      We are actually working on a stevia-sweetened soda at this time. We're not sure exactly when we'll release it as a bottled soda, but we'd like to do so in the near future. Of course, some of our sodas do contain fresh fruit juices (which contain levels of natural sugar). However, for our herb and spice-based sodas (for instance, Root Beer #4), we will have a stevia version available at some point.

    28. Missing avatar

      John Anderson on

      Hi There,

      I signed up as a backer at the $100 level, even though I really can't drink too much sugar-sweetened soda.

      Have you guys considered developing any flavors sweetened with stevia?

    29. Alexa Lett on

      Support Local!!!

    30. Missing avatar

      Andrew on

      Well, definitely gotta support something that's local. Definitely interested in stopping by and giving one of these a try when you're up and running.

    31. Joe Ledbetter on

      Good luck guys (and girl) I can't wait to try your soda.