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Our eco-system ensures that your parents and grandparents have no hassle connecting to the world.

Our eco-system ensures that your parents and grandparents have no hassle connecting to the world. Read more
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Recent updates

Naming Survey

Dear Supporters!

Thank you very much again for your trust in us and our project. Despite the fact that we haven't reached our goal on Kickstarter, we are actively moving forward with building and preparing our solution for the market release. One of the key elements of our success is to name the product right. So at this point we are conducting the naming survey. Your participation is greatly appreciated! Here is the link:

Thank you!

Pure Devices team.

Thank You Kickstarter

Well, it's been an exciting last several weeks for Pure Devices watching the pledges climb. We're overwhelmed with the tremendous show of support for our device, although, sadly, it does look like we are going to land shy of our goal. Nevertheless, we are still soldiering forward on the development of our device. We've begun discussions with other sources and avenues for potential funding to make the Pure Device a reality and we are inviting all of you to follow our development before we disappear into the Internet ether of unfunded Kickstarter projects. If you are interested in seeing how the Pure Device project progresses, please send us an email to and we will happily add you to our email distribution list for all upcoming events and information.

And as a special thank you for the support of everyone on Kickstarter along the way, we would like to uphold all of our promises made on Kickstarter. When the device becomes available in the near future, for all you Kickstarter pledgers, you will have advanced notice of the release and opportunity to purchase the device at the reward level originally bid at.

Thank you again everyone so much for your support and we look forward to hearing from you.

Pure Devices Team

Senior Community Interviews

This collection of interviews was done at a senior community in Southern California as part of our continual examination of disconnect between people (especially elderly) and current technological solutions. We wanted to share some of the touching moments we had with interview subjects as they recounted their desire for a simple computing solution.

Pure Device Animation

A couple new updates this weekend headed your way Kickstarter. This first one is a very short stop-motion artistic animation depicting the simplicity of Raspberry Pi inside the Pure Device. We are toying with several different visual concepts for creating both Pure Device and Rpi awareness and this is one of our first iterations that we wanted to share with our supporters. And of course feedback is very much welcome.

Why Raspberry Pi?

This first update is directed at all you technical folks out there on Kickstarter. We've been getting quite a few questions regarding our choice of Raspberry Pi, so we thought we'd address some of those questions. Thanks and take a look!

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